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What Any 13 Year Old Can Teach You!

One of Joe’s Christmas presents was tickets to WWE Raw Live in Baltimore, MD. on
January 6th of this year.

Joe and I at WWE Raw

Joe is my 13 yr. old stepson and he lovesssss wrestling. I have to be honest, I really like
going to these wrestling matches too. When I was a kid I was a big fan of the WWF (that’s what they called it back then.) You know with Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and so many others.

So, it’s really fun for me to go to these matches with Joe. Kathy….well she goes but she could care less lol She just likes to make fun of me because I get into it.

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post today is to share with you what any 13 yr. old or any child for that matter can teach you.

At the wrestling match Joe leaned over to me and asked “So, Carey….do you think I should be a WWE wrestler when I grow up or an MLB player?”

And he was dead serious about his question. Joe has informed Kathy and I several times in the past that he wants to be a MLB player, or a WWE wrestler or a MLS player (no idea why, as he doesn’t really play soccer lol)

When he first told me about his plans to be a major league baseball player I told him that was awesome, but asked him what his backup plan was…just in case. He said a WWE wrestler.

Of course, what was I thinking? lol So I said, ok what’s your backup plan after that? A soccer player.

Finally, I said ok what’s a backup plan that has nothing to do with sports? He had no answer for that, because he hadn’t thought about it.

You see Joe doesn’t care how hard it is to get into the MLB or to become a successful wrestler like Jon Cena, Hulk Hogan, etc. Joe hasn’t given that any thought whatsoever. Joe has no idea what it REALLY takes to be a pro ballplayer. How much hard work and how much dedication it takes. Joe has no idea that most kids that want to play in the majors never get to do so.

Joe doesn’t care about all of that stuff right now. Why? Well because he’s still a kid. He’s still a dreamer. He still thinks he can do anything he wants to do in this world. And guess what, he’s right! He can do anything he wants to do in this world…..he just needs the hard work required to catch up with his dreams 😉

All of this brings me to YOU! Are you a dreamer? What is it you want to be when you “grow up?” Do you want to stay stuck in that job that you hate? Do you want to stay at a job where you HOPE you get a 5% raise this year? Do you want to stay in a position where you have to ask permission if you can spend quality time with your family?

Is THAT what you have always wanted for your life? Or was there something else? Obviously, we can’t all be WWE wrestlers or MLB players, especially since some of us are probably in our late 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s and beyond lol

But seriously, what dreams do you have for your life?

Pretend like you are 13 yrs. old again and start dreaming……after you dream for a bit start writing down what you want your life to look like.

Dream Big

Now you must go from a 13 yr. old to an adult…..and what that means is you need to look at those dreams you just wrote down and start doing the hard work that is needed to achieve them.

You can do anything you want to do in this world if you just put in the work…DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU ANYTHING DIFFERENT!

Now below this post, share what you dreamed of being as a kid and what you are now dreaming of becoming as an adult!

By the way, when I was a kid I wanted to be a coroner. Absolutely no idea why! lol

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