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You aren’t goin’ to believe this!

So first, Kathy and I left the hotel at 12:30am Tuesday morning to get to the plane (we had to drive from San Francisco to Ontario, California. Poor planning on our part, but oh well.) We left to catch our plane. Was a 5:30 hour drive.

Then when we were about an hour or 2 from the airport there were all of the warnings on the radio and on the roads that the highway that we were on was CLOSED due to…are you ready for this? Snow and Ice!!! Who friggin knew it snowed in California????

We then had to re-route and drive along the coastline to get to the airport because this main road was closed. This took another 4 to 5 hours!!!! So by the time our trip started at 12:30am, we finally arrived at the airport 11 frickin’ hours later!!! We both missed our flights.

Ohhhh but wait, there’s more. It gets better.

So I’m waiting for my next flight. The plane gets there a lil late. No biggie. We board. We are sitting there for a whileeeee then the captain comes on and says we’ll be leaving shortly as they are looking into some “maintenance” issue. Now it’s an hour later! Mind you, I am now for certain missing my connecting flight!!! They had taxied us out to the runway to take off but then the captain comes on again and says “they are checking some figures and will take off shortly.” Thennnn he comes back on and says we have to go back to the gate. This is way over an hour now. We’re all like WTF???

We get back to the gate and then, you ready? This gets soo much better. Our plane is now surrounded by cops and K9 units!!! Yes, my plane was surrounded by cops and K9 units!!! Talk about shitting yourself. Then a cop boards the plane.

The flight attendant gets on and says “will muhammad ackabakar and abdul balbhalk and ackamha sahama and bubkam madrima please step to the front of the plane and bring all of your belongs with you!” Btw, those weren’t their real names. They were Arab type names tho.

Then the airline people started taking a few bags from under the plane off the plane!

Soooo the interesting part was 2 of them were in the seats right behind me in the very front of the plane. 1 was on the left side of the plane sitting by himself and the other was on the right side of the plane sitting by himself. Then the other 2 were at the very rear of the plane. Again 1 sitting on the left side and one sitting by himself on the right side!!! Prior to them having to get off the flight attendant went to the guys behind me and said “where did your friends go?” You see they were all together at the beginning. The one guy said they went to the back. The flight attendant then said “ohhh you want me to go get them and see if they want to come up and sit with you 2. There is plenty of room.” So the guy says sure.

She then comes back and says “they didn’t want to. The one guy said he was all stretched out on the seat and going to sleep.”

I think THAT is what sent up red flags to her. She must have told the captain.

Anyway, shortly after the captain comes on and says “for security reasons we’re going to ask everyone to get off of the plane with all of your luggage and personal belongings! The cops are sending in a K9 unit to search the plane.” I was thrilled because I was like I do not want to fly on the this plane. They need to check it out.

So we get off and of course I missed my connecting flight. But American Airlines was awesome. They gave me 2 choices: Wait til the plane is done be searched and head to Dallas and spend a free nite there and leave in the morning. Or stay in Cali for free and leave tomorrow morning. I did NOT want to go on that plane again so I opted to spend another nite in Cali. Btw, I had nothing to use personally, i.e. toothbrush, deodorant, etc. The only thing I had was my laptop. Kathy had all of the luggage and she was already in the air on a different plane. Luckily, the hotel gave me all of the necessary things I needed for free. Plus, they fed me.

UNBELIEVABLE, right? I just wanted to let you all know that I will no longer complain about being “momma” Carey for the next couple months. Cuz the truth is I’d rather be momma Carey instead of dead Carey cuz I was splattered all over the world cuz my plane was blown up by terrorists! Know what I mean? I get in at 5:15 this evening and Kathy texted me telling me that I had to take Joe to Karate and that afterwards he wanted to go to boy scouts so I had to take him there….I was like NO PROBLEM!

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5 replies on “You aren’t goin’ to believe this!”

Wow! So, I don’t have to say that Ontario is to San Francisco as Dallas is to Chicago 🙂 Next time look into a hop from Stockton to LA. $29.00 but your bags cost $30.00. Incredible ordeal on the plane!!! We will never know the outcome, huh? I’m lucky, all the passengers are in party mode goin’ to Vegas, and the plane is always packed. Glad you made it ok.

I guess that huge orange elevated threat sign is accurate ????

OMG me too Scott, me too!

Ain’t that the truth Raquel! Gee whiz.

Hi Kelly….welcome. I, actually, didn’t have any bags with me, just my laptop. So $29 woulda worked. I tried to get them to actually make it so I left out of San Fran and didn’t have to drive back to Ontario but they were gonna charge me almost $850 to do that! I said uhh NO! lol

I loveee Vegas….do you play poker Kelly?

And yep, that orange elevated thread sign I’d have to say is pretty accurate.

Step..who you tellin girl!!! Shit, there was no way in hell that I was gettin on that plane either. HELL NO!

And yes, thank you, I am finally home in one piece. It’s good to be home too! I’m actually quite happy to hear Brandon complaining about normal 17 yr. old shit and to hear Joe giving me a hard time about getting a shower lol This is wayyy better than being dead 🙂

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