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2014 Passive Income Survey Results

2014 Passive Income Survey Results

The 2014 Passive Income Survey Results are in and there were some sad things revealed, exciting things revealed and just all around awesomeness that I feel is going to be coming from you in 2014 and beyond.

Just so you know: not everyone answered the survey. Sorry. For people that did answer the survey and had the same answers; I only wrote the answer once. Ok? Got it?

Now, let’s get to those results…..

Passive Income In Your Life

Do you currently have any passive income streams?
Yes 56%
No 44%

If no, why not?
been fooled into believeing there is only one way to money
i relocated recently
still studying ways to make passive income
I’ve allowed my excuses (no money, too tired/lazy/fat) to become more important than my “why” to playfully inspire, excite, and empower the world!
I haven’t done it, don’t know what to go for yet. I haven’t been focussed on finding one.
haven’t found right opportunity & capital

What passive income streams do you currently have?
ATMs 5.56% 1
Residential Rental Real Estate 33.33%
Commercial Rental Real Estate 5.56%
Online Marketing 27.78%
Savings Account, Money Market, CD 33.33%
IRA, 401k, Retirement Account 33.33%

Other passive income streams you have
Life ins
studying ATMs, private lending and several forms of investing
None of the above, some good ideas there.

What is the biggest reason you don’t have more passive income in your life?
working from inside the box for to long it is what was taugth to me
Work full time
Never know about it until recently
Lack of a good business model
dont know how to get it please help me carey i would appreciate your help thank you
I need to raise more capital so I can purchase more rental properties and I am helping my daughter pay her student loans.
Lack of funds. But working on it. Should be caught up VERY soon.
Lack of money
I haven’t had the money to do so.
I have no training or education
start up funds
Time and Action
don’t know what or where to really start and not enough focus on what I could be doing. I need to be more focused on something rather than scattered in too many directions.
Never knew about such a thing until about a year ago. First learned about it at a MMI event. Also for the last 21 years I’ve been in a dead end factory job. I quit that at the end of Oct 2013 and have jumped into learning several streams of passive income. I’m currently working on your ATM course plus George Antone bankers code, went to Courtesy Smith freedom trader intensive plus a different investing course and last I’m studying tax lien/deeds. The hardest thing to work around is all the negative people that I’m unable to get away from just yet. When the income starts to roll I’m getting away.
I don’t have the know how.
fear of disappointing people
Time and money
I haven’t been focussed on getting one, have been more focussed on my health. Reasons- fear of facing finances, reluctance and lack of interest. Not alot of free time. Haven’t prioritized it. Mistrust of sharks out there and losing what I invest.
Most passive income streams aren’t as easy to start and make money as they are cracked up to be.
No reason, really. It’s on my “to-do” list after I get the other two businesses I’m working on up and running. They will generate passive income (network marketing), and then I’m looking to possible do the ATM thing or Vending Machines!

What are the other reasons you don’t have more passive income in your life?
I’m afraid. 16.67%
I have no money. 37.50%
My credit sucks and I’m doomed because of it. 8.33%
I have no training or education when it comes to passive income. 37.50%
I have no time to dedicate towards passive income. 12.50%
I have too many other projects going on right now. 12.50%
I don’t know what other passive income streams to add. 33.33%
My family/spouse/friends think I’m nuts and keep me down instead of encouraging me. 20.83%

Other reasons you don’t have passive income
Paying off credit card debt and student loans
I would like to do something I have a passion about but uncertain of what that really is
There are a lot of scammish business opportunities out there.
other ventures I need to focus on first

Passive Income Products and Services

Have you purchased a home study course about a particular passive income technique in the last 12 months?
Yes 36.36%
No 63.64%

If yes, which one?
Internet marketing
Investing inTax Liens and Deeds
Book writing course to enhance credibility, thereby increasing sales and creating additional streams of passive income.
Empower network blogging platform
ATM business blueprint :-), George Antone bankers code, tax lein/deeds course
ATM Business Blueprint

Have you purchased a home study course in the last 12 months that has nothing to do with passive income?
Yes 23.81%
No 76.19%

If yes, which one?
Personal development; overcoming internal blocks
I have bought a lot of self-help and training programs from nightingale-conant.
Mindvalley meditation program
Great Courses on DVD/CD
The Sedona Method, and I’m about the purchase another similar one. They are like personal growth courses, dealing with fears etc so they do deal with underlying causes for success.
Tracy Biller Ultimate Success CD (well, maybe that one has something to do with passive income) The Secret Mirror, Joe Vitale

Have you attended a live event/seminar/workshop in the last 12 months that taught you a passive income technique?
Yes 34.78%
No 65.22

If yes, which one?
Adiel Gorel who teaches about owning remote real estate * I attended your webinar about generating 3k to 5k monthly with atm’s this past Tuesday.
Millionaire Mind Intensive
Courtney Smith Freedom Trader intensive, Andrew Lock Money Now both through Peak Potentials.
Never Work Again
Millionaire Mind Intensive

Have you attended a live event/seminar/workshop in the last 12 months that had nothing to do with passive income?
Yes 17.39%
No 82.61%

If yes, which one?
Access Consciousness classes an alternative modality
Training for my MLM
Fruit growers association meeting.

Who are your favorite gurus/experts/trainers? (That teach passive income or anything else.)
Carey Buck – hehehehe
Tony Robbins’, bigger pockets, Matt theriault, richdad
T harv eker
George Antone Keith Cunningham Susan Lassiter-Lyons
anthony robbins
Ariel Gorel, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Dean Graziosi, Dave Ramsey
robert kiyosaki
Can’t say there has been one favorite. All have been friendly and supportive.
T. Harv Eker Carey Buck! Mara Hoover Lisa Gold
Dave Lindahl
Lester Levenson, T Harv Ecker.
Joe Vitale John Maxwell Greg S Reid

What is the one complaint that you have about the products, services, seminars, etc. that teach about passive income techniques?
Not enough specific small details that make all the difference. Speakers don’t prove their credibility
Not close by.
Require too much work to get them going.
Sometimes is just theory and it is very hard to put into practice, and finding the time to implement when you have a full-time job.
Over priced
I don’t have any complaints. I just didn’t have the money to be buying a lot of liens or deeds. I needed something to “springboard” me there.
Finding time to attend or questioning the amount they cost versus payoff.
they make it sound easier than it is
Too many options makes it difficult to choose the best ones.
some of them don’t help me to find focus and get clear on what I do know about that would be helpful in creating something different
So far everything has been great as far as products and services. The Peak Potential events have been very motivating but for me with a bad knee and back. All the up and down jumping around can get a lil taxing. I understand why they do it just hurts a lil by end of events.
They cost money! Lol…. No, I haven’t purchased any of them, so I can’t really have any complaints.
there is always something more to buy
Try to hook you to pay more money.
I don’t have any because I haven’t used them, but I would imagine it would be their price and my feeling it’s their real source of income, and that the prices are ridiculous compared to simply paying for a book, so I would feel ripped off. A really good book even if expensive would cost less than a course, and have as good information.
It is difficult to differentiate between real and scammers.
The “free” hook is usually too general–stuff I’ve already heard or stuff I know–and is a play to encourage purchasing more info

What is the one complaint that you have about products, services, seminars, etc. that teach about things other than passive income?
Too touchy-feely
Sometimes is just theory and it is very hard to put into practice, and finding the time to implement when you have a full-time job.
over priced
I think often too much information is given at once, to the point of being overwhelming and then, therefore, not usable, or perhaps discouraging.
lack of follow-up
Similar to my above complaint. I buy a cd course for example, the whole lot could have been put into a book. The charges usually start at $297. Well even if you get a book for $80, that’s much less and all the info could have been in a book. It’s a rip off, highly marketed industry- maybe I should do it!
Too much fluff
The “free” hook is usually too general–stuff I’ve already heard or stuff I know–and is a play to encourage purchasing more info

The Content and Products That I Provide

What would you like to see more of from me?
Blog posts 13.64%
Webinars 31.82%
Teleseminars 18.18%
Passive Income Tips 63.64%
Printed Books 18.18%
E-Books 31.82%
Special Reports 31.82%
Home Study/Training Courses 27.27%
Coaching 36.36%
Videos 27.27%
Live Webcasts/Google Hangouts (online) 13.64%
Live Events (in person) 22.73%

Exciting news! In 2014, I will be hosting my first ever LIVE EVENT! This event will help you get your ATM business in full gear and it will also help you with the motivational end of being an entrepreneur! Plus, for those interested in coaching, I am now offering in-person VIP days (yes, I come to you!) and also an “accelerated” training program that will have you placing your first ATM within 30 days! Bam!

Not certain yet
Very little info is provided to make a judgment on paying for your training packet.

Not sure what “training packet” you are referring to? I’m assuming you mean my ATM Business Blueprint Success System? Which is my signature training program. If that’s what you meant then let’s get on the phone and chat. If you’re serious about generating passive income from ATMs; I’m serious about helping you. Sign up for your free ATM business strategy session here.

Do you like getting the P.I.N. (Passive Income Newsletter) weekly?
Yes, keep ’em coming 80.95%
Nah, I’d prefer once a month 19.05%

What topics would you like to see me develop training about?
Online Marketing 40%
Membership Sites 10%
Vending Machine Business 75%
Being a Private Money Lender 25%
Residential Rental Real Estate 45%
Commercial Rental Real Estate 35%
Mobile Homes 25%
Mobile Home Parks 30%
Self-Storage 25%
Stock Trading 25%
Tax Liens 5%
Network Marketing 20%
Automation and Utilizing Virtual Assistants 25%
Sales Training 35%
Marketing 35%
Staying Motivated and Focused 30%

Stay tuned……I should be launching some online marketing training for you this year. Plus, I have some great partnerships with folks that will help you in the coming year with real estate, tax liens and the vending machine business. Exciting things going down in 2014!

not certain as I live in Canada some of these things are very different here and apply differently
All of them

For the person that wrote ATMs…..ya might want to check out my Cash Machine Profit Formula training and also, my signature ATM Business Blueprint Success System. And for my Canadian friend….you should know that I have several ATM Business Blueprint members from Canada and I now even have Insider Contacts for Canada as well.

If you could only ask me one question, what would it be?
With no money, what are the very first 3 steps you would take to launch an ATM business?
Very cool question. I’d look for private lenders, I’d go talk to business owners and I’d get my ATM team members together.

How much did it really take you to start up your ATM business and how long before you started to really profit from it?
Honestly, to this day we’ve only invested about $1k-ish of our own cash in the business. We literally started our ATM business by buying 2 ATMs (with a partner) and we used the money from a few sources: credit card, business line of credit, home equity line of credit. Totaled about $5,100, which included the cash too!

How much are you making now?
Between $300 to $600 on average per ATM / per month. Obviously, if you look at some of my examples I have ATMs making more than that (the chinese restaurant makes $600 to $850 easy and the gentlemen’s club consistently makes $1,000,) but I like to give you realistic averages (obviously, more is realistic too, but I like to err on the side of being conservative when talking about others.)

Can i really use atms to replace my normal job allowing me freedom to spend time with family and on my terms.
You sure can! It’s not going to happen over night, but if you gradually do it while working your job then soon enough you’ll be able to replace that j-o-b. I haven’t had to go back to my j-o-b since 2012. I actually was fired 🙂 But never went back. Thanks to the ATM business. (Oh and yes, the majority and when I say majority I mean about 90-95% of my income comes from my ATM business.) You might want to check out either my Cash Machine Profit Formula training or my signature ATM Business Blueprint Success System to help you on your path to becoming job-less!

How do I find great locations to set up my atm’s?
Start talking to folks. Then check out my ATM Business Blueprint Success System program or Cash Machine Profit Formula training. Either one will help you to find locations and more importantly talk to those locations business owners and give you the contracts and forms that you need! (Note: The Blueprint is my signature program and goes into more detail when it comes to talking to business owners. You get tons of scripts with that training. Just an fyi for ya!)

How do you develop systems and automate your business?
Learn from others that are doing it. Great mentors/trainers/coaches should always be
a part of your business.

I am so impressed with your organizational skills and the way you run your business . How do you d?o that
Thank you so much. You’re too sweet. Your response made me chuckle a little bit tho because if you asked Kathy, she’d laugh first and then tell you that I’m not so organized. I tend to be organized for you guys tho 😉 The answer to the question though I would say is the same as the answer above.

How can I take my real estate investing to the next level?
You’re going to think I’m sounding like a broken record now, but get yourself a great mentor/coach. Check out my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons if you’re interested in commercial buildings, check out my friend Bill Walston if you’re interested in lease options or just getting really clear on all aspects of your real estate biz, check out my friend Sharon Vornholt if you’re interested in Probates and if you’re interested in tax liens/tax deeds and done for you real estate programs then check out my friend Mike Wolf.

Would you coach one on one?
Set up a free strategy session here and let’s chat. I have some options for you. Mention one on one coaching when you set up your session.

What atm machine has the best quality for long term usage?
All of the new mini retail ATMs are pretty reliable. Try to stick with the ones that
your trusted ATM supplier recommends. If you’re looking for trusted ATM team members to work with then consider becoming a Cash Machine Profit Formula member or ATM Business Blueprint Success System member and that way you can get access to all of my contacts that I use in the ATM business in my everyday life. Yes, they work with you no matter where you are located in the U.S. (And for my Canadian friends; I have special contacts for you as well!)

what are the biggest mistakes you made starting out and how can i avoid them myself?
I’m glad you asked! The biggest mistake I made starting out was trusting someone that I shouldn’t have. The guy that taught us the business turned out to be a shady guy that seriously lacked integrity! I get so pissed when I think about it, but the good thing about it was I learned the ATM business. But what we went through in the beginning, dealing with him, costing ourselves thousands and thousands, etc., etc. was the precise reason that I created my ATM Business Blueprint Success System in 2011. My concept being that training was so that anyone, yes anyone….someone with absolutely no ATM experience at all, could go through that training and at the end feel comfortable about starting their ATM and not feel like they need a “partner” that could potentially screw them to teach them the ATM business. The ATM Business Blueprint Success System will do all of that for you! And as far as how can you avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning……well, get some ATM training from someone you trust. If you don’t trust me, that’s ok, I won’t take it personally 😉 but find some ATM training from someone that you trust. You do NOT need a partner; just get yourself some good training and you’ll save yourself tons of time and money in the end. Oh and if you do trust me then what are you waiting for? Become an ATM Business Blueprint Success System member today!

How can I increase sales in my online shop?
Don’t be mad lol but get yourself a great mentor/trainer/coach. Later this year, be on the lookout for some training from yours truly. 😉

How can I best invest from $10G to $50G to make money, spend it on my house to upgrade it for rental income, or what passive income stream would be best to go for, not too risky?
Hmmmmm, that really is going to come down to what you feel most comfortable with. I think ATMs are less risky then most passive income streams. But I’m also a real estate fan (been a real estate investor since 1999 and probably always will be.) Also, becoming a private money lender is something you could always consider. Try to stick with only lending to people you trust tho 😉 Set up a free ATM strategy session with me if you’d like to discuss the ATM biz.

I’d like to see cold hard numbers when it comes to what can and is being done with passive income. Not the best but the average numbers.
Well, that’s going to have to come from each individual person that you’re wanting to learn a passive income stream from, ya know? I teach my students to shoot for on average $300 to $600 per ATM, per month, though.

You and your partner are women. Do you fear for your safety when unloading/refilling the vending machines? This was a concern my husband raised, and I think it’s pretty valid. Making lots of money’s not so much worth gettin mugged!
Excellent question. I appreciate you asking the question and I appreciate your husband raising the concern for you. He’s a keeper 😉 But you already knew that, right? To answer your question though; no, we’ve never feared for our safety and we do not fear for our safety on an on-going basis. And that says a lot because well quite frankly we’re not very intimidating lol I’m 5’6″ and Kathy is 5’2″. We agree with you that making money is not worth getting mugged or killed! Not even a little bit. That’s why we always follow common sense safety tips and I teach my students them as well. Plus, we’ve both taken/take self-defense classes. My preferred is called Haganah F.I.G.H.T. (fierce israeli guerilla hand to hand tactics.) Awesome class and I highly recommend it for ALL WOMEN whether you are in the ATM business or not. Also, and I’m sorry for rambling now but I think this is a pretty important question, but now I do carry a gun with me. Not because I had any incident and not because I’m fearful, but I carry it now because I got a gun in 2009 after an incident with evicting a tenant and I got a license to carry then…..I just never felt comfortable carrying it until I started taking self-defense classes. Even then, I still didn’t carry it. I can’t really give you a concrete reason why. I really don’t know why? But for some reason this year, I finally went out and got myself a holster and now I carry with me when I fill ATMs. (I have a Kel-Tec 9mm.) So, if you followed that longggg, drawn out answer of mine, and if you knew that we started our ATM business in 2009, then you’ll realize that I’ve been in the ATM business for almost 5 years before I started actually carrying my gun on me. If you’re not a gun person, that’s cool. You’re just going to really follow the safety tips to a T.

Oh boy, that was fun!

Thank you all sooo much for taking the time to fill out the survey. I really, really appreciate it. Your honest, straight up answers help me to figure out what exactly you want from me and how I can help you in 2014 and beyond.

You see my goal with all of what I do is to help change lives! And I can’t do that if I don’t know what’s going to help you change your life, right? So, a big thanks to all that took the time to answer the questions on the survey.

In the end….what are your thoughts? Were the results in line with how you answered? Were there any surprises in the results? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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