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ATM Placement – New Chinese place? New Strip Club? New Cash Only business?

ATM Placement is very critical to your ATM business. Well that is if you want to grow your passive income with ATM’s. We currently have an ATM that we bought because it was on sale just sitting in a warehouse waiting for us to find a place for it. (Note: I recommend not buying an ATM until you have it placed. I don’t care how good of a deal it is. Ask me how I know?)

Anywho, we’ve been slacking with ATM Placement for this 5th machine. Don’t ask me why? Because it’s costing us money. Yeah, it is. $15 a month (for the wireless modem.) We’ve had the machine since I believe November. Mhm. I know. You can yell at me if you’d like….I’m a big girl….I can take it. So that’s $75 it’s cost us to have this machine so far. Actually it’s more than that because the modem peeps just lowered their pricing. I’d say closer to $100 and that doesn’t include purchase cost.

I’ve contacted places here and there but nothing all that fascinating and my follow up was lacking. I did follow up relentlessly with another strip club tho (I wonder why? $7 surcharges maybe? lol) Anyway, he’s not interested I don’t think.

Now the other day when I went door knocking to find apartment buildings for sale, remember? Well the only reason I went door knocking for apartment buildings was because I was waiting until the lunch traffic rush was over so I could talk to some chinese restaurants to see about placing our ATM there.

That day I hit up only 3 restaurants (2 chinese places and a 24 hour diner.) We have a chinese place already……..the chinese place that we have is our highest in transaction volume every month (last month it did 277 hits.) Our strip club is our highest in dollars made every month because of the high surcharge (last month they had 53 hits….at $7 a pop.) The chinese place we have currently we partnered with someone so we only get 50 percent of those profits. Strip club we get 100%.

So when I walked into the first chinese place the lady there seemed reallllly interested. I explained how everything worked and we even picked out a spot for the ATM machine in their location. This chinese place was just recently voted Best Chinese Food in the tri-county by the local paper. I was speaking to the manager and she told me to call her Thursday after she talks to the owners but she said “we’ll probably do it though.” (I was doing the happy dance inside by the way, but I was able to compose myself in front of her.)

The other chinese place the owners/manager wasn’t there when I went. The 24/7 diner he was into it and said he already interviewed other ATM people. I’ll follow up with him but we’re more interested in the chinese place. I spoke to the chinese place manager yesterday and she said “Yes, they are doing it.” Hehehe so today Kathy and I will go and sign the contract with them and we’ll set up an installation time with them next week. Rock on.

Now we went to our strip club to fill it yesterday and got to talking to the owner, who is an absolute sweetheart. He told us about his new manager and how he has all kinds of connections. (and from the conversation I gathered he has money and so do his connections. Can you say private money lender?) Anyway, we were talking about this one strip club we want to get into and he said “oh he knows people there. He knows the managers and the owner. I’ll get him to get you face time in there so you can talk with them at least.” We are excited about that cuz they blew me off over the phone. Soooo that’s some good news. Oh and last night we had to go back there to fix a problem with the machine. I told them to unplug it and that should do it….sure enough by the time we got there it had fixed itself lol But we got free drinks from it and 2 free strip club shirts lmao

Oh and the reason we’re so excited about this new manager and his connections is because just with this one strip club that he’s going to try to get us face time with the manager or the owner….well this strip club is one of the best, top-notch strip clubs around. Classy doesn’t really feel ummm right when talking about a strip club, but for lack of a better word it is a very classy, high class, $$$$ expensive strip club…which Perfect girls (I been there twice when I was younger lol I know, I know….I was taken there by some guy friends for my birthday and I forget why the 2nd time.) But anyway, it would be an awesome place to get in to is my point.

And today, Kathy was out trying to get us some business. I’m so proud of her. I’m usually the one going into businesses and talking to folks but today she found a cash only deli by accident and started talking to them about an ATM. She quick ran home and printed out brochures and a business card for them and took it back. When she got back the husband and wife business owner were both there and they said they’d be interest they just want to read over the information (btw, we don’t have a machine for them, we’ll have to buy one lol but we know a guy who is selling a used machine for $800. It’s only 2 yrs. old. So we’d be cool with that.)

We’re working on the apartment building business and we’re going to have a strategy session today (thanks Shae) and then I’ll post about what’s going on with that.

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10 replies on “ATM Placement – New Chinese place? New Strip Club? New Cash Only business?”

Carey, your posts really crack me up sometimes! I do want to give Kathy props for getting out there and hustlin’ for your ATM business!

Looking forward to hearing more about the strategy session!

Thanks Shae! I crack me up sometimes too (mostly I think I’m just laughing at myself at how ridiculous I am sometimes, but that’s cool too! 🙂

Yeah Kathy’s been stepping up a bit lately. She’s gotten 2 cards from interested people for private money while flying on business, plus she found that cash only deli for the atm plus we went out Saturday looking for more atm places….we visited 3 different locations and she gave them all the pitch. (She tried to persuade me to do it, but I wasn’t having it lol) All 3 seemed to be interested too. I’ll be following up though because it’s work week for her now.

And oh Shae…the strategy session…ugh. Well Kathy kept blowing me off all weekend about it and finally at 10:30 last night she said “FINE, let’s do it.” lol Needless to say we didn’t do a complete session and I told her we have to finish today but we did get a good deal accomplished. I’ll definitely post about it. That article of yours came in really handy, thanks.


I have no idea what you mean by “is it better than B2B or what? What are you trying to ask?

Over the phone to business owners works fine in the ATM business tho.



I would like to view your brochures to get a feel for what kind of Information is needed.

Please respond via E-mail

I would like to start in the atm business, I would like to know, how much should I expect the minimum monthly return to be and how to I find out the going atm rate for my area?

Hey Carl,

No idea why I didn’t get this comment when you first posted it. Anyway, I believe I answered your questions on our strategy session call. Hoping to see you in the membership area soon and more importantly at the LIVE event!

Have a great day!


I’d like to see one of the brochures for your ATM business. I’m starting an ATM business myself. Thanks, I really liked your post!

Hey Hanif!

Sorry but all of my brochures and all of my full-fledged ATM business is reserved for my
students of my ATM Business Blueprint training.

If you’d like to learn more about it, I’d be happy to chat with you this week or next?

It’s a free conversation and you can sign up for it here.

Have a great day!


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