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Direct Mail Campagin in Progress

So I created our direct mail campaign for our multi-unit mission. I am going through 2 counties in our area and taking ALL apartment building with 4 or more units. I’m only using settlement dates from 1/1/1900 (it’s just the earliest date I could put in lol) to 12/31/1990. I figure these folks have owned their property a while, they may want to get rid of it now because of depreciation purposes (I think you can only take depreciation for 27 yrs., right?)

I got a total of 344 names. We figure it will cost about $151 a month plus change to mail to all of these folks. Of course, Kathy and I are splitting it. That’s one good thing about her doing this with me…..she shares in the expenses 🙂 Another great thing is she pushes me through my fears. Which I generally do that myself too, but it goes much faster when your partner is there to do it for ya too!

We got all of the letters printed out and signed (we just have my name and number on them because I’ll be fielding all of the calls as she’ll be on the road for work.) Now we just gotta stuff ’em, stamp ’em and mail ’em. I’m trying to see who I can pay to do that that has nice hand-writing.

I’m off to bed now, but I wanted to leave you with a lil video montage from Larry Winget. I don’t know if you remember, but I recently read 2 books by him and I saw him speak in Las Vegas not that long ago. He says some reallllly good kick ass things that I’m sure all of us KNOW, but it’s good to hear ’em again from time to time. I love when he talks about that fact that we need to take personal responsibility and I like his concept for dealing with change. It’s only 6 minutes long…check it out.

P.S. I have the book that Step from Flip This Wholesaler is reading for her monthly club on order from my library. I’m sooo late and not going to be done in time with everyone else, but it sounds like a great read so I’m still gonna do it!

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