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OMG I’m so excited!

I am so excited! You probably are thinking that I got an apartment complex deal under my belt lol but not that’s not the case (then I think my post would sound even MORE exciting or something along the lines of “holy crap they accepted my offer! lol)

Anyway, I’m excited because today is the day. Yes, folks, today is the day that I’m getting my hair cut! lol An ex-gf of mine, who happens to be a hairdresser (ya know one of those fancy pants high-priced ones?) told me that the cut I wanted to get was a perfect one for me and that I should think about going blonde too!

Nowwwww while I’m not going full-fledged blonde, I am ok with getting highlights (Kathy suggested it, as did my friend the hairdresser.) Anyway, the hairdresser chick told me that I had to wait 2 months!!!! for my hair to grow out before I could get the cut I want. And trust me, I have no been happy…my hair drives me crazy when it’s been growing and growing and growing…..anyway, she told me I could get it cut and guess what? She’s been blowing me off!!! lol Mhm, she won’t give me a time where she can fit me in. Grant it, she did just open up her own salon, but ummmm I am a paying customer, ya know? I’m not asking for a free hair cut.

Anyway, I told her that if she didn’t give me a date that I’d have to go somewhere else, but I really wanted to go with her. She never gave me a date so this evening I have an appointment with Kathy’s fancy pants, high-priced hair stylist and I’m super excited! Not to pay a high price but to get my darn hair cut.

Btw, have you seen Ellen Degeneres’ new hair cut? On American Idol? Well that’s the cut I’m going to get….with of course, highlights….(btw, Kathy is just tickled pink about stinkin’ highlights that I’m getting. I have no idea what the big deal is??)

Here’s a pic:

ellen degeneres new hair cut

I think it’s an adorable hair cut on Ellen….so we’ll see how it looks on me.

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2 replies on “OMG I’m so excited!”

Well I like the new hair cut. I got caramel highlights too. Ya can’t really see the highlights tho from a picture…..the hair stylist said that if I went to light on the highlights that it would look spotty and not good when my hair started to grow back in.

As far as the haircut goes….it looks different everyday. The hair stylist dude warned me that I’ll never get my hair to look the exact same time 2 times in a row with this cut so don’t even try it. Now, with my anal OCD self it was a REALLY scary statement to hear lol but I’ve embraced the different hair style each day thus far.

He also told me that 2 pics that I brought to him of Ellen that I couldn’t get my hair to look like that with just a cut and some product…I’d have to use a flat iron. Suffice to say that I won’t be going for that look lol

Overall I’m happy with it and when I get a good picture I’ll post it, because if it’s not a decent picture with good lighting you’ll think I look the same lol

Oh and I have to say that I did not expect the hair stylist to look the way he did. He was a real straight manly man type…..scruffy and just well not flamboyant or anything like that. I know I’m sterotyping but every male hairstylist I’ve ever seen, even the straight ones, haven’t really been manly men and they’ve always been flamboyant in some way or another.

He just looked like you’re regular dude off the street. When I first saw him I asked Kathy who he was (I thought he was like the help or something lol) She said “that’s him!”


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