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My Big Announcement is……

Well folks, my big announcement is……delayed lol hehehe I know, I know……I’m horrible.

I spoke to the folks yesterday and I have something pretty big (for me, anyway) in the works
for my ATM Business Blueprint course. This is being postponed until 2012 (later in the year.)

Which was a relief and also a blessing at the same time. I mean it would have been exciting
to do this right now (it would have been very last minute) but now I actually have some time
to perfect my speaking and my presentation.

And like my accountability partner said about me having a lot of time to practice and perfect
things, that will be my ticket to “a long term relationship.” Which I think would be a beautiful thing!

I know I’m being secretive but trust me, it’s really cool and I’m hoping to pull it off next year.

Definitely you all will be in the loop. For now, I’m going to be doing online webinars,
interviews and speaking engagements for my ATM Business Blueprint course. All the while, while looking for multi-family properties.

So, if you have a REIA that you think would love to hear about a perfect complement to any real estate
business, please hit me up and let’s get ‘er done! Or if you think any other group would be interested
in hearing about passive income opportunities with the ATM business I’d love to hear from you.

Any other ideas besides real estate investor associations that you think would like to hear about
the passive income opportunities with ATM machines? Post ’em below…….

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