Atm Deals Contest

Entries thus far for the ATM Course…

We have had quite a bit of entries so far for the Name My ATM Course contest. Of course, if I pick your name for my upcoming ATM course than you will win the course!

Here are the entries thus far:

ATMs – Don’t Take It, Make It
Passive Riches with ATMs
From Goin’ Flippin’ Crazy to Gettin’ Flippin’ Rich: Building Wealth with ATMs
Automatic Money Mayhem
Automatic Cash Cow
Passive Cash Cow
Passive Teller Moolah
Sit on Your Ass and Make More Cash
Automatic Cashflow
Passive Money Machine Madness
Automatic Money Flipper
Flipping Money
Passive ATM Madness
Retire on ATM Cashflow
Retire on Automatic Teller Money (ATM)
Cashflow Money Machine
Money Machine Moolah
Dividends with No Ends
You Can Do It (I think that was an entry? 🙂
CK’s Untapped ATM Riches
Cha Ching Cashflow
ATM – Access The Money
You’ll Flip For Money
Carey’s Complete Cashflow Course
The Perfect Passive Income Course
Massive Passive
You’re a Money Machine Course
License to Print Money Course
ATMs = An Avalanche of Passive Income
Making Money the Easy Way with ATM’s
The ATM Money Making Blueprint
Phat Cash with ATM’s
The ABC’s of ATM’s
Living Large with ATM’s

Lots and lots of great ideas ladies and gentlemen. Keep ’em coming….you have until Friday, December 10th at 5pm (EST.) Good luck everyone!

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