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Found a Motivated Multi-Family Seller & Half Empty Nester

Well I think I found a Motivated Multi-Family Seller….more on that in a moment. So Kathy and I are officially “half empty nesters” lol

Friday we both helped Brandon move out of the house and move into his new home….Immaculata University. Every other week now Kathy and I will be all alone at the house (unless she’s traveling for work of course.) As you know, Joe is at is dad’s one week and our house 1 week… we’ll have him every other week at least.

I gotta tell you guys…I was really excited that Brandon was moving out. Him and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately….I won’t get into why, but his last week here in the house I was really impressed with all of his initiative that he took and I think he found a new maturity and sense of responsibility that last week. (I think a part of him was doing it to say to his mom “I’ll be ok, don’t worry about me.”)

Anyway, I gotta tell you….Kathy is away now and I’m home with the kitty cats and it is Q-U-I-E-T around here. I mean seriously. It’s crazy….I mean Brandon and I may not have gotten along a lot lately but darn at least we were both here to talk to one another lol This is definitely gonna take some getting use to for sure. He stopped by today and I was all excited to see him lmao He didn’t stay long tho but that’s ok….he’s having fun. He starts school tomorrow.

Oh and on a Joe note….I drove Joe and Kathy to the airport Friday nite and I kept saying how I was tired. Joe was psyched to get on a plane (he’s 10, remember?) Anyway, Saturday morning Kathy tells me that Joe was worried about me last night (friday when I dropped them off) and I asked her well how do you know he was worried about me?

Kathy said Joe just started crying and Kathy’s looking at him like wtf? lol And she asked him what was wrong and he said “I’m worried about Carey. I”m worried about her driving home, she said she was tired. And I wanted her to come with us.” So Kathy told him not to worry that I’d be ok and that she told me to text her when I got home. He said “ok, well make sure you let me know when she texts you she’s home.” lol Cute kid, huh?

Ok now on to the Motivated Multi-Family Seller…..when I get to work I’m there an hour before the sales guys get there so I read all of the papers that we have delivered to us. Well I found an ad where a few places were listed for sale. I called and they have single family houses and smaller multi’s for sale….duplexes up to a quad.

And I was talking to the seller and after he tells me his prices….I’m quiet and just waiting for him to talk more. He said “but uhhhh ummmm that’s just the asking price, I would take less. You can make me any offer you want, ok?” 🙂 (Yes, ok. Thanks!)

Anyway, I got an appointment to check out 3 of his buildings tomorrow after work. Hey maybe we’ll have another “What would YOU Do” post.

On the eating and drinking end…..I just made a smoothie with Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach, Banana, Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries and Almond Milk in it….and let me tell you it looked like shit, but it tasted absolutely AMAZING. Yummmmmmmy.

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Glad to be alive, 30 Day Challenge, Past Sub2 Client…

Well I want to start off by saying that I am super glad to be alive! Yesterday, I witnessed an accident on my way home from work and the car that got hit was headed right for me! I was stopped at a red light at an intersection and I was in the left turning lane to go onto the main road.

Apparently, there was a yellow light on that main road and a car making a left turn onto my road decided to go through the yellow right and a car going the opposite way decided to go through the yellow light as well and smashed right into the turning car!

The car literally was spinning right towards my car and I couldn’t go anywhere, because there was a pickup truck next to me on the right and to my left and front was this car spinning at me. I literally braced myself to be hit by a friggin car! Just as it went to hit me the car kinda turned and crashed into the sidewalk! Whew! I was a mess for real! I called 911 for them but from bracing myself my back hurt for the rest of the night.

Soooo just want to say that I’m glad to be alive and I’m glad that all of you are able to read my words right now and that I’m able to read yours! 🙂

Now you remember Steph’s 30 Day Challenge from Flip This Wholesaler? Well I wanted to start working out again and get into the shape I was use to prior to getting my wisdom teeth out in January. I committed to working out at least 3 to 5 times a week.

Last week I worked out 4 times and I lost 4 lbs so far 🙂 Plus, me and Kathy and a few poker buddies put together a “weight loss” challenge because I kept posting about working out and they decided they wanted in. Of course, us being poker players and all, we put 50 bucks on the line lol At least 5 out of 8 of us are poker players! Ours is a 2 month challenge though….whoever loses the highest percentage of their original weight wins 50 bucks from each player.

Speaking of poker, we had our Homegame yearly championship on Saturday and I finished in 4th place and made some moolah (3x my buy-in.) And Kathy finished in 6th place and cashed (btw, when I met her she sucked at poker, but I taught her how to play better!)

Now today a past client that I did a sub2 deal called me. I don’t know if ya’ll remember telling you about a guy long ago that called me and I had a weird feeling about so I asked my dad to go with me and when we got there the house was immaculate and there were candles lit all over? And it turns out the guy was a gay guy and just really liked candles, etc. lol

Anyway, he called me today and asked if I still buy houses or take over payments like I did with his other house before? So I called him and told him I sure do and he asked if I would do that with his current house because his boyfriend just left him yesterday and left him with all of the bills (house, 2 cars, boat, etc. etc.) Oh and get this….the boyfriend left his mother there too! How’s that for some shit? lol

So I’m gonna see if I can help him out…gotta run some comps on his house. When I check things out I’ll have a better idea of if I’m going to wholesale it with an option contract or take it over sub2. And I gotta run comps on someone else’s house too…they want out as they are moving to Texas tomorrow!

Oh and lastly, we will be installing our 2 new atm’s on Friday into the cash only ice cream shops! I’ll keep you updated on how things go there, of course.

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Private Money Received, Billionaire, Tomato Watermelon Basil Salad & Ha-Ha’s

This week we received our check in the mail from our first ever private money lender for our 2 new atm’s we are going to be placing.

Our fantabulous private money lender has sent us enough money from their Self-Directed IRA to pay for 2 ATM’s, 2 Wireless modem’s and cash to put into both machines. Sweet huh? So now you can treat your ATM biz just like you treat your real estate biz and use OPM (other people’s money) to get things moving!

I mean think about that huge win/win situation there. You get the money you need for your ATM’s or real estate deals and your private money lender gets to use their self-directed ira or cash to make a decent return on their moolah. Awesomeness!

So anyway, the money was deposited into our biz account and now we’re waiting for it to clear so we can pay for the machines (which have already been ordered) and the modems.

Now I’ve been promising Steph a picture of this fantastic Tomato Watermelon Basil salad so here it is Steph….

tomato watermelon basil salad

emeril's tomato watermelon basil salad

Now here’s the deal folks, if you want to make this salad you have to make me a promise. Ok? The promise is that when you eat it that when you put your fork into it that you take a bit of everything on the plate on your fork! So make sure you have some tomato, watermelon, basil, romaine and goat cheese on your fork and then eat it. In the words of Usher “OH MY GOD” lmao (I’m a dork) it really is amazing. It’s like a party in your mouth!

Here’s the recipe for it from Emeril Green: Tomato, Watermelon, Basil Salad.

Now a quick funny story…at least I think it’s funny lol it may have been one of those you have to be there things. Anyway, do you know that song “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars? Well I heart that song! And I’m always singing it and I ask Kathy one day if she likes that song and she has no idea what I’m talking about and kind of looks at me like I’m on crack. So we’re driving in the car and it comes on and I crank it up and I’m just singing away. Again, she’s looking at me, shaking her head like…you big dork.

Btw, I’m an R&B and hip hop kind of gal and Kathy….well not really, but she’s come a long way since meeting me….she even bought a 112 cd once (they are my favorite band for those who may be on jeopardy one day and Alex asks what my favorite band is!)

Anyway, that night we come home and we’re playing some poker online (for like a buck, nothing major lol we don’t play FOR REAL online) and I decide to youtube the “Billionaire” song and I keep playing it and singing it and Kathy’s just giving me dirty looks now because she’s tired of hearing the song and she wasn’t really into the song at all.

Now it’s time for bed and I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and Kathy comes walking in and she’s just humming away….and yep you guessed it she’s just getting into it humming the “Billionaire” song lmao it was hilarious. I look at her and say “Are you humming the Billionaire song?” And her eyes get all big and she’s like “NO.” I said “you’re totally humming the Billionaire song, I told you it was a good song.” Now her face is bright red and she’s like whatever and just walks away. It was the funniest thing.

Oh and on another music note….Andrew was in the back seat of my car one day last week and we’re driving and I ask him if he wants to listen to some good music (he’s 3 1/2.) And he says yes. I figure it’s my duty as his Auntie Carey Buck to expose him to real good music since both of his moms and well all of his family, well let’s just say doesn’t listen to the best music really (in my opinion of course lol)

So I play some Bobby Valentino for him and he wasn’t digging it at all. Then we went to R. Kelly again not digging it (but I really couldn’t play much of that song lol) Then we got to 50 cent and again, I couldn’t really play the song, and then I came to a Lil Kim song and really couldn’t play much of that and really every song I played I couldn’t play much and he wasn’t digging them anyway.

Then I played “The Reason” by Hoobastank and he really liked that one. He made me play it like 5 times in a row. And I was singing it for him so he could learn the words and he was watching my mouth intently then he says “Can you play that from the beginning again?” And I say “absolutely.” And he follows it up with “but don’t sing this time.” Lmao I started laughing out loud I asked “you don’t like my singing?” He said “no.” Gotta love kids and their honesty eh?

For those of you that don’t know the “Billionaire” song….here is the video. WARNING: This video from YouTube has bad language it is not the radio version.

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Blade and I are baaaaack…..

Woohooo!!!! Blade and I are back on track folks and we’re ready to get things going in the right direction again!

Blade ended up spending 6 nights and 7 days in the ER Vet. He was getting IV fluids and IV nutrients, along with antibiotics, pain meds, pepcid, etc. etc. He’s been home since Monday afternoon and he’s doing wonderful. (Below is Blade chilling in a baby crib lol pre-ER visit.)

Blade in a crib

He’s drinking water like a champ, he’s eating wayyyyyyyyyyy better now (for the most part he eats the “required amount” a day, even tho he still won’t eat his wet food yet. Grrrrr! But hey, I’ll take what I can get, ya know?) And he’s already “chasing” birds through the deck window lol

At this moment he’s laying next to me purring up a storm. (that’s definite music to my ears.) I try to sleep at least 2 days a week with him (we have 4 cats and he has to be separated from the others cuz Mr. Bladeypants is actually a bully lol) So 2 nights I sleep with him and let the other kittys chill.

So now that Blade is home safe and sound and he’s working towards 100% and I’m not working all day or all night and then traveling back and forth to the ER vet to visit my baby (and yes, I went to see him every day or night after work to spend time with him and to check on him. Sometimes I had to try to see if he’d eat for me cuz he wouldn’t eat for the vet and other times it was well that’s what we parents do….whether you got real kids or furry kids, you know!) And on Saturday and Sunday I’d go twice to see him! Needless to say the week he was in the hospital I was worthless as I was B-E-A-T.

Now it’s back into high gear. I’m getting use to the work schedule again and we’re gonna make it happen….soon. I feel it.

Oh and on an atm note….we just got a cash only ice cream place tell us they want a machine in both of their locations 🙂 (one of the locations is near that slamming cash only restaurant we have in a college town. Actually, the owner of that store referred this ice cream store guy…they are good friends.) So Kathy and I are putting our heads together to try to figure out how in the hell we are gonna pay for not just one but two Atm’s!!!

Uhhh remember I was saying I’m gonna have to wholesale a house to pay Blade’s vet bill? Well maybe I’ll have to wholesale 2 houses so I can pay Blade’s bill and buy 2 atm’s! lol

Thursday I’m meeting an Atm guy about leasing machines. Also, I want to start putting a “high gear” plan into place with Kathy so we can get our asses into gear because I’m tired of this 2 hour commute a day (the job itself is easy peasy, but I hate the drive) and I’m tired (and so is Kathy) of her constant friggin traveling for work!

Besides that I made 2 promises. 1 to Blade when I was driving him to the vet the Tuesday night I took him to the ER and I told him that I’d get on the ball so I can be home most of the time and therefore I would have been able to know sooner that there was something wrong with him (as I didn’t get home until 10pm that evening) and then of course also, so I could spend all day hanging and playing with him and the other kitty’s.

And then I made a promise to Joe. He was upset one morning because I had to take him to the neighbors house so she could watch him and he wanted to know why he had to go. Unfortunately, I had to tell the kid that I had to go to work to take care of some things right now but that his mom and I are working on building passive income so neither one of us has to work and he can always stay here instead of going to a babysitters. He was thrilled…so he made me promise that we’d work real hard at buying apartment buildings so he wouldn’t have to go to the neighbors so much. (And Joe is actively looking for a location to put an atm that HE wants to partner with his mom and I on.)

So….if I was serious before, well I’m more serious now…I made a big promise to one of my cats (well all of them in a sense) and to a 10 yr. old. That’s serious stuff folks…can’t let them down!

This week I’m gonna start analyzing some deals that have been in my inbox for a few weeks now. And making some more calls to brokers and management companies. Plus, I’m going to try to get in touch with a friend from high schools father, who has $$$$ and try to set up an appointment with him next month. Things are looking up and I’m feeling good about my situation.

I love that saying that Dave Lindahl says that I’m sure he got from someone else but it goes like this:

“If you do for 3 to 5 years what most people won’t do; then you can do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do.”

I think I’m gonna print that out and hang it on my bathroom mirror (I’m sure Kathy will be thrilled to read that every morning hehehehe)

Btw, thanks again for all of the support with Blade. I, well we, really appreciated it. When one of my kids is sick the world pretty much stops for me. I’m a big worry wart and I’m not right until they are home and doing well. Blade is doing wonderfully. He’s on 3 meds right now; an antibiotic, pepcid and another antibiotic but 2 of his meds are almost done……and trust me, we BOTH can’t wait for that day. Medicine time is the worst part of the day for both Blade and I lol If you have pets, especially cats, and have had to give them a couple of medicines well then I’m sure you can relate lol

Lastly, I got the book “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield (affiliate link) as recommended by Shae from Good faith investing in her article “Living Life on My Terms.” I’m super excited to get cracking on that book…so thanks Shae for the good recommendation.

Well folks I’m off to bed as I want to get up bright and early so I can work out, fill an atm and get some reading in and make a couple of calls.

Btw, I’ll be blogging again sooner rather than later………peace out g money’s!

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Week started off good but……….

The week started off good…….and I’m starting back from last friday cuz I had off, remember? Kathy and I looked at several multi-units on Friday and Sunday. We found one that we’re going to dig a lil further into and check out the numbers and potentially make an offer on (it’s a 5 unit, I think.) Also, my father send me info on his 3 unit and he sent me info on another multi that he found. So we’ll be going over those too.

Plus, as we were driving, Joe, Kathy’s 10 yr. old, informed us that he’d like to partner with us on our next atm. At least one of her damn kids listens to our advice! Brandon, the 18 yr. old, well he’s just going down hill financially and will continue to do so I predict for the rest of his life unfortunately (the kid spent $500 to $800 last month on FAST FOOD AND JUNK!)

Anyway, the week started off good but then it went down hill quickly. Tuesday when I got home from work there was throw-up all over my house, upstairs in the hall, in Joe’s bedroom, in the guest bedroom, on the stairs, then downstairs in the living room, etc. Blade, one of my cats, got sick. Now, cats throwing up isn’t too unusual but that excessive amount of throw up I knew something had to be up.

I found him hiding behind my desk and I’m fairly certain he was there all day as Brandon told me he couldn’t find him all day. He would not move. When I first came up to him he slowly turned himself around to face me but that was it. He literally could not move. I ended up taking him to an emergency vet at about midnight. (Here is a pic of my baby boy in a box when he’s his normal feeling good self.)

blade in a box

The vet informed me that he had a fever of 103.5 (cats normal temp is around 102.5) and that he was dehydrated and that he seemed to be uncomfortable near his abdomen. They xrayed him and saw something was up with his abdomen but wasn’t sure what. They started to give him iv fluids, pain meds and antibiotics.

The next morning they call me and tell me his fever is now at 105 and ask if I would ok an abdomen ultrasound. I said yes.

They call me back later and tell me that he’s got pancreatitis (basically his pancreas is inflammed and it’s uncomfortable and that’s why he’s not eating or doesn’t want to eat.) The sucky thing is that they say they really can’t pinpoint why he or other cats get it. Could be a number of things like eating something bad, etc. but they can’t say for certain.

Anyway, I’ve visited him every day since he’s been in the hospital and he’s moving around more but he’s still not eating. His fever went back down to 103.5 and yesterday afternoon it went down to 102.8. The vet asked if I could try to feed him when I came in. I did, but it didn’t work, he wanted no parts of it.

This morning the vet called me and said his temperature is finally normal but he still won’t eat. She said we can’t have him going on much longer with out getting the nutrition he needs. It will effect his liver and worse things will happen to him. She suggested either giving him food through an iv or giving him an appetite stimulant and hoping that makes him eat. Of course, the stimulant would have been cheaper but I didn’t want to take anymore chances with him and I told her to just give him the iv.

Btw, in case you were wondering Blade is only 7 (well he’ll be 7 next month.)

I don’t know how many of you have ever had your pets at an Emergency Vet/Specialist but all I can say is that I literally need to go wholesale a house to cover his vet bill. Right now my credit card is paying his bill, but I’m seriously putting bandit signs out today and going to try to get a wholesale deal on the side so I can put it towards that.

Unfortunately, the vet said there is no magic pill that they can give a cat to get rid of pancreatitis…she said it’s really frustrating because you basically just have to wait it out for the inflammation to go down. Soooo that’s where we are at now.

I’m hoping since his temperature is normal now and he’ll be getting the nutrition that he needs today from his iv food that he’ll start to bounce back around and want to start eating on his own tomorrow. Then he’ll be able to come home!

For those of you that don’t know me….my cats are my kids! What YOU would do for your kids, I would do for my cats. It’s just that simple. You wouldn’t give a second thought about helping your kids (and yes, you’d even go wholesale an extra house to help them) well it’s the same with me….I wouldn’t give a second thought about helping my cats.

I mean especially when they are still young, healthy kittys……….I, honestly, think Blade got into something in the house that he shouldn’t have and that’s what started the internal irritation. Because let me tell you Blade is an eater! He will eat anything that is not nailed down. As a matter of fact we had to get babylocks for our cabinets because he’s always trying to eat shit.

Grant it, if he wanted to eat the couch he could lol but you get my drift. So to see him not wanting to eat at all; well you know something is definitely wrong with him big time. I told him last night when I saw him that I’d even take the babylocks off the cabinet if he’d just eat some food!

Needless to say my mind hasn’t been on anything but Blade since Tuesday. I’m upset, stressed and everything else you can imagine.

But we’re still doing lil to do things for our apartment business this week… trying to call potential private money folks that we know to set up appointments and things like that.

I will admit I’m not focused mentally on this right now, but I will be once my boy is back home. I’m hopefully it will be tomorrow. Actually, I’ll even feel better once he starts eating again. I’ll be visiting him this afternoon or evening too, of course.

If any of you have had pancreatitis in a cat, please let me know if there was anything special that you or your vet did for your cat that seemed to work. Thanks!

P.S. We’re going to the bank to see if they will give our ATM business a line of credit because we have a bunch of new possibilities for machines (1 and maybe more are courtesy of another guy I play poker with. Ya’ll should look into playing poker lol I meet folks for real estate and my atm business by doing it!)

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Honorable Mention on list of Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

Well I was on facebook reading Steph from’s status and saw that she was excited about making the top 20 of REI blogs. Soooo being the supportive follower of her blog I went and checked out the list…….and guess what?

THIS BLOG WAS ON THERE!!! Yep, got an Honorable Mention on list of Top 20 Real Estate Investing blogs and I gotta tell you that a) I wasn’t expecting that at all and b) I was super excited to see I was there.

Man I seriously was excited to see that. I mean sometimes you know when you’re blogging out here in the blogospher you do wonder if anyone is listening, or shall I say watching and reading. Ya know what I mean? I mean you get the wonderful supportive regulars but it’s really nice when other folks find out about you and actually read what you say and really get something from it too! That makes my day. Seriously.

I just wanted to thank Joshua for including this blog as an Honorable Mention on his list of top 20 real estate investing blogs. You’ve just motivated me to kick it up a few notches so I can make the REAL DEAL list next time 😉 Thanks!

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Well last Monday was my first day working for BMW. I have to say thus far as far as jobs go, it’s been pretty fun and dare I say bearable??

Hmmmm let’s see….what have I been doing all week? Basically driving BMW’s. lol And no I’m not kidding.

My favorite so far was this one:

bmw 328i

That one above is a convertible 328i. It was pretty hot!

And than drum roll please……I learned to drive a manual on this puppy on Friday:

bmw 335i

That one is a 335i. Nothing like learning to drive stick on SOMEBODY ELSE’S BMW, eh? 🙂 (and in case you’re wondering……I did a pretty good job driving after my learning session (the other guy that got hired with me taught me how to drive stick when we were out for one of our joy rides.)

Now as far as real estate goes…that’s what you really wanna know right? Well I have to tell you that since not working a “normal” job in soooooooooo long (over 4 years) that this week was extremely exhausting. Not only did I start this job this week, but Kathy was away for work in Houston, Tx and we (aka I) had Joe for the week. Luckily our next door neighbor friggin rocks so she helped me out a great deal last week.

The bottom line is that the job is bearable right now BUT overall it’s definitely giving me the motivation that I need to do what I need to do. This week is the start of my new schedule…basically work 2 nights and 3 days (and switch every other Friday and Saturday. So if I work Friday, I have off Saturday and vice versa.) I think I’ll need this week and perhaps next week (hopefully not) to get situated with my schedule and to hopefully not be exhausted when I get home and then I can concentrate on working my real estate in.

I did start re-reading this Dave Lindahl book: Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits(affiliate link.)

I want to concentrate on finding MOTIVATED sellers of apartment buildings. So I have to really figure out how to get at them….btw, I think my father is my first highly motivated multi-family owner. I’m going to speak with him in more detail this week. More on that in another post.

But if any of you folks have ideas on how to find motivated apartment owners, please let me know. I’m going to try to sift through the foreclosure notices and try to get my hands on those that are filing evictions or that get judgments on their behalf but I’m foreseeing some issues already with that…..but I’ll see what I can do. Any other ideas?

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First and Last Day on the new J-O-B

Yep, you read the post title correctly: yesterday was my first and last day on the job as a brand spanking new bill collector! lol Mhm, if yesterday wasn’t my first and last day I would have become the person everyone ignores and hates to hear on the phone!

I started yesterday morning at 8am. (Woke up at 6am OMG!!!) It was just training….can you say “yawn?” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anyway, at about 12:30pm I get a call from BMW telling congrats and they’d like me to come on board starting soon and they’ll email me the details.

hehehe This was the internet sales coordinator job, one of the two jobs that I would have been ok with having (still haven’t even interviewed with BOA yet.) So I get the email, read all of the details about pay, bonuses, commissions, etc. and then call the collection job and tell them I’m not coming back.

Starting on Monday, June 21st I’ll be a new employee of:


And I’m ok with it. Monday I’ll find out my official schedule (as the General Manager wants to sit down with me and the other dude he hired too so we can see if we can work out our schedules amongst one another.) After that, I’m off to the races with working around it and buying a multi-unit.

Chris was right, it feels much better to know that the main bills will be paid, makes it much easier to be able to negotiate deals properly as I won’t appear desperate. Btw, don’t think I haven’t been doing nothing this whole time in regards to multis…because I have….a new post is coming up as well. Networking really does pay off folks.

Soooo is anyone in the market for a new beamer or what? lmao Just kiddin…..well not really!

P.S. Ya think I can find some private money walking in the BMW door? I think that’s possible. I mean if you have $124k to spend on a new 7 series I think you probably have some extra cash to be a private investor for yours truly, right?

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Job Opportunities? Ughhhhh

If you’ve read some other blog posts of mine you’ll know that I was coming to the end of my deadline where I needed to get a j-o-b if I didn’t buy a multi-family property soon. Well I’ve pased that deadline, obviously, and I’m not excited about it but I’ve been looking at jobs.

Part of me feels like it’s taking a step backwards but in a sense I know it’s not. Here’s why: I’m in debt. The only way I could literally survive is to go into MORE debt. And that, imo, would be taking an even major step backwards.

So I think I’d rather take a small step backwards and get a j-o-b and get the bills paid again and start getting the debt paid off then go toooo far backwards in the damn hole. Know what I mean?

As a wise man told me and I won’t mention any names (Chris) but I’ll paraphrase..he said something to the effect of: you can’t really expect yourself to go wholeheartedly into finding, negotiating and going through everything involved with buying a multi-family property when you are worried about paying your bills. You have to take care of your immediate need first and then you can proceed with the need of building passive income by buying multi-families.

And you know what? Chris is absolutely right. Seriously, mentally my finances will screw any type of negotiating I’m trying to do. I will appear desperate for a deal and I’ll appear desperate to sellers, etc. I wouldn’t be operating in my best mental state. I know this but it did take a very long phone call with someone to really hash through things and figure them out.

Still I can’t help that a part of me feels really shitty, but not as shitty as the part of me that wouldn’t be able to pay my bills next month would feel 🙂 Btw, I’m not blaming anyone at all for this situation…it’s my fault 100% and therefore I take the full responsibility of getting myself out of this suck-ass situation.

Soooo job opportunities. HA! Well let’s just say there are a lot of minimum wage paying jobs out there. And a lot of jobs that want you to work A LOT for a little bit of money. Work nites, work days, work weekends, work holidays. For someone who hasn’t had a “real” job in a long time this is NOT FUN AT ALL.

I’ve been offered 3 jobs so far:

1) Retail job paying 7.25 an hour plus commission (commission structure sucked btw.)
2) Retail job paying 10.50 an hour plus commission (boss seemed to be a real gung-ho a-hole who would be on my a$$ 24/7. Not really the type of job I’m looking for.)
3) Collection job paying 10.50 an hour plus bonuses and commission (oddly enough I’d be ok with this job because it was a set schedule and I’m not looking to become a millionaire off of a gig. Just pay my bills, pay off my debt, and be able to just come in, do my job and leave. Because of course, you and I know what my real goals are….doing what I need to do to buy a multi-family.) Plus, they have 6 different schedules to choose from. I’d probably opt for the one that works 4 ten hour days. For obvious reasons…to have off friday through sunday to put towards investing. (note: I start this job on June 14th if I want.)

Now….my 2 other job opportunities are with:


Yes, the first one is with BMW. I’d be an internet sales coordinator. This one I’m excited about because it involves the internet and helping advance their internet division. Which if you’ve been reading my blog at all you know I dig the internet, blogs, and all that kind of stuff. Plus, the pay is better than 10 bucks an hour…it’s still not great. Maybe like 40k??

Oh and I like the General Manger of the company a lot. He’s a goal oriented type of guy and now while he’d make me write goals towards the job at BMW, I would definitely piggy back off of that and be doing my own goals for multi-family. Which I already do, but I think having him being a “goal” type of guy would help with that plus just have a friggin job would help with that too because I already know it’s going to be such a different life than I’m use to.

Next job opportunity is with…..

boa short sale neogitator

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is for a short sale negotiator with Bank of America. This one I’m intrigued by for obvious reasons; it’s in real estate, I’ve negotiated successful short sales before for real estate clients and I’ve negotiated short sales (not successfully) for my personal investing purposes and I’ve done 3rd party bpo’s and so on and so forth.

This position is through a temp agency. Get this….BOA is looking for 500 short sale reps! Yep, 500. I’m in the 2nd wave, so hopefully will have an interview next week. This is a straight up Monday through Friday 8 to 5 type of job. I like the mon through friday aspect but the hours leave no room for let’s say going to the court house or things like that?? But that’s ok. I can manage in other ways.

Pay: 17.25/hour. And you get a “case load” of files to work. That’s exactly what they said. This is an 18 mo to 24 mo. gig. If BOA likes you and they still need people in the position then it could be permanent.

I like this one for obvious reasons but I don’t like this one because well I think it will be hectic and stressful and just dealing with folks in this type of situation isn’t always fun. I think they want you to try to keep folks in their homes if at all possible.

Sooo that’s it for now. Tomorrow is my 3rd interview with BMW. Geez…you’d think they were hiring me to do a million dollar a year job, eh?

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Open Letter to Senator Harkin (Iowa)

**As some of you may have read on a previous comment from Tim, Senator Harkin is behind an amendment that would cap ATM surcharge fees at 50 cents! He and others, feel that the cost to ATM operators to provide their service is around 36 cents per transaction so with that in mind, we should only charge a 50 cent surcharge. He states that people “shouldn’t have to pay to use their own money.” I called his office today to speak to him or a person in his office named Zach. Neither were available, so I sent them a letter. Here is my letter:

Dear Senator Harkin (and I’m including Zach as well because I know he’s been fielding some calls about this issue:)

I’ve recently been made aware of you’re adding an amendment that would cap atm surcharges at 50 cents.

While at first, one may think that is an admirable thing that you are doing and while I’m sure you think that as well I just want to inform you of exactly what will happen to small businesses like myself if you do that.

I’d also like to share with you how the atm process works, because when I heard you say in your video and read in an article that “people shouldn’t have to pay for their own money” that really struck a chord with me.

First things first, if you’re trying to go after the big banks and regulate them, I understand that and I agree that there are some things that need regulation (i.e. like not giving mortgages to unemployed folks who have bad credit 🙂

But trying to go after the ATM operator is not a great plan. 60% of ATM’s throughout the United States are independently owned and operated. That means people like little ole me in Amish Land in beautiful Southern Chester County, PA. own and operate ATM’s more often than the big banks that you are trying to regulate.

My partner and I just got into the ATM business in July of 2009 and who are we? Well, I’m a 36 year old woman and she is a 40 yr. old divorced mother of 2. We are a far cry from a big corporate banking giant. We are a small business.

This amendment would DESTROY us and probably every other small business out there that is an ATM operator. I know President Obama claims to be all about helping the small business and I’m quite sure you are too Senator Harkin, but this is a great way to destroy thousands and thousands of small businesses in a matter of nano seconds!

We would go so far under it’s not even funny. We have the cost of the ATM’s themselves, the cost of the modem’s, the insurance costs, all of the mileage, gas and time, all of the paper used for contracts, all of the atm stickers bought, all of the signage bought for store locations….NONE of it could be recouped at 50 cents a pop Mr. Harkin. Perhaps, about 100 years down the line we’d finally see a profit….of course, we wouldn’t be around to see that profit.

Mr. Harkin, I don’t know who told you what the cost of a typical ATM transaction is, but I can assure you that they aren’t the 20 to 30 cent price tag you put on it. I know first hand how much my machines cost, how much my modems cost, how much my monthly modem fee is, how much my stickers are, my signage, my insurance and I could go on and on. It’s far from 20 to 30 cents.

But sir, might I also add that the cost of a typical ATM transaction for the ATM operator is irrelevant. We are in business to make a profit, anyone that goes into business is there to make a profit. That’s nothing new. But our consumers, the ATM users, dictate what fees they will and won’t pay…how? By using or not using machines with particular fees.

It’s just like in real estate where a seller can ask for whatever price they want for a house, but the TRUE price of the house and what the house is worth is what a willing buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept.

The whole entire ATM business is based on convenience. Convenience of MY money that is available for someone to use that forgot to go to their bank and withdraw funds or that forgot to use the ATM with no surcharge at their bank or WAWA (we have them here, I don’t know if they are where you are,) etc.

Senator Harkin, if you were to go to one of my ATM machines and take out $200, I can promise you that is NOT your money. It’s MY money that you just took out. And here is probably what happened that day just before you got there to use the ATM:

* I went on the ATM website and saw which machines were low on funds.

* I then went to MY bank and withdrew MY money from it.

* I then drove to all ATM’s that needed funds added to them.

* I then filled those ATM’s with MY money that I just withdrew from MY bank.

* I then drove home.

* All the while, always hoping that no one ever tries to rob me or steal my atm and the money inside on a daily basis. To make me feel better in that regard, I buy insurance for our small ATM business.

Sooo now, you come along Senator Harkin and want to take out $200 from MY ATM. Why? I guess you forgot to tap mac or stop at your bank to get your own money, so now, I just charge you a mere $2 for the convenience of YOU being able to take out MY money, until your money is taken from your bank account and transferred to my bank account. Why, Senator Harkin, was your $200 transferred from YOUR bank account to MY bank account? Because sir, you didn’t take YOUR money out of my ATM, you took MY money out. And for that convenience you are charged a convenience fee.

But please remember, you don’t have to pay my surcharge. You always, always, always have the ability to say NO, I will not pay $2 to take her money out of her machine and use it until my money gets sent back to her. Instead, you can go to several ATM’s that charge no surcharge fee, or you can go to your banks ATM where you won’t get charge a surcharge fee or better yet, you can go to your bank and withdraw your $200 from YOUR account. 🙂 You have options, Senator Harkin.

We all have options. But we all pay for convenience. Do you drink coffee in the morning, sir? It’s pretty cheap, is it not? When you stay home and make it yourself, or your wife makes it? But what if you were running late or you decided you didn’t want to make it tomorrow morning and instead you decided to head to the nearest Starbucks to have the convenience of someone else making it for you. Are you still paying the same price for that coffee since someone else is making it for you, instead of you making it in your own home? Of course, we all know that you are not, you are paying Starbucks for your convenience.

Are you planning on putting a cap on how much Starbucks can charge for a cup of coffee? What about a cap on how much convenience stores like 7-11, Wawa, Minit Marks, Quick Trips, etc. charge for just about EVERYTHING in their store? (Ever buy a gallon of milk from the grocery store? Then see how much it is at the CONVENIENCE store?)

Sir, what you want to do is called Price Fixing and that Senator Harkin, is illegal. If it was legal, I don’t think we’d be the great country that we are today. We’d have no small businesses and honestly, I’d really hate to see what our world would come to if we lived in a world where businesses were not allowed to make a profit. It seems kind of crazy when you think about it, doesn’t it?

I mean, seriously, do you propose to call up Nike and tell them how much then can charge for sneakers? Tell them that they are only entitled to make x amount of profit?

I sincerely ask you to not go forward with this bill, please. My livelihood and the livelihood of thousands of other small businesses depend on this amendment NOT going through.

Again, we, in no shape or form, force anyone to use our ATM’s, everyone always has the right to walk away and say that they will not pay our surcharge. People have options, which is what you would expect in America.

By the way, the surcharge amount is prominently displayed on the ATM itself and it’s also displayed on the screen itself prior to someone taking out money. It says “You will be charged $2.00 (or whatever amount) for this transaction. Do you want to proceed? Yes or No. Again, Senator Harkin, the ATM itself asks folks “DO YOU WANT TO PROCEED? YES OR NO?” We do not force anyone to use the machine, they have the ability to walk away and plan their finances better next time.

Please reconsider this amendment and if you have any questions for me or my business partner, you can call me at 610-999-xxxx or email me at (btw, CBKD, are the initials of the 2 individuals that own the ATM business: CB and KD….we’re not a giant banking conglomerate!)

Thank you for your time.


Carey Buck

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