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No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

Ok so this post is not about the Beastie Boys or the song “No sleep til Brooklyn” but it is about No Sleep. Soooo, remember when I got my wisdom teeth out I was taking pain pills for pretty much the whole week and they were driving me nuts because all I would do is sleep all damn day and night.

Anyway, the Thursday after getting my wisdom teeth out, the day I went to the strip club to fill our atm…I stopped taking the pain meds because I knew I had to drive and omg it just felt awesome not to sleep all day.

So Thursday night I come home to go to bed and I have this annoying feeling in my left arm (from the elbow down to finger tips) and in my left and right foot. It was a tingling and numb feeling and just an all around weak feeling. Well this drove me sooo crazy that I couldn’t sleep. I was up all night kinda shaking my hand and feets. Ya know how you do sometimes to try to wake your hands or something up when it falls “asleep” etc?

Anyway…nothing would work. Thursday night I had a MAX of 2 hours of sleep. I was miserable and this tingling, numb, weak feeling was still going on. Just for the record I’ve had this happen before but it only happens once in a blue moon and it doesn’t last long…it only happened in the past when I was in bed to go to sleep. Anyway, all day Friday it went on too. Meanwhile, I’m a crabby bitch because I had no sleep and my left arm is driving me up a wall.

I call my family doctor, Dr. Lisgar….just want to give him a shout out I think he’s the best doctor in the world. He’s been my doctor for a longgg time and just to demonstrate how great of a doctor I think he is I will tell you that I drive 1 hr. and 30 min. to see him whenever I need to go into the office. Crazy right? But great doctors are hard to find.

Anyway, I told him what was going on and he teased me a little bit saying that I screwed his thoughts up by saying I had the feeling in my feet too lol and that if it was just my left arm it could be carpal tunnel. He called me in a muscle relaxer and I picked it up 30 minutes later. I took 1 Friday nite.

One hour after going to bed I fell asleep. Woke up throughout the night but overall I slept. A lot. I think like 10 to 11 hrs.

Saturday the tingling stopped in the day time but started when I got into bed again….I popped 2 muscle relaxers Sat (per doctors orders because I told him that I didn’t really think the meds made me fall asleep.) Anyway, an hour after going to bed I slept a long time again…getting up off and on for bathroom breaks. My tingling, numbness and weakness stopped in the day time at least.

I’m not taking anymore muscle relaxers because a) they make me sleep way too long and therefore I’m sooo not being productive and b) they make me groggy all day long which therefore makes me not be so productive. So no mor pills for me.

I went to my doctors office today and he ordered a full blown blood work thingy (I think he’s checking for everything under the sun) and an Ultra Sound of the Pelvis (I forget why) and an MRI of my head and neck (I think for a pinched nerve maybe? I don’t remember.)

He asked what I wanted to do until he got to the bottom of this? And I said NOTHING as long as it’s not bothering me. He said he thought that was the best bet because he could “try” to give me medicines for what it “could” be but he’d rather wait til he knows exactly what it is.

On a good note he told me that he thinks I’m too old to have anything major like MS or other major things….and he said there’s a slew of other things it could be including lyme disease, restless leg syndrome, etc. etc.

So fingers crossed. I gotta get this taken care of this month because starting next month I’m off of Kathy’s insurance and on my own insurance (it’s $100 cheaper a month) and my insurance sucks compared to hers.

Btw, on the real estate front, I spoke to another apartment seller yesterday and today Kathy and I met a commercial broker.

I will post about both of those things tomorrow, plus coming up I’ll post about where I’m getting my direct mail campaign list….I didn’t forget I’ve just been a cranky biatch. Please forgive me 🙂

Ok off to bed now..finally without any meds! Yessss! In case you don’t know me that well, let me just clarify that I am not the type of person who likes to take pills that make me feel or act differently. I’m not a fan of NOT being in control of myself. Knowing this will allow you to understand why I’m one of those “weird” folks that have never, ever did any drug in my life, not even pot. I just like to be in control of my mind, etc. Although I use to drink occassionally but I don’t even do that anymore (one more thing….I never even smoked in my life, never even tried it.)

Sooo I’m not a fan of drugs period. But I gotta get back on the juicing wagon and supplement wagon because that’s how I feel the best. All of that has been on hold since I got my wisdom teeth out.

P.S. I almost forgot….I was driving in my car on the way home tonite and I was thinking about making this post and what I was going to title it i.e. No Sleep Til Brooklyn and lo and behold I change the radio station and what do you think was playing on the radio? Yep. The Beastie Boys “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” and I just looked at the radio and said “ain’t that some shit.” and laughed lol

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LOL! Carey, posts like these just crack me up. You’re just keepin’ it real. I sure hope the doc is able to figure out what’s going on with the numbness. It’s crazy to go from TOO much sleep to practically ZERO sleep. Take care of yourself!

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