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Wisdom Teeth Extractions SUCK!

sad face

Scott, I just want to warn ya that you may not want to read this post 🙂 Sooo proceed with caution.

I know it seems like I’m whining and complaining constantly but I really can’t take this shit anymore. At this point, I really wish I never had my wisdom teeth taken out because it’s been 3 weeks as of today and I’m far from 100%. Wisdom teeth extractions suck ass big time! I know I know I’m older, I’m a woman, my teeth are more mature, yada yada and therefore the shit lasts longer for me, but I’ve had enough of it.

I mean you know the whole deal with the pain meds and the sleeping then the not sleeping and the muscle relaxers and the infection yada yada but yesterday I was practically coughing up a lung. I sounded like shit. I woke Kathy up at 6am with my coughing and she told me to “go take a sudafed.” Ummm she didn’t realize it was 6am and I didn’t pay much attention. I took it and slept for friggin’ ever again! grrrrrrrrrrr

I’m sick and tired of eating jello and pudding and damn apple sauce.


I’ve been trying other foods, like Kathy made an awesome meatloaf the other night and I ate it all but it’s not that comfortable to eat. Oh and I had pizza last night. But here’s the deal, I can’t really even enjoy my food because it’s still uncomfortable to bite down like normal and I’m paranoid about eating because of that damn oral surgeon and my hygiene and keeping the wisdom teeth site clean. It’s kinda stressful actually.

I’m tried of brushing a million times a day and rinsing with salt water a million more times and doing irrigation shit another million times.

And now….to top it all off…guess what? My left side of my face is swollen again and still hard. I bet it’s another fuckin infection. I really have had it.

Ladies, ya ever had one of those days where you just want to cry. That’s me now 🙁 I wish they could knock you out for your wisdom teeth for like 3 or 4 weeks and then when you wake up your perfect. That would be ideal.

I’m taking zyrtec now because Kathy swears my coughing is allergies and I went back on my antibiotics after I saw my swollen, hard face (remember my family doctor told me to stop and he gave me muscle relaxers,) and I’m taking advil. It feels like I’m taking all of this stuff non-stop.

I’m sure you all are tired of hearing me bitch and complain about this and I’m sorry but it’s driving me crazy. Plus, Kathy left yesterday for work and won’t be back til Friday and we had the boys. And all I could imagine was me waking up a 7am everyday feeling like shit and getting Joe ready for school and making him breakfast and doing homework with him when he got home and taking him to karate and putting him to bed yada yada. Ughhhh I didn’t want to do it.

Luckily for me I have the most wonderful partner in the world and she thought about that ahead of time and ask Joe’s Dad to watch Joe from Wed. thru Fri. 🙂

But I still gotta deal with the cranky, I know everything, annoying 18 yr. old because Brandon no longer goes to his Dad’s. He just stays here 24/7. I’m happy he’s got a girlfriend tho because he spends a lot of time talking to her or with her so that limits my time with him……not good when I’m not feeling well.

Speaking of that, all of you single parents I don’t know how you do it. When you’re sick? When you’ve had a shitty day? When you just don’t feel like dealing with bullshit? Kudos to you for sure. I guess that should go out to all parents, but I said single parents because that’s kinda what it’s like when Kathy travels for work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight in the past 3 weeks cuz I haven’t been eating properly. I’ve loved eating mashed potatoes but I really want to enjoy a normal meal for once without having to worry about ANYTHING associated with my teeth or my mouth.

On the real estate front…I got another call from our mailings. 278 sent out, 20 returned unable to forward and 7 callbacks. I’m happy about that but pissed because I’m sooo not doing nearly enough to find a deal and it’s pissing me off. I know, I know I’m responsible for my life but damn it when you feel like shit it’s hard to play the role.

Ok I’m done. One more thing, I was pretty happy with my post about direct mail lists. I’m trying to write articles or posts while I’m sitting here being miserable. Ok I’m sorry again. 🙂

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