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Private Money Received, Billionaire, Tomato Watermelon Basil Salad & Ha-Ha’s

This week we received our check in the mail from our first ever private money lender for our 2 new atm’s we are going to be placing.

Our fantabulous private money lender has sent us enough money from their Self-Directed IRA to pay for 2 ATM’s, 2 Wireless modem’s and cash to put into both machines. Sweet huh? So now you can treat your ATM biz just like you treat your real estate biz and use OPM (other people’s money) to get things moving!

I mean think about that huge win/win situation there. You get the money you need for your ATM’s or real estate deals and your private money lender gets to use their self-directed ira or cash to make a decent return on their moolah. Awesomeness!

So anyway, the money was deposited into our biz account and now we’re waiting for it to clear so we can pay for the machines (which have already been ordered) and the modems.

Now I’ve been promising Steph a picture of this fantastic Tomato Watermelon Basil salad so here it is Steph….

tomato watermelon basil salad

emeril's tomato watermelon basil salad

Now here’s the deal folks, if you want to make this salad you have to make me a promise. Ok? The promise is that when you eat it that when you put your fork into it that you take a bit of everything on the plate on your fork! So make sure you have some tomato, watermelon, basil, romaine and goat cheese on your fork and then eat it. In the words of Usher “OH MY GOD” lmao (I’m a dork) it really is amazing. It’s like a party in your mouth!

Here’s the recipe for it from Emeril Green: Tomato, Watermelon, Basil Salad.

Now a quick funny story…at least I think it’s funny lol it may have been one of those you have to be there things. Anyway, do you know that song “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars? Well I heart that song! And I’m always singing it and I ask Kathy one day if she likes that song and she has no idea what I’m talking about and kind of looks at me like I’m on crack. So we’re driving in the car and it comes on and I crank it up and I’m just singing away. Again, she’s looking at me, shaking her head like…you big dork.

Btw, I’m an R&B and hip hop kind of gal and Kathy….well not really, but she’s come a long way since meeting me….she even bought a 112 cd once (they are my favorite band for those who may be on jeopardy one day and Alex asks what my favorite band is!)

Anyway, that night we come home and we’re playing some poker online (for like a buck, nothing major lol we don’t play FOR REAL online) and I decide to youtube the “Billionaire” song and I keep playing it and singing it and Kathy’s just giving me dirty looks now because she’s tired of hearing the song and she wasn’t really into the song at all.

Now it’s time for bed and I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and Kathy comes walking in and she’s just humming away….and yep you guessed it she’s just getting into it humming the “Billionaire” song lmao it was hilarious. I look at her and say “Are you humming the Billionaire song?” And her eyes get all big and she’s like “NO.” I said “you’re totally humming the Billionaire song, I told you it was a good song.” Now her face is bright red and she’s like whatever and just walks away. It was the funniest thing.

Oh and on another music note….Andrew was in the back seat of my car one day last week and we’re driving and I ask him if he wants to listen to some good music (he’s 3 1/2.) And he says yes. I figure it’s my duty as his Auntie Carey Buck to expose him to real good music since both of his moms and well all of his family, well let’s just say doesn’t listen to the best music really (in my opinion of course lol)

So I play some Bobby Valentino for him and he wasn’t digging it at all. Then we went to R. Kelly again not digging it (but I really couldn’t play much of that song lol) Then we got to 50 cent and again, I couldn’t really play the song, and then I came to a Lil Kim song and really couldn’t play much of that and really every song I played I couldn’t play much and he wasn’t digging them anyway.

Then I played “The Reason” by Hoobastank and he really liked that one. He made me play it like 5 times in a row. And I was singing it for him so he could learn the words and he was watching my mouth intently then he says “Can you play that from the beginning again?” And I say “absolutely.” And he follows it up with “but don’t sing this time.” Lmao I started laughing out loud I asked “you don’t like my singing?” He said “no.” Gotta love kids and their honesty eh?

For those of you that don’t know the “Billionaire” song….here is the video. WARNING: This video from YouTube has bad language it is not the radio version.

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27 replies on “Private Money Received, Billionaire, Tomato Watermelon Basil Salad & Ha-Ha’s”

I don’t even know where to start with my comments…LOL! I’ll try to keep it simple:

(1) Gotta love those self-directed IRAs!
(2) The salad looks amaaaaazing
(3) 112 is seriously your favorite group? Never would’ve guessed that. I think I wore their CD out back in the day…I think that was high school. Can’t remember but they were one of Phil’s faves too.
(4) R. Kelly…ugh. Somehow I can’t get past his creepiness to enjoy his music…even the stuff I used to love before he was so creepy.
.-= Shae´s last blog ..Ever have a feeling… =-.

Cool to hear about the news with the private money coming in for the ATM biz Carey, sounds awesome!

That salad looks and sounds yummy. Though, I have to admit I don’t like goat cheese. Other than that, I’d be up for trying it out! 🙂

p.s. It’s interesting to see the Billionaire song video. I’ve heard it so many times on the radio, it is kind of a catchy tune that can stay in your head – thanks for sharing!

About the 2 modems… why not just split off one of the merchant’s existing lines? No need for a wireless modem and you save yourself the $$$

Congratulations on the getting the private money.

Ooooh, the salad looks YUMMY Carey! Thanks for posting pics. Someone in Tampa posted on my blog where I can get the walnut oil, so now I have all the ingredients- woohoo!

Congrats on your private lender and the ATMs. Totally awesome for both parties involved. 🙂

By the way, I have no idea who 112 is. What do they sing?
.-= Steph´s last blog ..Flip This Wholesaler 30 Day Challenge You In =-.

Hey Carey,

That salad looks awesome…I gotta try that one and the one Steph made the other day. Love summer tomatoes!

Great news on the private money for ATMs. That rocks.

I love R&B – most of the songs I like I cannot play with my daughter in the car either. And speaking of R.Kelly, have you seen the Trapped in a Closet movie (not the video, the MOVIE)? It is (uninentionally) hysterically funny. I think it was on IFC or something and I was crying tears of laughter. If you can get past his creepiness, it’s a riot!

.-= AnotherSteph´s last blog ..CPH Offer Update =-.

Hey Steph,

I agree that Steph’s (not you Steph, but the other Steph) salad looks yummy too. I wanna try that one also!

And yeah I hear what you’re saying about your daughter in the car…I couldn’t play too much of my stuff for Andrew. I probably coulda put some 112 and Usher in there tho because some of the songs well he just wouldnt’ get what they are talking about yet, but still I opted not to 🙂

And no I haven’t seen that movie but now you got me curious lol thanks a lot! But what is IFC?

Yum – the salads all sound great!

Yeah, even if the kids don’t understand, I agree keeping it out of their ears. They’ll hear enough of that language soon enough, unfortunately. None of my old school Prince CDs when she’s the car! 🙂

IFC is the Independent Film Channel. It’s a free movie channel on our satellite. Not sure how Trapped in a Closet made it there…they usually have independent (obviously) and art films on that channel! LOL!
.-= AnotherSteph´s last blog ..CPH Offer Update =-.


I’m telling you it is DELICIOUS! I can’t wait til you try it and then jump on the TWBS bandwagon (I’m all about the abbreviations since the other Steph’s cat pee post over on her blog lol)

And yeah I did see where someone told you where you could get walnut oil. Both times I got mine I got it from Whole Foods….don’t know if you have them in Fla tho?

Oh 112….I love them. They sing lots of stuff…..trying to think of stuff that would be on the radio. Hmmmmmmm “Only You” “Anywhere” “Hot and Wet” (I think that was on the radio lol) and “Peaches and Cream” (not one of my favorite songs of theirs tho, although the radio loves to play it.)

Here are some for ya: This is “anywhere” “only you” “peaches and cream” “hot and wet” “it’s over now” Ok so I just threw this one in there cuz it’s a good song lol it’s a Mobb Deep song that features 112 it’s called “Hey Luv”

Ok I’ll leave you with those…now you know who 112 is. Btw, I love all of the above songs EXCEPT “Peaches and Cream”….just not into that one……..

Here’s a piece of trivia for you……….I don’t buy any music anymore at all…………EXCEPT for 112. If they come out with a new cd I’ll buy it…anyone else I’ll try to get it by other means lol Keep that in your noggin in case you’re on jeopardy too! 😉

Yeah I hear ya! I need to get my butt in gear too with getting my self-directed IRA going too. You know if you do it in 2010 you can take 2 years to pay the taxes on it. 🙂


Thanks for the congrats. And you know that’s a fantastic idea. Actually, with our strip club we are going to use their wi-fi connection through their router because our modem has issues when the whether is really bad.

I suppose the main reason tho that we don’t do it the way you suggest (which is awesome, btw) is because when we go into them we make it sound like it’s a 100% hands off operation and they don’t have to do anything and aren’t responsible for anything except an outlet for us to use. I guess I’d feel weird if I say “ok let me use your connection for our modem, etc.” Does that make sense?

Is that what you do in your biz? How many machines do you own now? Thanks for commenting. Appreciate it!

Oh my gosh……….i love me some baaaaaaaaaaah cheese lol I’m just a cheese fanatic. And yea it is pretty awesome about the atm private money. Whoda thunk it?

Ya know after watching the “real” version I have to admit that I really like the radio version better…..and mind you, i’m not one who’s opposed to the f word because well I use it quite a bit (I have a wee bit of a potty mouth) but I dunno…..I just dig the radio version better without it ya know? Which version do you like better Rachel?

I know right…I gotta get rolling on setting mine up. I guess I should call Matt this week or ya know what? I’ll add Equity Trust to my 30 day challenge. Good thinking Shae lol (do you like how I just gave you credit for that even tho all you said was gotta love those sdiras? lol)

Try the salad…it’s delish!

And yep, 112 is seriously my favorite group. And they are the only artist that will put out a cd that I will actually PAY money for and not try to sneak it some other way lmao My favorite cd of theirs is Part III…which one did you wear out back in the day? That Phil……..I knew he had good taste…..

R. Kelly….I can handle him in small doses………and you know who gets me? “I’ll tie her to the bed and set this house on fire!” Eminem boy….gotta love him. lol I mean don’t get me wrong I actually like him and can get into his music but boy oh boy some of his lyrics…when I heard that I was like “oh my.”

As for Chris Brown…..well after the lil Rhianna incident I don’t listen to his stuff anymore (and some of it I really dug.) But I won’t waste my time on someone like that……….not even for a second.

I have no idea how I got on this lil musical tangent.

lmao about old school Prince. I loveeeeeeeee “darling nikki” lol

Hmmm gonna have to check to see if I have IFC. Oh wait, is it only on satellite? I only have cable. Maybe I’ll google the movie tho?? Thanks! And btw, thanks for coming over here and posting. Appreciate it.

I wore out the first two albums…I think the first one was self-titled and the other one was Room 112. Phil really loved Cupid and Anywhere. I don’t even think I’ve heard the Part III album at all…the music I listen to has changed A LOT in the past 7 years prompted by not wanting to hear my children repeating the lyrics and embarrassing the crap out of me. Nowadays we mostly listen to Christian hip hop music in the car since the beats are the same and I know for sure I won’t hear any curse words or sexually explicit stuff. LOL! I thought it would be cheesy but its actually great. I also love to play my old school 90’s CDs in the car. Anisa loves “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men and “Summertime” by Will Smith. And of course my daughter likes these boy groups you see on Nickelodeon & Disney Channel….I can only take it in small doses so she only listens to it on TV or on her personal MP3 player!

Ok…one more music comment. Have you ever heard of Floetry? They aren’t together anymore but just wondering if you liked their music.

I’m done rambling now! This music tangent was fun 😉
.-= Shae´s last blog ..Ever have a feeling… =-.

I know, it’s probably not the same without the cheese eh? I like cheese, just not goat cheese. 🙂

Oh, which version? I have to admit, I’m not much of a curser. I don’t like to curse. Even when I’m really mad, I try to stop myself from cursing. I guess I like the radio version better without the cursing. But, that’s just me! 🙂

I didn’t know this Billionaire song at all before seeing your post Carey…and Rachel is right…the song IS catchy and DOES get stuck in your head. I’ve been trying to get it out of my head since yesterday. Next time find the radio edit version on YouTube! LOL! Have a great weekend!
.-= Shae´s last blog ..Ever have a feeling… =-.

Good luck with the wifi, I tried it out at a location but wasn’t able to get it working. I’m not super tech saavy though and I know others who have gotten it to work.

When I got started, I was also hesistant about asking to share the merchants phone line. But when I eventually asked the reply was “sure, no problem”. In my experience, the merchants don’t mind. I use basically the same pitch as you, 100% hands off for the merchant and the ATM just needs access to electric and a phone line. Maybe try including the phone line part in your next sales pitch, I don’t think sharing the phone line will be the make or break of the deal.

Have you been purchasing the wireless units or renting them?

I own 8, +2 processing only accounts. Who do you process with? Do you get interchange?

Hey Brian,

I’m gonna try that next time for sure. Do you offer to pay their phone bill or a portion of it? Or do you treat it just like the electric and don’t offer to pitch in?

And after we install these 2 on Friday we will have 8. We process with First Data but may try others out in the future. We’ll be getting interchange on these next two. Who do you process through and what about your interchange?

Shae I can honestly say I never heard of Christian hip hop. Send me a link to a song or two, if you have it.

But I will tell you that I’m down with some gospel stuff. Another fact about Carey lol in my earlier days I use to work at a radio station and on Sunday mornings I would host a gospel show 🙂 Yeah go figure, me, right?

I knew nothing about gospel and it was sooo early in the morning I didn’t think anyone was listening, but damn it people didn’t call into me requesting stuff! So now I’m down with Hezekiah Walker from those days!

And no I never listened to Floetry…I’ve “heard” of them but I’ve never listened to them.

One more music tidbit….back in high school I use to love this heavy metal band called Stryper. They were a Christian heavy metal band lmao My favorite album by them was called “To Hell With the Devil” lol

Even thought hip hop and R&B is my fav, I have a lot of different music I listen to. From Ozzy to Frank Sinatra to Melissa Etheridge to Robert Johnson to Bach………

Honey you are a surprise a minute, aren’t you? 🙂 I could never get into heavy metal, but there’s some country artists I enjoy and I love me some Jazz (specifically saxophone…the only thing missing that would make Phil perfect is if he could play the sax. LOL!)

Ok so Carey, here’s your intro to Christian hip hop. 4 tracks from one of our favorite artists…his name is Canton Jones and he’s out of Atlanta.

5 Seconds:


Top Model:


.-= Shae´s last blog ..Now we’re cookin’ =-.

Hey Shae….

I can’t honestly say I was digging those. Well not so much the “Echo” song. But the other songs were pretty decent….(I do wish “5 Seconds” had more words to it tho lol)

Very cool. Thanks for the Christian Hip Hop intro!

(and lol at what would make Phil perfect! You’re a riot!)

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