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Goin’ to the E.R. NOW!

I sure hope Scott isn’t reading this. I am waiting for my father to pick me up and then I’ll be heading to Brandywine Hospital E.R.
I just didn’t think something was right and felt my infection was getting worse not better since I’ve been taking the double dose of antibiotics.

Anyway, I asked Kathy what I should do and she suggested I call our Dentist: Dr. Matthias. He’s a super nice guy so I figured I’d call and see what I can expect when I go in Monday to see jerkface aka my oral surgeon. Although I like Dr. M he is a rambler and he well he let’s you know even the absolute worse and that people have died from infections from getting their wisdom teeth out. :-0

I tell him the whole story from beginning to now. Basically what he said was the antibiotics that I’m getting are just about the strongest out there and since I’m taking a double dose now and still not seeing a difference that he thinks they aren’t working for some reason. One reason he said is that the infection could have spread out further than where it was originally treated. He also said that our bodies and our immune system normally fight these infections just fine with the antibiotics but since I also have a cold that that isn’t really happening properly because my body is trying to deal with 2 things at a time.

He said he would suggest that I need the next stronger kind of antibiotics which is through an IV. He said he would rather me go to the E.R. today and start the IV antibiotics then for me to go to the oral surgeon on Monday and see that I need IV antibiotics and then start it then. He said but I’m not the one who’s been treating you so I want you to call Dr. Jerk Face (he used his real name.)

I said Ok but what if he doesn’t call me back like last time? He said Oh well I’m going to call him too and tell him that I spoke to you and that I’m concerned and I’m pretty sure that with both of us calling him that he’ll call you back. Btw, I did give him the dirt on how I don’t like jerkface and he said he’s never heard anything about him but he said that if he hears that from a patient again that he’ll stop referring people to him.

Oh and in case you don’t know we have feet and feet and feet of snow here. Seriously, I was thinking how the fuck am I even gonna get to the hospital?

Fast forward….jerk face calls me and he’s nice as pie today. He asks me all kinds of questions if I think it’s the same or worse and I tell him I think it’s getting worse but I wouldn’t bet my life on it and I tell him how it’s in my neck and right under my ear lobe. He says “Well I could call you in some steroids?” And I say “and my mouth I can’t open as wide…I can only open so far and it’s like my jaw says NOPE I don’t open anymore sorry and it starts to hurt.” To which he replied “yeah you know what, let’s start getting aggressive with this thing I want you to go to Brandywine Hospital.”

He did ask if I’m having problems swallowing or breathing and I said “no, but I have sore throat from coughing so much.” He asked “If I had the flu?” I said “I have something I’m coughing and sneezing constantly and a sore throat.” He says “do you have a fever?”

I tell him that I haven’t officially checked but I go through cold moments and sweating moments. He says “Yeah, I definitely want you to go to the hospital then.” I said “I’ve been brushing and everything you tell me to do” and jerk face says wait to you hear this “I believe you.” I wanted to say no you don’t! I did say it’s harder to brush now tho cuz it hurts.

He told me that I have to get:

– catscan of my neck to rule out an abcest
– IV of the antibiotics I was on 900 mg.
– IV of steroids
– ear, nose, throat specialist consult

I said “ummmm if I go in and tell them I need all of this stuff are they gonna listen to me?” lol valid question no? He says “oh I’ll call it in before you get there and tell them so they will expect you’re arrival.” I said “oh ok.”

He did apologize to me immensely about not being able to go to the hospital because he’s snowed in at home with 2 ft. of snow. Says he won’t be able to get out until most likely tomorrow. I told him I understood (even tho he’s a jerk) because we all got hit with a lot of snow.

He just called me back to let me know that he called the hospital and they know everything to do and that they are expecting me. I said “ok thanks.” And he said….ready?? “Ok sweetie. You get better.” I said “Ok.” He said “Ok sweetie. I’ll talk to you soon.”

He’s Mr. nice guy today huh? At first I thought he was being nice cuz he didn’t want to upset me by me having to go to the E.R. then my mom said “he’s probably being nice because your dentist called him and he’s thinking he better be nice if he wants more referrals.”

I got a shower so I smell good for E.R. Don’t know how long I’m gonna be there but hope it’s not long cuz I’ll miss my kitties. Kathy is snowed in in Indiana cuz Philly airport is closed and won’t be home til tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck all….I feel better that this is hopefully gonna get nipped in the bud but I will admit I am kinda scared. My dentist said we definitely don’t want the infection to spread to your throat or anything like that. He said that’s why jerk face mentioned about the E.R. the other day and not being able to swallow or breath. He said when it spreads to places like that it’s really not good.

Ok getting off of here now.

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5 replies on “Goin’ to the E.R. NOW!”

Geeze, Carey.

I feel so bad for you.

At least jerk face is being nicer now, even though it’s probably only because your dentist said something to him about it. Jerk.

I hope your trip there will be quick and painless, and I hope you feel better soon.

Keep us posted and let us know what’s going on.


Geeze Carey.

I feel so bad for you.

At least jerk face is being nicer to you now, even though it’s only because your dentist probably said something to him about it.

I hope your trip to the ER is quick and painless and you’re back home lickety split.

Keep us posted and let us know what’s going on.


Sorry if I double posted this comment- my first one seems to have disappeared into cyberspace somehow.

Thanks so much Steph. But painless and lickety split is already out. I’ll be in here another 2 to 4 days and as fas as pain goes….oh boy…..I’ll tell Scott this too (not to scare him but just so he’s REALLLLLY prepared for a worst case scenario.)

The Ear. Nose and Throat Specialist did my surgery today and it was literally the worst day of my 36 years of living. My dad was in the recovery room with me and he said that I was in so much pain and looked so horrible that my crying, had him and the nurse crying too!

I’ll post more about it when I’m up for it. Dozing off now.

thanks for the well wishes you too! I appreciate it.

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