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Attracting Private Money with my Elevator Pitch

I hope you liked my private money elevator pitch video. Please leave some comments in regards to what you thought of it. Do you think it will create interest? Do you think it’s too long? Is it good, bad, or what? Thoughts or ideas to make it better?


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4 replies on “Attracting Private Money with my Elevator Pitch”

I think its great. I think you can shorten it. I don’t think you need to elaborate on the emerging market details unless the person asks you about it.

I think you should go from the emerging markets statement to the give our investors greater returns from their IRAs ….etc

My reasoning is, if someone is interested they will say, “what’s an emerging market?” Then you answer with details you gave in the middle of the pitch.

Keeps it short in sweet. If a person bites, then you go longer.

You are very confident in your delivery and it comes through.

Finally made it over here! Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile- been limiting my internet activities and working my tail off. 🙂

Well, first of all, I must say you’re a natural on camera. Which doesn’t surprise me. 🙂

As far as the speech goes, Chris said pretty much exactly what I was going to. I would shorten it a little, and leave out the explanation about emerging markets.

Steve Cook always says that when he is/was looking for private money partners he would always just talk about the great returns his investors were getting on their money with him, and then he would zip it. He would not come right out and ask people if they wanted to invest with him, but just talk about how happy his investors were. Said it works like a charm.

Other than that, I think the speech is really good, Carey. You also have a great personality and energy about you, which will obviously work in your favor, too.

Can’t wait to hear about your Toastmasters experience!

Hey Carey,

How awesome to see you on video 🙂

Your delivery is excellent and love the fact that you end it with a question to ask if they are interested or know others who are? Very effective.

As far as the pitch is concerned, I really like it and I do like the mention of the emerging markets…I just think you can say less about it..for example “we research and invest in emerging markets across the U.S. — the ones that are just awaiting to explode with appreciation” and then move into the comments about how the investors/partners love them and how you work with them to use IRAs, etc. etc.

Thanks so much Chris, Steph and Shae for your comments and input.

I will definitely take your advice and tweak my pitch a bit. Gotta practice the new and improved one….

Toastmasters is tomorrow at 6:45pm and then on Thursday I’m meeting with my first potential private money lenders (friends of ours.) It’ll just be me meeting with our 2 friends (these are the folks that we play cashflow with and eat over their house. The guy who just was made a sub-deacon..don’t know if you remember me writing about him before.) But they had expressed interest before but we really didn’t know what to say or do…but now we do.

Wish me luck! Ohhh and next week…I’m going to an Apartment Association trade show event…so I gotta have my new pitch mastered for sure. We’re going to be attending some local chamber of commerce meetings too! Well me for now as Kathy is on the road……

Thanks again guys! I appreciate it and will let you all know how it goes!


P.S. Welcome back from Vaca Shae!

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