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How to Buy an ATM Cash Machine

Here’s a new ehow article I wrote called How to Buy an ATM Cash Machine:

Buy an ATM cash machine and you’ll have an endless supply of passive income for the rest of your life.

Banks aren’t the only ones who own ATM cash machines….people just like you and me can own them too and I’m going to show you how!

1) Before buying or leasing an ATM cash machine you’re going to want to find a location to put one. I’m going to assume that you don’t own your own store (if you do, awesome, you can put the machine in your store!)

You’ll want to look for high traffic locations. Location is the key to a profitable ATM business.

Some awesome atm placement spots are convenience stores, pizza shops, bars, restaurants, etc.

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The profit you’ll see with atm machines varies. Location and foot traffic is the key to get the most profit.

As the moment we have 5 machines, but we still haven’t placed 1 yet.

Also, another thing that will dictate profit is the surcharge fee that you charge. Obviously, you want to keep it in line with what other atm’s charge in the area but certain locations can get away with charging more for a surcharge: like casinos, strip clubs, etc.

Now as far as our personal machines. Technically, there isn’t any profit yet as the current profit is paying off the 5 machines. However, 2 of our machines do so well each month that they’ll probably pay off all 5 machines themselves.

We make roughly $754/mo. right now, but that’s an average because in November it was over $800. Plus, depending on the month and what’s going on your profits will go up or down. But the average is $754 right now and that’s just with 4 machines in action. Once we get the other one placed, of course, the profit will go up.

Just with $754/mo. ALL 5 of our machines will be paid off in 12 to 13 months (and this includes the machines, the modems, shipping charges, delivery, etc.) So after that, it will all be 100% profit.

The average machine though, will probably be paid off within 3 yrs. We just lucked out by getting a strip club and a very active chinese restaurant.

Keep in mind that 2 of our machines we have a 50/50 partner (that’s how we learned the business) so those 2 machines actually make MORE money, but we only get 50% of the total.

Partnering is a good way to get started in the business so you can learn the business and get started with less out of pocket expenses.

Hope this helped.

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