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T. Harv Eker Gives Me My Own Personal Millionaire Mind Seminar

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Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner Than You Thought Possible!

financial freedom

Ok guys and gals it’s time! Time for you to buckle down and grab YOUR financial freedom. It’s right there just waiting for you… can do it and you can do it a whole lot sooner than you thought possible!

Today Shae launched her: Financial Freedom GPS and I have to tell you it is awesome! If you know me well at all or even semi well you know that I don’t refer crap. If I refer it and I’m willing to put my name on the line for it then I truly believe in the product. Actually, I even wrote a testimonial for Shae as Kathy and I have been working the plan since October 1st (yes, the beginning of this month.)

This is a must have guide if you want to leave your job (aka the rat race) or maybe you don’t want to leave your job but you want to have options in life….a whole lot more options in life than most folks have. Or maybe you just want a great new step-by-step way to get out of debt and start putting more $$$$ into your pocket! Folks this ebook really is worth the small investment…I can’t tell you enough.

Check out the Financial Freedom GPS here.

I promise if you follow the simple steps that you (and even your spouse if you have one) can be well on your way to YOUR Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom GPS - Achieve Financial Freedom

P.S. Yes, these are affiliate links, but if I’m an affiliate for a product, it’s because I BELIEVE IN IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

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Finding Apartment Buildings Multi-Units/Apartment Buildings Must Have Books Random Ramblings


Well last Monday was my first day working for BMW. I have to say thus far as far as jobs go, it’s been pretty fun and dare I say bearable??

Hmmmm let’s see….what have I been doing all week? Basically driving BMW’s. lol And no I’m not kidding.

My favorite so far was this one:

bmw 328i

That one above is a convertible 328i. It was pretty hot!

And than drum roll please……I learned to drive a manual on this puppy on Friday:

bmw 335i

That one is a 335i. Nothing like learning to drive stick on SOMEBODY ELSE’S BMW, eh? 🙂 (and in case you’re wondering……I did a pretty good job driving after my learning session (the other guy that got hired with me taught me how to drive stick when we were out for one of our joy rides.)

Now as far as real estate goes…that’s what you really wanna know right? Well I have to tell you that since not working a “normal” job in soooooooooo long (over 4 years) that this week was extremely exhausting. Not only did I start this job this week, but Kathy was away for work in Houston, Tx and we (aka I) had Joe for the week. Luckily our next door neighbor friggin rocks so she helped me out a great deal last week.

The bottom line is that the job is bearable right now BUT overall it’s definitely giving me the motivation that I need to do what I need to do. This week is the start of my new schedule…basically work 2 nights and 3 days (and switch every other Friday and Saturday. So if I work Friday, I have off Saturday and vice versa.) I think I’ll need this week and perhaps next week (hopefully not) to get situated with my schedule and to hopefully not be exhausted when I get home and then I can concentrate on working my real estate in.

I did start re-reading this Dave Lindahl book: Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits(affiliate link.)

I want to concentrate on finding MOTIVATED sellers of apartment buildings. So I have to really figure out how to get at them….btw, I think my father is my first highly motivated multi-family owner. I’m going to speak with him in more detail this week. More on that in another post.

But if any of you folks have ideas on how to find motivated apartment owners, please let me know. I’m going to try to sift through the foreclosure notices and try to get my hands on those that are filing evictions or that get judgments on their behalf but I’m foreseeing some issues already with that…..but I’ll see what I can do. Any other ideas?

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Direct Marketing Campaign Free/Low Cost Marketing Methods Must Have Books

Outsourcing Direct Mail Campaign

Well you read a few days ago that we have our direct mail campaign letters printed out on our quest for an apartment building, right?
Now we’re trying to find someone to address the envelopes, stuff the envelopes and stamp ’em.

After listening to some of Dave Lindahl’s cd’s about apartment investing I decide that I want to do what he does. He has someone in an old folks home do his direct mail campaign. I thought that was an awesome idea.

So I go to 2 retirement communities near me. The first one took my information and said “Volunteer Services” would call me back.
The 2nd one, which is literally 1 minute from my house gave me the number of “Resident Services.” I called her and left a message but she’s never gotten back to me yet. I’ll keep following up with both.

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to find someone to do this for us, especially since we’re willing to pay them. We’re gonna pay .10 per envelope (now Dave said he pays .11 per envelope but I just figured .10 makes the math easier lol)

My requirements are quite simple too:

1) Someone with nice handwriting
2) And I’d prefer someone that perhaps doesn’t get many visitors or perhaps none…so that way they’d at least be visited by myself and/or Kathy at least twice a month? Know what I mean??

I’m gonna put an add on craigslist now and still keep following up with the retirement communities.

P.S. I got the book “Million Dollar Habits By Brian Tracy” that Steph over at Flip This Wholesaler is reading for the book of the month. I picked it up at the library yesterday and have been reading it since.

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Must Have Books Real Estate Investing

Highly Recommended Reading for Entrepreneurs

For the past 10 years plus I’ve been reading, studying and devouring awesome books, courses, etc. that had to deal with real estate, money, business and self-help. There are a handful of books that I HIGHLY recommend and I figured I’d include them here. If you have some that you think should be added, please make a comment with your suggestion and why you think it’s such an awesome book.

Also, if you’re read any of the ones that are on my list, by all means make a comment about why you liked (or didn’t like the book.) (Note: The links below are all affiliate links. So, if you think a book or 2 sounds interesting and you want to go ahead and buy it, please use the affiliate link if you feel that I helped you with your decision to purchase the book. It really helps to pay for this blog! Thanks!)

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki– simply one of the best books ever written, imo. It will completely change your way of thinking about money, wealth, investing and well life in general. This is #1 on my list for a reason. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read this book.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker– Wow. That’s what I thought after reading this book. I will warn ya tho…it’s slow to start, but trust me when I tell you to stick with it. If you’ve always wondered why you get stuck in the same ‘ole money ruts then this book is your answer. You will be absolutely amazed at the things you learn about yourself while reading this book. But remember, give it a chance, it’s slow in the beginning but you will eventually have one of those “aha” moments like I had and be hooked. I finished this book in 1 day both times that I read it. And I’ve also listened to it on cd’s twice! That’s how good this book is. You’ll take something different from it everytime you read it (or listen to it.) I promise.
  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris– have you ever thought that you worked TOO much? Yeah me too. This book is the perfect read that will give you tips on saving time and getting what you need to get done quicker. Remember I mentioned this book in my post about a marketing schedule? You’ll learn how to do what’s important in life and eliminate the fluff from your life making for a more productive day and business. A+ read.
  • Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas by David Lindahl– this is an excellent book regardless of which area of real estate investing you are in to. Seriously, if you’re a residential or commercial investor or if you’re into land development or just any area of real estate investing in general you should definitely read this book. You’ll learn how and why certain areas will skyrocket with appreciate even while the national market or your local market in fact may be stagnant or declining. Awesome book filled with incredible information and it walks you through where and how to get this information.
  • Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits by David Lindahl– another excellent book by Dave. His books are really loaded with useful information, grant it, throughout and in the end he may try to sell you on his courses or coaching, but overall his material is always A+ in my opinion. This book has to do with repositioning apartment complexes. It’s a way to make a boatload of money if you’re willing to take on the challenge of a repositioning. He recommends that not more than 30% of your portfolio be in repositions. Check it out and let me know what you think of it! I think you’ll agree with my assessment!
  • People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!: The 10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them by Larry Winget- This guy is just abrasive, hard core, in your face and to the point. It’s time to start taking personal responsibility for your life and for your screw ups. If you need warm and fuzzy, Larry ain’t your man, but if you can handle the truth, then this is a MUST READ. It’s very effective for you to do the exercises throughout the book as well. You can check out My Plan for My Life list from this book and My Give Up list. Pick this up the next time you’re feeling like life sucks and nothing is going your way 😉 or if you just need a little pick me up. And yes I’m being serious.
  • You’re Broke Because You Want to Be: How to Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead by Larry Winget– another in your face book that helps you take personal responsibility. Well I don’t wanna say helps you but throws it in your face that you have to. It ain’t nobody else’s fault but yours so start taking control of your life and start getting ahead. Great exercises to do in this book as well. Not for the people who need sweet and nice. You should have somewhat of a thick skin to read any of Larry’s books.
  • The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump– well if you don’t know who Donald Trump is well you probably live in a hole somewhere (and if that’s truly the case then I’m impressed that your hole has internet access!) Anyway, this is a very interesting read. The thing that I think makes it the most interesting is that Donald Trump does what we do day in and day out but on a LARGER scale. Options, rehabs, you name it. It’s in the book.
  • The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman– I use to work as a production coordinator backstage at QVC way back in the day and that’s how I got this book. Suze was a guest and I was in charge of her show and we got to talking and she gave me this book. Boy was I glad she did. Most of us don’t want to invest in real estate so we can invest forever and constantly work on deals, right? Well this book will lead you through the steps you need to take to be financially free one day. It’s worth the read.
  • You’ve Earned It Don’t Lose It by Suze Orman– here’s another great read by Suze. So we work for 10, 20, 30, 40 years, etc. to make money to pay the bills and to live and enjoy life but do we really end up “losing” most of our money? Most folks sadly enough do. Learn how to earn your money and not lose it.
  • Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins– we have so much that we stop ourselves from doing in life. If you don’t know it yet, our mind is a very, very powerful thing……Anthony Robbins book and audio helped me to take action in my life big time. I can’t say enough about this book but I want to tell you that if you have the funds available that I really suggest you get his Personal Power Cd set. I think I had Personal Power II. But it was truly an amazing experience going through all of the steps in the cd set. If funds are limited tho, then you can’t go wrong with this book.
  • The Secret– a simply awesome book about the Laws of Attraction. Must read or see for everyone. I think most of these books should be REQUIRED reading in school but definitely this one should. If you’re not much of a reader than check out the dvd. It’s mind blowing. Hint: DO THE EXERCISES!
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill– here’s a must read classic. What’s the first word of the title? Yep, THINK. Are we seeing a pattern here……your head and mind is soooo powerful. Learn how to use it in your favor. You’ll see what Hill learned when he interviewed many successful people to write this book.
  • The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey– if you got some debts and some money worries than this is the book for you. If you’re like me and you’re not into religious type of stuff, etc. then you’ll just have to ignore those parts of the book. Take what you want and need from the book and you’ll be astounded at how you get your financial plan into shape. Remember tho, ain’t nothing gonna change in your financial life just because you read this book…you MUST take action and implement the concepts you learn. I still use Dave’s concepts to this day in regards to money (I use Dave’s, Suze’s from 9 Steps and T. Harv Eker’s from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind to help with my financial plans.)
  • Heartburn No More by Jeff Martin– ok grant it I know that this isn’t really about real estate or investing but it does have it’s place. Believe me. I, personally, have suffered from acid reflux/gern/heartburn for over 5 years and I’ve been on medicine for it for over 5 years. My G.I. doctor recently told me that he wanted me off of the medication so I had to start taking it every other day. Well that other day was very painful so I decided to look for a holistic approach to getting rid of heartburn and I found this ebook. Desperate with such bad heartburn that it brought tears to my eye I bought the ebook. It was hands down the best 47 bucks I ever spend in my life. I started the program in the beginning of September 2009 and this entire month I’ve been without heartburn. It’s friggin amazing. If you or someone you know has acid reflux, gerd or heartburn might I please recommend you buying this for them for their birthday or as a just because gift.

    Btw, I don’t know if you know this but stress is a big factor in heartburn. If you have any type of heartburn symptoms and if you’re anything like me and you get stressed out by your real estate deals “will I find a wholesale buyer quick enough” “will my rehab be done in time” “will my simultaneous close go smoothly” etc. etc. then this is a MUST HAVE E-BOOK. No questions asked. It will save you from much pain. If you’d like any more details of my experience with the book and it’s entire program then please feel free to contact me here.

  • Well I have many more books that I’ll think about putting on here but this is a good start for now. If you guys and girls can think of anymore, let us hear about ’em!

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