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ATM Video Vocab #3 – Niche Locations

Check out this ATM Video Vocab that I did in Atlantic City, NJ a few weekends ago. This is my first ATM video vocab using the Imovie program from my Macbook Pro. I’m still learning the program but so far, so good. I really like it. Enjoy and of course, post your comments and questions below!

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10 replies on “ATM Video Vocab #3 – Niche Locations”

Cool video, Carey. iMovie made the video look really sweet!

You’re right, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos charge higer fees…I think the last time I was there, the fees were at least $5-7 per transaction.

Can’t wait for your ATM course to come out! 🙂


Thanks for the kind words Steph. I’m still working on iMovie and mastering it (ok well maybe not mastering it lol)

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Foxwoods. I’ve played in 2 poker tournaments there and both times have not done well. I’m thinking 3rd time is the charm so I have to get up there again sometime. I do, however, have a really cool orange sweatshirt that I bought when I was up there ones that says FRC on it. 🙂

Guess what? As long as I’ve been waiting for some things from outside sources…I’m thinking that I can’t wait for my ATM course to come out either! lmao

I like it…the iMovie video has a real professional look.

Hey, if you ever head up to Foxwoods, let me know. Maybe I’d see ya there! And maybe you’ll win big this time!!

It won’t be long now…and I know you’ll make a lot of people happy when the course is finally available! 🙂

Hey Carey! As ASteph says – cool video. The intro and exit were very impressive and the in between was perfect — is that you on guitar? lol!! I can’t believe there are $7.00+ surcharges out ther – wow – what great info! That’s why we need your course!! Can’t wait ’til it’s a go!…By the way, what’re your two favorite pocket cards anyway???…just askin’ —lol

BTW, please put a question mark after my guitar question…hate when I do that. I can feel the thunder from one of my elementary school teachers!

lol no Carolyn that’s not me on the guitar. I wish I could play guitar. When I was younger I could play the beginning of “Smoke On The Water” like probably every other kid in the world too lol but now I can’t plan anything.

Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it. And of course my two favorite hold cards are 2 lovely aces…and I don’t even care what color they are 😉

Nice Video!!!! I can’t wait for your course to come out either! Think of how many people you can help to start making massive passive income!!!!

You got that right Kathy! And think of how many people will get to see YOU on video helping me out with some of the many informative instructional videos!

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