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6 Steps To Flipping Apartment Buildings

6 Steps To Flipping Apartment Buildings

There’s a lot of talk about flipping single family houses, but what about flipping apartment buildings?

First things first….when it comes to flipping apartment buildings you have to realize that doing so is not a passive income stream. Because once you flip the apartment building you are done with it, it’s not going to bring you in any income….you’ll have to get more apartment buildings and flip them as well.

So, holding apartment buildings for rental income is passive income but flipping apartment buildings is not. Make sense?

Is flipping apartment buildings something that is possible, though? Of course it is.

And the process is the same as flipping single family properties.

1) Get together a list of investors that buy apartment buildings in the area where you will be flipping apartment buildings.

2) Reach out to them to find out what their criteria is for apartment buildings they are interested in owning.

3) Go out and find those types of apartment buildings.

4) Get them under contract for less money than the current value OR you can get them under contract for the value of the property as long as there are things that can be done to the property to increase it’s value (under market rents, deferred maintenance, etc.)

5) Reach out to your investors in step #1 when their criteria in step #2 meet what you have available with your apartment building under contract.

6) Now….flip your contract to this investor. By the way, when flipping apartment buildings you can do so with a contract or option.

And that’s the gist of flipping apartment buildings. Now, even though flipping apartment buildings isn’t passive income it can be an awesome way to build up cash so that you can then invest that cash into passive income streams like owning apartment buildings or owning ATMs, etc.

If you’d like to get more information on flipping apartment buildings there is a great training program out there from my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons called Master Lease Options. It’s top notch material and you can use it to hold apartment buildings or to begin flipping apartment buildings. Check it out and let me know what you think about flipping apartment buildings or if you’ve ever actually flipped apartment buildings before.

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8 replies on “6 Steps To Flipping Apartment Buildings”


Is this mainly a strategy that works in certain states? I’ve heard here in Texas for example, that lease options or seller financing doesn’t work the same way as in other states…

… Oh also, are you using this strategy? Have you had luck with this yet?

And Just logged onto Loopnet that’s an awesome resource!

Now just need to network with some folks and find some investors and what they’re looking for. Never have tried a deal like this, but I’m willing to do ANYTHING if it’s possible and there’s a cashflow on it.

Hi Jason,

The Master Lease Option is just an awesome strategy..I closed deal #35 just a month ago….So yes, it works 🙂 And don’t worry about TX… Lease Options are not illegal (as some folks try to tell ya) but there are some heavy duty restrictions on the SFR side. Those rules DO NOT apply to commercial multi-family property though.

Hope this helps 🙂


Meet my good friend, Bill Walston lol Bill is a tax strategist that loves helping folks with their real estate businesses. He, as you can tell from his response, is a real estate investor as well.

Bill pretty much summed everything up…I was going to mention to you that a lot of times when folks don’t understand something (especially if you’re talking to your typical real estate agent) then they tell you something “can’t work” or is “illegal” somewhere. But I was going to say that what you’re saying may be true about single family homes, but not so for commercial.

My buddy Susan put together some great training on Master Lease Options that I think you’ll enjoy….I hope you opted-in to watch her training video. Solid stuff there! As for me, I was getting tons of calls when I sent out my MLO mailings, but fortunately for me, my personal ATM business is still going strong and the portion of my business where I train others how to start their own ATM business is taking off so I’ve been pre-occupied with traveling for speaking gigs and what not.

After things settle down with the training folks tho……back to the Master Lease Options I go….because as you can tell, I love multiple streams of passive income…..not just 1 or 2! 😉

Thanks for stopping by Jason. Love your participation!



That’s awesome! Your the man. Wish I could take just a piece of your knowledge and apply it. I’m so looking into this Master Lease Option stuff. I just have about $750 of passive income, no earned income, BAD credit with student loans, and little to no cash on hand. THIS is a breathe of fresh air. I just want to do something creative, and maybe have a group of friends to do it with. This looks so awesome. So glad to see your putting this into place. Great great stuff. And take it too you were the “CPA” mentioned in the video training?

Yeah Carey…

… thanks for that tipper on the Master Lease Option training with Susan Lassiter-Lyons. Also as well am taking a hard look at the ATM’s as another steam of passive income. I’d need to network more with some of the local places, and see if there’s any way I could help them, and as well think of a way to get creative about getting some money together to buy an ATM. This all looks amazing.

Yeppers Jason, Bill is that CPA. The videos aren’t updated tho with Bill’s latest
deals tho, so if you hear he’s on deal 7 or deal 30 you’ll know the real deal # he’s on lol

Real estate and the ATM business compliment each other sooo much. I think whether you do
MLO or the ATMs or the best option, both….I think you’ll feel pretty darn good with adding
them both to your passive income toolbox.

And before you even network with your local places…I can assure you that you can help them
and you can even helps the ones that already have an ATM….you just have to know how 😉

Oh and as far as getting creative to buy an ATM….if you’re already involved in real estate…
think creative real estate investing for ATMs too. It’s amazing the similarities in both


Hi Carey,
Thanks for the great information. I am a wholesaler looking to get into commercial wholesaling with Apartments. Do you offer coaching/mentorship or would you like to partner ?Thanks.


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