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Wacky Seller Phone Call

You know how when you’re in real estate you can get some wacky seller phone calls sometimes?? Well I got one for you right now.

First just so you know; I have “We Buy Houses” lettering on the window in the back of my car. Plus, whenever I want some quick cash (or relatively quick) I’ll put out some “We Buy Houses” bandit signs.

Since I’m getting married in September I figured that now is a good time to have some “quick cash!” So I put out some bandit signs.

I get a call the other day. No one leaves a message. So, naturally, I call back.

A woman answers. I explain that I missed someone’s phone call and it could be someone that wants to sell their house that called.

She said “oh yeah that was me, tell me how this works.”

I proceed to tell her how everything works; mind you I don’t go into detail at all, I make it VERY simple for sellers to understand. Please much say in a nutshell that I make you an offer on your property, I do not charge any commissions or fees, can settle quickly and if you don’t like my offer, that’s ok….we’ll just part friends.

She then says to me “how much cash will you give me for my house?”

Me: “Ma’am I don’t even know where your house is so I can’t really answer that questions.”

Her: “It’s by the Walmart.” ( 🙂 That was helpful, I must admit lmao)

Me: “By Walmart? What Walmart?” (You know, cuz there’s only 1 Walmart in the world….duh guys!)

Her: “It’s by the Walmart in Kennett. So how much would you give me cash for it?” (Yeah, because the houses by Walmart in Kennett don’t vary by hundreds of thousands of dollars or anything!)

Me: “Ma’am I really need to know the address of your house so I can do proper comps for the homes in the area then I have to figure out the necessary repairs needed.”

Her: “No repairs are needed at all. How much would you give me?”

Me: “Ma’am I’d really need your address so I can do comps on your house.”

Her: “Well how do you do that?”

Me: “I access the same information that Realtor’s do and public records in order to find out what homes are selling for in your area and how many days on market, etc. But I really need your address in order to do this ma’am.”

Her: “Oh nooooo. I don’t do any of this computer stuff. I’m not giving you my address for you to put in your computer and figure stuff out with. I want to meet you in person. I have to see your face, know who you are.”

Me: “Ma’am I understand that you want to meet me in person and I’ll be glad to meet you in person once I figure out what your house is worth and decide that you and I might actually be able to work together. I need your address for that so I can do comps.”

Her: “No way. I’m not giving you my address. I want to meet you in person at my house (lol) and show you my house and see you….I’m not just giving you my address!” (I was so annoyed at this lady I didn’t even think to say ummmm ok I’ll meet you at your house, give me your address! lmao)

Me: “Ma’am listen; I don’t want to waste my time or your time so that’s why I have to figure out the comps first prior to coming to your house.”

Her: “Nope, I am not giving you my address. I need to meet you in person first.”

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you. I’m sorry.”

Her: “That’s fine. Bye.”

That was my entertainment for that day. It was fun, fun, fun. I love talking to crazy folk like that. Helps me be thankful that I’m not wacky first of all and then helps me be thankful for all of the “normal” sellers that I speak to lol

That’s about it. Have a great 4th of July. I’m off to get ready for a family picnic!

P.S. If you want to learn how to wholesale real estate then my buddy Steph has an awesome ebook you should pick up. Check it out here it shows you how to wholesale real estate that is owned by the banks! But trust me, I have read this awesome ebook that Steph put together and you can absolutely use tons of the stuff in that ebook when working with private sellers like I was talking to above!

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11 replies on “Wacky Seller Phone Call”

LOL that was way too funny! I guess I may have just gave out an offer I knew was low for the the area and see what she said.

On a side note, I apologize for not promoting your ATM e-book yet. I fully plan on doing so it’s a great product. Did you ever get a chance to talk with Dave?

That is so funny! I had one of those about a year ago. She wanted me to meet her at the Dairy Queen (like there’s just one) and follow her to the house. Nope. She wasn’t giving me the address.

Well you know Sharon there is, of course, only 1 Dairy Queen and 1 Walmart in the entire WORLD! And obviously our 2 sellers knew where they were lol

Thanks for popping by and visiting. Appreciate it!

Amazing…some people are really ridiculous. That’s why I almost always prefer dealing with REOs…as annoying as the banks can be, sometimes private sellers can be downright frustrating!


You got that right Mike. Guess she can’t really show ANYONE her house actually. I mean gee she’s gonna have to give them her address. Yikes! lol
Btw, thanks for stopping by Mike! Appreciate the comment.

Sure is amazing. I think it helps keep me young tho (or maybe it’s why I have more gray hair? hmmmm?) lol You know Steph, I’m actually the complete opposite as you. I don’t like dealing with banks, I prefer to deal with private sellers (even though there are crazy ones once in a while.) Thanks for commenting…missed ya girl!

lol Sharon. I always tell people that I never truly realized how stupid people were until I got into real estate 🙂 Mean perhaps…but kinda true.

Hey Ned thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for the congrats. Appreciate it.

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I know Shae had some success when she interviewed me about the ATM business and passive income. The ATM biz imo is a perfect complement to a real estate investing business.

thanks again!!

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