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Huge FREE Internet Marketing Traffic Expo

I know a good majority of you that read my blog are internet marketers yourself. Well I just learned about this Internet Marketing Expo that is coming up and I think it’s gonna be awesome.

It’s all about getting Traffic to your websites and there will be over 20 speakers and the best part…it’s FREE! And we’re not talking lame, no-name speakers here. You’ll hear Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, Amit Mehta, Brad Fallon and many, many more!

Apparently, they are doing this never before done thang where for 3 days they are having a webinar kind of thing so you don’t have to travel anywhere, etc. I think if you are serious about getting traffic to your site and about internet marketing that even a good nugget or 2 from this event will be worth it. (How can it not me? It’s friggin free!)

Anyway, here is the link to check it out: Traffic Rockstars! (Btw, that is an affiliate link. While the event is completely, 100% free, they offer a backstage upgrade for a fee, so that’s what the affiliate link is for. You do NOT have to upgrade at all…..I promise.)

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