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ATM Passive Income Course coming soon…..

Hi Everyone….

I just made a quick video announcing the launch date of my ATM Passive Income course (which, btw, does not have a name yet lol)

Anyway, I don’t know if my computer just sucks or what, but it appears to me that my voice is not matching up with the video about 1/2 way to 3/4 of the way through. Can you kind folks let me know if it’s just my sucky computer or if I really need to re-do my video on my flip (this video was taking with my Palm Pixi Plus cell phone.) Thanks!

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6 replies on “ATM Passive Income Course coming soon…..”

Awesome to hear about the new course, Carey!

It should be very beneficial information for those interested in learning more about the ATM business. I think maybe you have found your niche! 🙂

As a kid, I remember one of my friends whose parents had some candy machines at a couple restaurants. She would take me along to go visit them, refill them with candy, and empty out the money made from them. Then, we would get a cut for our efforts. That was my first exposure to this type of business, I always wondered about those candy machines I’d see at restaurants!

Nice job on the video, thanks for sharing! 🙂

Yep Steph I remember you mentioning that!

So far, I gotta tell you I really am digging the ATMs. I like the big picture plan that we have with them. I also think that’s the best way to get into them….ya know to have a plan I want x amount of cashflow every month from them and then going and getting the number of machines that it takes to get to that cashflow.

Thanks for the comments Rachel. And ya know I always wondering about those candy machines and even all kinds of vending machines.

I remember working at a semi-conductor plant when I was in my late teen/early 20’s and sitting in the cafeteria and watching the guy come in and empty the change from the vending machines. I used to think “man, I’d like to be the one collecting that change!”

I guess I can say now I really am, except I’m collect dollar bills well 2 dollars a pop (sometimes more) lol

P.S. I’m wondering Rachel and everyone really…..if those moments in our earlier years actually sneak into our minds until we’re ready to take action on them………..ya know what I mean?

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