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First and Last Day on the new J-O-B

Yep, you read the post title correctly: yesterday was my first and last day on the job as a brand spanking new bill collector! lol Mhm, if yesterday wasn’t my first and last day I would have become the person everyone ignores and hates to hear on the phone!

I started yesterday morning at 8am. (Woke up at 6am OMG!!!) It was just training….can you say “yawn?” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anyway, at about 12:30pm I get a call from BMW telling congrats and they’d like me to come on board starting soon and they’ll email me the details.

hehehe This was the internet sales coordinator job, one of the two jobs that I would have been ok with having (still haven’t even interviewed with BOA yet.) So I get the email, read all of the details about pay, bonuses, commissions, etc. and then call the collection job and tell them I’m not coming back.

Starting on Monday, June 21st I’ll be a new employee of:


And I’m ok with it. Monday I’ll find out my official schedule (as the General Manager wants to sit down with me and the other dude he hired too so we can see if we can work out our schedules amongst one another.) After that, I’m off to the races with working around it and buying a multi-unit.

Chris was right, it feels much better to know that the main bills will be paid, makes it much easier to be able to negotiate deals properly as I won’t appear desperate. Btw, don’t think I haven’t been doing nothing this whole time in regards to multis…because I have….a new post is coming up as well. Networking really does pay off folks.

Soooo is anyone in the market for a new beamer or what? lmao Just kiddin…..well not really!

P.S. Ya think I can find some private money walking in the BMW door? I think that’s possible. I mean if you have $124k to spend on a new 7 series I think you probably have some extra cash to be a private investor for yours truly, right?

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8 replies on “First and Last Day on the new J-O-B”

Thanks Shae….I don’t have a choice, huh? I gotta make this work……I’m super psyched to really get a multi now…..I’m thinking we should have one by year end? I mean we’ve already started the leg work and the ball rolling so we got a jump start. It’s not like we’re starting from scratch??

For you Shae….absolutely! See it’s good you tell me these things otherwise I would have never known…..ya see I need ya to help keep me up to date with cool plug-ins like this. lol


Talk about irony, one of my friends just quit her J.O.B. (that would be Shae) and another had to get a J.O.B. (That would be you Carey). In either case I’m happy for the decisions you two made and I know it’ll work out well for both of you.

I think you made a fine choice in Jobs Carey. Are you going to be working a 40 hour week?
.-= Scott Costello´s last blog ..Lead Tracker Video Demo =-.

No way Scott…you know someone named Shae that quit her job too. I know someone named Shae who just quit her job also. What a small world huh? 😉

Yes Scott, unfortunately I will be working 40 hours but you know what? Instead of being miserable about it I’m going to just do what I need to do while concentrating on what I really want to do. Know what I mean?

I understand it’s definitely going to be difficult with a ft gig and all but you know the reality is that I never “planned” to be a ft investor….I actually lost a job a few years back and I was like “what the heck, I’ll be an investor.”

So it wasn’t a “plan” but now I’ve really officially got a real plan. And therefore preparing to execute that plan is starting…….(and there’s nothing like a ft job to motivate you to do something right? lol)

Thanks for your thoughts Scott. Appreciate it.

Congrats Carey!!!

Now some people may be saying, Congrats?!! WTF??

But as Carey said, it tough to negotiate deals when you are stressing about money for 2 reasons:
1) You dont have money to market yourself. People, REI is a business, you have to allocate a certain amount of $$ per month to continually market your business, or guess what, nothing happens. Then you get depressed, then the cycle continues.
2) You don’t negotiate properly, you just dont. When you are stressing about money you begin to fudge deal numbers to ‘make’ them work. Also, you dont even realize it but human nature will pick up on your weakness. It sucks, but its reality. Just wait Carey, when you start sending out mailers again and you get a lukewarm seller, you are going to sound and act completely different, why?, because you are not living and dying by the deal. You will be able to say something to the seller that could essentially blow the deal, but you dont care, because if they bite, you have a real winner, if not, then maybe you call them back in a month or 2.

I will say this though. There is always the yin and yang of life. The benefits of the job are, less money stress, the downsides are, lack of time. You are going to have to become a well oiled machine. My advice is, settle in for a week or two, get used to what your take home pay is going to be, then become a friggin drill seargant to yourself. Allocate a certain amount of funds per paycheck to get those calls coming in. make it that thursday night is your mailer night, whatever, but just do it. If you maintain this discipline you will have sellers calling you, you will be paying your bills, and in less than xx months, you will be calling me screaming and yelling that you closed on your first mult-family.

This is your path, embrace it. Make it happen.
And when you are tired, and hate your job and feel like the dream is slipping away, ask yourself why thats happening. It most likely is because you are putting the dream on the back burner because it is hard to do both. But remember this quote:
“Winners do what losers aren’t willing to.”

So that means when you are tired from your day at work, yes, you have to stay up until 1am because your printer ran out of ink and you have to get to the store before it closes because thursdays are your mailer day. That’s the winners way.

Thanks Chris. I appreciate the response. I think you’re awesome (hopefully you know that already but if not, now you do.)

I went for my pre-employment drug test today and I thought about calling you to figure out my “plan” for when I start my new gig.

But I think your idea is a good one when you say to get settled in for a week or 2 and figure the ins and outs of things and THEN make the plan. That’s perfect.

You know I’m gonna call ya! I’m trying to stay positive because as you know probably very clearly from our many conversations that I’m not too excited about a ft job. Never have been, never will. But you’re right, I need to embrace it for now because that’s where I’m at and when I do get a lil sad or pissed off, I tend to think of my ultimate goals and what I want to do and then I get my head and emotions in check. 🙂

Thanks again for the post and thanks for checking in. I’ll call ya soon. How’d that deal pan out? Due diligence all work out? Did you settle?

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