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Wisdom Teeth, Pain Meds, Infections and Sleep

Oh boy it’s been an interesting ride since getting my wisdom teeth out last Thursday. Whodathunk it’d take this long to recover (and I’m still not done yet!)

So I’ve been on pain meds and advil since last Thursday. Every 3 hrs. pain med then every 3 others advil and so on and so on all day and night long. Of course, being on pain meds constantly makes me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz constantly! And let me tell you, I’m a big fan of sleeping but I am so sick and tired of sleeping by now that I want to spit! (Isn’t that a strange expression?)

Anyway, on Saturday all of my swelling went down and I thought I was in the clear. Then come Saturday night and the left side of my face puffed up HUGE! My new name was Alvin! Yes ladies and gents I looked like a chipmunk so I just told everyone to call me Alvin…

alvin and the chipmunks

So I thought this was weird and it was kinda hard to eat and when I see eat I mean even to open my mouth enough to get food in. But hey, I never had my wisdom teeth out before I didn’t know if this was normal or not?

Kathy kept saying you need to call the doctor. But I read the paperwork they sent me home with and it says that major swelling takes place 3 to 5 days after surgery. So there….I had nothing to worry about..this was normal.

Anyway, come Tuesday I couldn’t take it and I called the oral surgeon and the lady on the phone checked my records and said that I actually had major surgery on 3 of my teeth, it wasn’t a simple extraction and it wasn’t an easy surgery so I’m going to have more swelling and more pain then most folks. Ok I can understand that but when I told her about what happened Saturday they asked if my face was hard where it is swelled? I said yes. So they asked me if I could come in today to be checked out. I got there an hour later.

The assistant to the oral surgeon was super nice and I’m really glad she was there. She looked in my mouth and asked if I’ve been brushing. I said yes, of course. She asked if I’ve been rinsing with salt water and I said absolutely every time I brush after I eat I do. She said “Ok well you’re not brushing good enough because there is food stuck in here and this has given you a slight infection.”

I said “what you mean I’m not brushing good enough, how am I suppose to brush? I mean I don’t want to hurt myself?” [Note: who is with me here? You just get surgery done in your mouth and need to brush your teeth…umm are you going to go to town on those areas of your mouth or are you going to be a little more cautious cuz you don’t want to hurt yourself?]

So she told me that she understood where I was coming from and a lot of folks are the same way but I have to brush my teeth like I never had surgery on them. Just brush them good and normal. She said also that I should get a childs tooth brush for now, which will allow me to reach back there better. She said she knows it’s hard but pretend like nothing every happened and brush your teeth accordingly.

Then the oral surgeon came in and told me I needed better hygiene for it to heal properly. Jerk. lol He could have said it the way his assistant said it. Pfft!

Anyway, the assistant irrigated my mouth (shot water into my 2 bottom wisdom teeth holes) and this cap came out of there (food, not really crap btw. Gross just the same I know, sorry.)

So the doc told her to give me antibiotics to treat the infection and after he left she said that she’s gonna give me this liquid and an irrigation syringe so that I can irrigate those 2 holes everyday to help out with brushing. I have to do it 2x a day and she showed me how to do it.

Now, I eat, brush my teeth (which a childs tooth brush with monkeys on it) then rinse with salt water and then I irrigate the 2 bottom holes where my wisdom teeth were. I am soooo glad she gave me that because every time I do it shit comes out..I mean food particles. I can’t help but think that all of that gunk would still be in there if she didn’t give it to me. Grant it sometimes it makes my mouth bleed but I think it’s worth it.

Oh and also I have to put a warm, washcloth on my face constantly. She said she can’t stress that enough (i been doing more cold than hot.) She said NO MORE COLD…Just warm. It’s kind of annoying cuz my shirt and pillows and everything gets soaked from the damp cloth but it’s ok, I do it.

Quick funny story, Andrew and Donna came over yesterday to take me to dinner (I had soup and mashed potatoes) and then they hung out at my place for a bit. Lil Andrew came in the bathroom with me when I was doing the irrigation thing. I told him that I just want to warn him that he can watch but I’m going to bleed a little bit. He said ok. So I did it and he looked at me all concerned and said: “Are you going to be ok Carey Buck?” God I love that kid to death. He’s so awesome I can’t even put it into words sometimes.

I’m happy to report that this is the first day since last Thursday that I have not taken a pain pill. Not that I needed one today but I couldn’t take one anyway because I have to drive to our strip club and fill our atm. Kathy is out of town so a friend of ours is going with me. And I couldn’t be all messed up on pain pills and trying to drive, of course. So today it’s just been advil and antibiotics.

I think I’m in the homestretch guys and I’m excited about it because I have apartment buildings to buy damn it!

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6 replies on “Wisdom Teeth, Pain Meds, Infections and Sleep”

Yeah Scott you totally probably shouldn’t have read this post. I should have put a NO SCOTT warning up on it. My bad lol

But now that you know and are prepared just know that my new name for you when you get this done is Simon 🙂

Awwww. Sorry to hear about all that, Carey, but glad you are finally feeling better. 🙂

I have to tell you I chuckled out loud when I read the part about you having to drive to “your strip club”. It just sounds funny, taken out of context.

Anyhoodle, hope you are feeling better soon, girl. Sounds like the worst is behind you.

Thx Steph am feeling better on the wisdom teeth end of things, still not 100% tho but not sooo good on other ends. Been taking muscle relaxers to sleep at nite. Gonna post about it now.

Good news is that I stopped taking them. I can’t stand sleeping all damn day long!

You crack me up with chuckling out loud…I can totally see you doing that! Too funny. Hey…at least I didn’t send my mom to the strip club again! lmao

haha wow! , sounds just like me.. lately also i have been feeling like crap 24 7, currently have a tooth ache ( tooth infection) that does not stop and my mouth looks like alvins mouth. i have been taking tyonal 3s like every 2 hours .. when i dont take it i feel like im dying lol, this hell has been going on for like 3 days now, i dont know what else to take to help me sleep? i havent slept at night times cause my tooth just kills! anyways i was wondering if you could help me with things i could do to relieve the pain that im in!

Wes Young

Hey Wes,

I can honestly say “I feel your pain” lol I’m sorry you’re going through what you’re going through but the only thing I can suggest is talk to your dentist or oral surgeon or whomever you’ve been seeing for your problem and tell them what’s going on. Plus, maybe ask for some drugs lol I know I had my share of pain meds to get me through the nights when I was going through all of this that’s for sure!

Good luck Wes! And yeah, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope to see you around again.

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