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OMG I’m so excited!

I am so excited! You probably are thinking that I got an apartment complex deal under my belt lol but not that’s not the case (then I think my post would sound even MORE exciting or something along the lines of “holy crap they accepted my offer! lol)

Anyway, I’m excited because today is the day. Yes, folks, today is the day that I’m getting my hair cut! lol An ex-gf of mine, who happens to be a hairdresser (ya know one of those fancy pants high-priced ones?) told me that the cut I wanted to get was a perfect one for me and that I should think about going blonde too!

Nowwwww while I’m not going full-fledged blonde, I am ok with getting highlights (Kathy suggested it, as did my friend the hairdresser.) Anyway, the hairdresser chick told me that I had to wait 2 months!!!! for my hair to grow out before I could get the cut I want. And trust me, I have no been happy…my hair drives me crazy when it’s been growing and growing and growing…..anyway, she told me I could get it cut and guess what? She’s been blowing me off!!! lol Mhm, she won’t give me a time where she can fit me in. Grant it, she did just open up her own salon, but ummmm I am a paying customer, ya know? I’m not asking for a free hair cut.

Anyway, I told her that if she didn’t give me a date that I’d have to go somewhere else, but I really wanted to go with her. She never gave me a date so this evening I have an appointment with Kathy’s fancy pants, high-priced hair stylist and I’m super excited! Not to pay a high price but to get my darn hair cut.

Btw, have you seen Ellen Degeneres’ new hair cut? On American Idol? Well that’s the cut I’m going to get….with of course, highlights….(btw, Kathy is just tickled pink about stinkin’ highlights that I’m getting. I have no idea what the big deal is??)

Here’s a pic:

ellen degeneres new hair cut

I think it’s an adorable hair cut on Ellen….so we’ll see how it looks on me.

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A lot happening – networking is king – a job, maybe?

I have a lot happening lately, which is good, of course, but unfortunately I haven’t closed on an apartment building deal yet. Patience I know…and I have found out they may take a wee bit longer then your typical single family deal.

I’m being a tad bit impatient though because I really don’t want to have to get a j-o-b! Know what I mean? I will though if I have to…I mean if it’s necessary to help take care of my family while I do the apartment thing on the side then it’s ok. That’s not the worse position to be in (it may seem like it because I’m not your “normal” type of job person…..but it would only be temporary.)

You might say “well why don’t you wholesale while working on apartments?” And I’d say that’s a fine idea, but realistically to be successful at wholesaling you’re busting your ass and networking and marketing and doing all of the things that I honestly, want to spend my time doing with apartment buildings.

Sometimes I have that conversation with my self and it makes sense and other times it doesn’t. But the big key is, just because you have a deal under contract when wholesaling does NOT mean you’re necessarily going to bring money in (deal could fall through for a number of reasons, etc.) And if that happens, well that doesn’t do the whole family bank account much good 🙂

Trust me, I am not dissing wholesaling in any way shape or form. I made some decent money as a wholesaler but I also remember that to make that decent money I worked my ass off. Not that I’m afraid to work my ass off anymore but I want it to be focused on apartment buildings. The goal: to accumulate enough apartment buildings that throw off enough passive income for me to live off of and for Kathy to live off of and quit her full-time gig (Remember my F R E E D O M post? That’s what it’s all about. ) Passive income does not happen from wholesaling.

So my idea was to get a silly j-o-b that I would just go and do my time (like a prison sentence, right? lol) and have normal set hours so therefore I could manage all of my apartment buildings activities around those set hours. And at least I’ll get a lil bit of money coming in regardless (that is probably until my ass gets fired lol because I spend too much time on real estate hehehe)

If anyone sees a flaw in my thinking please let me know. My debt, folks, is really pissing me off and really determining all of the moves I make. I don’t know if you remember, but I “borrowed” enough money to live off of for 3 months in hopes that we’d get an apartment deal by then……..well I’m tired of paying nearly the minimum on my debt and I’m tired of being broke all of the time. I know a j-o-b is not my end goal, but I think I may be considering it a stepping stone to at least allow me to put a crap-load more money towards paying off my debt while I work towards my passive income goals.

Btw, yes the atm’s are kicking it, even the new one….but still, doesn’t throw off quite enough for me to live off of completely yet.

That’s the bad news, but now for the good news. I’ve been a networking fool lately. At toastmasters, whenever I meet folks and definitely at that tradeshow I went to last week. I think I may have found myself a new private money lender at the tradeshow (we’ll see,) I found an awesome contact who referred me to a property manager and the property manager was fantabulous and she referred me to 2 commercial brokers and told me she’d keep me informed of any properties that she hears coming on the market.

A lady at karate last week saw my WE BUY HOUSES lettering on the back of my car and asked for my card. She called me last night. We spoke. They owe more than their house is worth….I told her I could probably make her an offer and do a shortsale but she’d walk away with nada. She understood and said she’d talk to me in the future when they saved enough money to move out. In the meantime, she tells me about a 12 unit apartment complex near us that she’d like to move back into because the rent was dirt cheap. She tells me that the landlord tried to sell the complex before but the deal fell through. The owner since moved into a retirement community. Of course, I talked to her about that complex and she said she’d get the info for the owner (since her mom still rents from her) and give it to me so I can call her, plus she’d pass my info along to the owner as well. Fingers crossed!

Toastmasters meeting tonite again and I’m bringing Kathy with me aka dragging her kicking and screaming with me! Afterwards, we’re going to drive by 2 properties; a 6 unit and a 12 unit that aren’t far from there. If we have some interest in the neighborhood, which I’m sure we will, we’ll make appointments with the brokers and put in LOI’s.

Friday, we have a 3:30pm appointment at Starbucks with a broker I met at the tradeshow. He knows of a 45 unit property that will be coming on the market sometime soon in our area. And I know, I don’t drink coffee…lol but I like Starbucks’ banana nut bread and their strawberry banana smoothies. Yum.

Saturday, I still have to confirm, but may be seeing a 4 unit property. Monday have an appointment to see a 2 unit property. These are all smaller than I’m really interested, but I don’t think it hurts to practice. These gave from my mailings.

Just got another fax back form from my mailings of a lady that has a 10 unit. We’ve been playing phone tag tho. Sent out 255 pieces, 9 came back undeliverable and we got 5 responses so far; 3 by phone and 2 by fax back form. Just over 2% response rate. Not as good as the last piece we did.

Tomorrow we are going to a Chamber of Commerce mixer to see what we can make happen. It’s $10 for non-members. We still don’t know which chamber to join yet. So we’re just going to the free events and any of the cheaper events for non-members.

And today, I’m going to have Kathy call our next potential private money lenders to set up a lunch appointment with them tomorrow or Friday (those were the folks who were excited to do real estate deals with us but went on vacation.)

Soooo things are definitely moving along, but I don’t foresee an apartment deal by next month, so that’s why I mention the j-o-b thang.

Over and out for now.

P.S. If you haven’t check it out yet, do me a favor and check out my shorter private money pitch and tell me what ya think!

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Random Ramblings

I’m pissed off! WordPress Plug-in GRRRR!

I am sooo pissed right now guys you have no idea. So you know how there are different plug-ins you can use for your blogs, etc.? Well I have several on all of my blogs…and most of them work when you want them to and don’t work when you don’t want them to.

Well a while back I downloaded Unique Article Wizard to my Our Gay Lives blog and The BBW Life blog. As it turns out, the articles that were being posted to my site really weren’t the type (i.e. quality) posts or articles that I wanted on my sites. Sooooo I disabled the plug-in. Figured that’s all I’d have to do, right?

Nope. Friggin articles kept posting on my site. WTF?? Ok no problem….I go into my directories and physically delete the program files from there. Boom! Done. Right? HA! Hell no!

To this day I still have damn articles being posted on both of those blogs! I emailed the company that makes that plug in a few months back and told them what was up. They said oh we’ll block everything in relation to those blogs. Sweet. It looked like the articles had stopped for Our Gay Lives but they never stopped for The BBW Life. Fast forward to now….and both of those sites get flooded with fkn articles that I don’t want on them.

The last time I contacted the plug-ins tech support the guy said well if you deleted the software from your directory there is nothing we can do…the articles shouldn’t appear. Well what the hell dip shit?? I certainly ain’t posting these articles and YOU are the only type of software like this that I ever had on my sites. So I dunno about you but 1 + 1 = 2 in my damn book!

I just emailed them again today! Has anyone else had this type of problem? And if so, what did you do to fix it? I’m seriously annoyed at this point….I even went into both of my blogs and changed my passwords and what not. Didn’t help.

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Like-Minded People and Private Money

I think we all know how important it is to have like-minded people in our lives. Grant it, all of you guys and gals that read this blog are like-minded plus all of the blogs that I read, those folks are like-minded as well. So we have many like-minded connections via email and blogs and forums, etc.

But I think it’s also super important to have like-minded in person folks in our lives….wouldn’t you all agree? Sometimes, however, this may be a lot harder than we want it to be. Anyway, I don’t know if ya’ll remember that I told you about the couple that Kathy and I met with and played Cashflow with?

The couples name is Bob and Coleen. Kathy and I met Bob at our monthly local poker tournament that we go to. We call him Poker Bob but his poker name is Mr. Big Nuts 🙂 (my poker name there is Cash N’ and Kathy’s is Kdoc.) Anyway….I actually sold Bob and his wife a Rainbow and I think that was the single best sale I made in Rainbow because I spent a long time there and we found out that we had a whole lot more in common than just poker. We were like-minded.

After that Bob and Coleen invited Kathy and I to dinner and to play Cashflow. And we just talk a lot about investing and goals and things of that nature. It’s very ummmm what’s the word I’m looking for here…..well I’ll just say it’s very nice.

Kathy and I went over again Friday evening for dinner and we chatted about passive income ideas and what vehicles we planned to use to meet our goals in the future. Bob had to leave us about 1/2 hr. after we arrived because he had to head to church because he was having a rehearsal for today. (Today he was being made a sub-deacon. Not that I have any idea about that stuff but I think it’s cool because Bob was super excited about it, so I’m super excited about it for him!) He did finally join us again tho 2 hours later.

We’re kind of like accountability partners for each other too. We’re working on budgets and goals for our next meeting (which Bob and I are more excited about then Coleen and Kathy are lol)

Ohhhh and to top it all off….we spoke to them about us getting into apartment buildings more in detail and that our goal is to get bank financing for 80% for the most part and then private money for the other 20%. They were interested!!! We found our first private money lenders! We, of course, just have to hook up with an SEC attorney because we want to always make sure we do things above board and we also have to find a deal!

This week guys I plan on kicking a$$!!!! I’ve been really sleepy lately and I seem to get winded after I do the simplest thing (Kathy thinks I’m depressed because of a lack of money, especially since I’ve been out of commission for a month.) Whether I am or not, is irrelevant to me, because I’m gonna get my shit on track now…….I have no other option.


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From the worse day of my life to taking a seller’s call….

Long time no chat huh? Well as ya’ll know (and some new comers may not) I was in the hospital. I had to undergo some surgery last Sunday in order to get the huge infection out of my face (from getting my wisdom teeth pulled, remember?)

I gotta tell you first and foremost that last Sunday was literally the worse day of my life. It’s hard to even put into words about that day and how bad it was. Oh and to start off my Sunday morning Dr. Jerk Face wakes me up! Yeah, of all the fkn people I want to see while I’m in the hospital. He tells me that he’s gonna be the one doing my surgery and that he doesn’t know if it will be today but definitely on Monday. My stomach just sinks. I don’t want him touching me!

Shortly after the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor comes into my room and introduces himself and says He will be doing my surgery today in about an hour or so. I thanked him. Oh I even asked him “has anyone died from this?” He says “not on my watch!” And he gave me a high five 🙂 (I was just so happy that Dr. Jerk Face wasn’t going to have anything to do with me. I actually heard the nurse talking outside of my room and I think that the Ear Nose Throat guy had words with Dr. Jerk Face and told him that he wasn’t going to do the surgery and that he, meaning the ENT, was.)

Anyway, my infection was so bad that I couldn’t even open my mouth enough for the anesthesiologist to do what he needed to do. Also, I think because it was so bad was why the ENT was doing it. The ENT had to actually go through my neck to operate and apparently that’s a big deal. I didn’t know just how big of a deal at the time but since the surgery I’ve been informed of that 🙂

He, the anesthesiologist, held up 3 of his fingers together and said I need you to open your mouth this much, but you can only open it this much (he held up 1 finger) so we’re gonna have to do things a lil different here. His only option after we went over all of the otions was going through my nose while I was AWAKE. He said it was the only way he felt comfortable doing it because I would be awake and able to breath on my own until he got things situated where he could breath for me. Going any other route would leave me potentially not breathing at all for more than 5 minutes and he didn’t want to take the chance.

His goal he said was “so that you don’t remember anything I do to you at all because if you do and you need to get this type of thing done again in the future… won’t. I don’t want you to remember this at all, that’s my goal.” Grant it, I wasn’t wide awake, I mean he did his job well enough where I was awake and breathing on my own but I was still in la la land and he did very well as I didn’t remember a thing he did to me. Oh mind you, he also told me that he had another problem with me and that I was sick and coughing and sneezing and sore throat, etc. He said “normally there’s no way we’d do this operation on you today and there’s no way I’d do what I’m going to do, but I was told and instructed that we can’t wait and this needs to get done on you today. So, I’m apologizing ahead of time but your coughing and sneezing and sore throat is only gonna be worse when I’m done, but we don’t have a choice.”

The worse day of my life started when I began to awaken. If you’ve ever been under you know that it’s pretty scary waking up and you’re all discombobulated and out of it and you have no idea what’s going on. Well all of that was going on, but then tack on immense pain. And I mean it’s a pain that is really hard to describe and it was so painful and so horrible that as I type this now I’m getting upset again…….it’s one of those things in you’re life you wish you could forget.

Imagine, you’re out of it and you’re in pain and you said “I have stuff in my mouth, I have to spit!” Right? So the nurse hands you tissues because you can’t spit… you begin to get the “stuff” out of your mouth. You put the tissues in your mouth and pull them out and they are covered, I mean covered, dripping in BLOOD. Blood that just came from your mouth.

Yeah. That just adds on top of everything else when you realize your mouth is full of blood…..then you go to touch your nose and realize your nose is bleeding as well. Blood coming from your mouth and your nose and you’re in this immense pain and there is nothing you can do about it except scream and cry in agony.

What I remember hearing from clearly is someone screaming “GO GET HER FATHER!” My dad, who drove me to the emergency room, was awesome through this whole ordeal but I don’t think he was prepared for what he was about to see and experience when they went to get him after my surgery.

He stood next to me and held my hand and watched as his only child lay there with blood coming out of her mouth, blood coming out of her nose and she just screamed and cried in pain and agony. He held my hand and I watched his eyes well up….and he began to cry. Then, the nurse….began to cry. The only composed one, of course, was the doctor who performed the surgery. He stood over me just telling me that it would be ok and to relax and breath slowly. While the nurse screamed “Pain meds are coming hon, they’re coming you’ll start to feel them soon.”

Oh yeah and to top it all off I was itchy as hell! Do you know how it feels to be in so much pain and then to also be so itchy and you can’t scratch yourself so you have to attempt to talk your dad and a nurse through it? *sigh*

Soon enough the pain meds kicked in……..and I fell asleep. That was Sunday afternoon. The rest of Sunday I was shall we say an emotional basket case? I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life but all I could see (and it almost felt like all I could feel) was waking up again from that afternoon and it was just to much and I couldn’t deal with it. I was a sight on Sunday. Oh yeah and gauze or what have you wrapped around my neck didn’t help much either because honestly, I had no clue what was underneath. Ya know?

Sunday nite was hell too as Kathy (and I sorta, but out of it) got into a fight with the nurses. They wouldn’t let her stay with me even though they knew I had a rough day and they saw how I was being. They said a “spouse” i.e. husband or wife could stay but she couldn’t. For you that don’t know me she IS my spouse. This is why it’s very important for gay and straight folks to please, please stand up for gay rights and gay marriage. You know what the reality is, it’s NOT about religion….it’s about doing the right thing and it’s about everyone’s spouse, whether you agree with it or not, being able to be with them in a time of need.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing in the world that would stop YOU from staying with your husband (or wife) in a time of need and you, honestly, don’t even have to worry about it, because you’d be allowed to. You don’t give it a thought. You know you’ll be able to be there for your spouse, your significant other. WE have to deal with bullshit in order to be there for our spouse, our significant other.

If ever I’ve been adamant about gay rights before, I’ll tell you that after this experience it’s definitely come to my attention that a whole lot more needs to be done. For the record, I want to say that 99% of the staff at Brandywine Hospital was awesome and very accomodating of myself and Kathy. The morning nurse kept saying “is Carey’s significant other here yet?” (Kathy was on a plane from Indiana….remember, snowed in there since Friday.)

I, being in as bad shape as I was, had to instruct my morning nurse the following “Can you please document it in my chart that if something happens to me and I end up in ICU that Kathy is allowed to come in.” The nurse took care of it and was understanding but you, as a married, heterosexual couple don’t have to worry about that….and neither should any gay or lesbian individual who is in the hospital and needs medical care! (Anyway, the problem was only with the Tuesday night staff.)

Finally, my worse day was over and I woke up Monday morning. Guess what? I could open my mouth! 🙂 I felt a million times better. It was amazing. I started my liquid diet breakfast and shortly after the nurse came in and told me I was allowed to eat real food per the doctor. OMFG I haven’t really ate in like 3 weeks! I was thrilled (and boy was I hungry!) I had french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, corn flakes, a banana and lots of apple juice and decaf tea. Ahhhhhh.

The doc took out my drain that was in my neck and told me I’d be going home on Tuesday. Tuesday he came in told me I was looking great and I could go home after he wrote up my meds and that I had to follow up with the Dr. who did my surgery in a couple of days.

Tuesday I went home with antibiotics, steroids and percocets and life began again for me. Grant it, I still wasn’t in perfect shape and all I wanted to do was sleep (the hospital just ain’t the best time to sleep) and I was an emotional wreck Tuesday at home too……but it got better each day.

I’m having issues sleeping tho and I’m getting headaches but I honestly think that’s still my cold thang going on (yeah, it’s still there. One thing at a time ya know lol) But anything is better than being in the hospital that’s for sure.

Yesterday, Friday, I saw the Ear, Nose, Throat doc who did my surgery. His name is Dr. Timothy Downey and I love him 🙂 He told me that I’m healing great. He asked me to open my mouth and I did realll big and he was like “oh boy. Wow!” He gave me a high five. He said you look so much better. He took out my last 2 stitches, told me to keep taking my steroids and antibiotics and to follow up with him one last time on March 1st.

Ohhhh he also was so cute, he called his wife, who is an oral surgeon, while I was in there with him. He’s like “have you followed up with Dr. Manna (Dr. Jerk Face as I like to call him)?” And I said “No and I don’t want to.” He said “I don’t blame ya!” And he said he’s gonna call his wife to ask for her input about the healing time of my sites for my wisdom teeth, etc. He said “she knows all about you already, I told her about you the other day, so she’ll know who I’m talking about.” She was nice…..I asked him if I could go to her but he laughed and said I’d love for you to but she doesn’t practice in this state. (She’s a military doc.)

It’s Saturday now and tomorrow will be 1 week since my surgery. Things are getting back to normal, I still am having issues sleeping but what I usually do is “wake up” and sleep from about 8am to 1pm and then I’m good. Once I finish these steroids I’m gonna get working on this sinus infection. (Yesterday or the day before I actually blew out all of the blood and crap that was in my nose…which made me feel a lil better but still not completely great!)

Today a seller called after seeing my We Buy Houses info on the back of Kathy’s car. She left a message and sounded nice enough so I decided that I’d give her a call just so I can ease myself back into business. I mean I’ve been out of commission for over a month! So to say that money is an issue would be an understatement….so I gotta get moving (but, of course I’m making sure I’m healthy first before I go all out!)

Her Dad just went into an old persons community down the street from me and they want to sell his house. Grant it, I’m not really concentrating on wholesaling and such anymore, but I wanted to get my feet wet in talking “real estate” again. I’ve got a lot ahead of me to do…..but I’m confident that I’ll be better than ever and that Kathy and I will have our first apartment building in no time (ummm I’m aware that our March 1st deadline isn’t going to happen now, but hey….shit happens!)

Ohhhh one more thing that I wanted to mention. Do you remember me talking about Jerk Face and how he kept acting like everything was my fault “you need better hygiene” blah blah blah. And I just kept thinking “what the hell else can I do? I’m doing everything you say!” Remember?

Welllllll lo and behold an angel was my nurse on Monday night. Nurse Mimi came into my room and introduced herself. She says “yeah, I don’t work this unit I work solely in the heart unit but they were all filled up and they asked me in for overtime so they sent me over her to this floor and I got you.”

She says “So you had an abcess, huh?” I tell her “yeah, I had my wisdom teeth out like 3 weeks ago and here I am.” She smiled.

She went on to say “you know, my son, who is only a couple years younger than you had all 4 of his wisdom teeth out and all 4 were abcessed and he had to have them all drained.” I was like HOLY CRAP!

She said “yeah. I know. If you don’t mind me asking, who was your oral surgeon?” I said “Dr. Manna but I call him Dr. Jerk Face.”

And you should have seen her face. She said “Dr. Manna was my sons oral surgeon too.” (and she laughed at my name for him too.) She went on to tell me that she has 6 kids. 5 of her kids had their wisdom teeth out. 4 kids went to different oral surgeons and had no problems but the 1 son who went to Dr. Jerk Face ended up with 4 abcesses. Hmmmmmmm. Right?

She said you know my son is one of those types of guys that is VERY meticulous. You won’t even find a spec of dirt under his fingernails. She went on to say so I know that whatever directions that were given to him he followed to a T and I’m sure even went the extra mile.

After I heard her description of her son and heard her over all story about her son, it just made me feel soooo much better inside that I was doing what I needed to do for my teeth. Not that anything matters in regards with Jerk Face anymore but it just felt like he was overly trying to blame me for shit. And ya know after a while you start to think “well maybe he’s right?” Even though you know deep inside you’ve been doing what you needed to do… hearing Nurse Mimi’s story about her son just helped put my mind at ease.

Almost forgot, still have hardness on the left side off my face. They say that’s called scar tissue and should be better in time. Also, right below my chin and the left side of my neck is numb. Apparently, that happened from stretching out my nerves during surgery. The doc said that all of that should be normal to in time. Just between you and me though…even if it’s not, I still feel a gabillion times better now and I’m ok with the out come. 🙂

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Goin’ to the E.R. NOW!

I sure hope Scott isn’t reading this. I am waiting for my father to pick me up and then I’ll be heading to Brandywine Hospital E.R.
I just didn’t think something was right and felt my infection was getting worse not better since I’ve been taking the double dose of antibiotics.

Anyway, I asked Kathy what I should do and she suggested I call our Dentist: Dr. Matthias. He’s a super nice guy so I figured I’d call and see what I can expect when I go in Monday to see jerkface aka my oral surgeon. Although I like Dr. M he is a rambler and he well he let’s you know even the absolute worse and that people have died from infections from getting their wisdom teeth out. :-0

I tell him the whole story from beginning to now. Basically what he said was the antibiotics that I’m getting are just about the strongest out there and since I’m taking a double dose now and still not seeing a difference that he thinks they aren’t working for some reason. One reason he said is that the infection could have spread out further than where it was originally treated. He also said that our bodies and our immune system normally fight these infections just fine with the antibiotics but since I also have a cold that that isn’t really happening properly because my body is trying to deal with 2 things at a time.

He said he would suggest that I need the next stronger kind of antibiotics which is through an IV. He said he would rather me go to the E.R. today and start the IV antibiotics then for me to go to the oral surgeon on Monday and see that I need IV antibiotics and then start it then. He said but I’m not the one who’s been treating you so I want you to call Dr. Jerk Face (he used his real name.)

I said Ok but what if he doesn’t call me back like last time? He said Oh well I’m going to call him too and tell him that I spoke to you and that I’m concerned and I’m pretty sure that with both of us calling him that he’ll call you back. Btw, I did give him the dirt on how I don’t like jerkface and he said he’s never heard anything about him but he said that if he hears that from a patient again that he’ll stop referring people to him.

Oh and in case you don’t know we have feet and feet and feet of snow here. Seriously, I was thinking how the fuck am I even gonna get to the hospital?

Fast forward….jerk face calls me and he’s nice as pie today. He asks me all kinds of questions if I think it’s the same or worse and I tell him I think it’s getting worse but I wouldn’t bet my life on it and I tell him how it’s in my neck and right under my ear lobe. He says “Well I could call you in some steroids?” And I say “and my mouth I can’t open as wide…I can only open so far and it’s like my jaw says NOPE I don’t open anymore sorry and it starts to hurt.” To which he replied “yeah you know what, let’s start getting aggressive with this thing I want you to go to Brandywine Hospital.”

He did ask if I’m having problems swallowing or breathing and I said “no, but I have sore throat from coughing so much.” He asked “If I had the flu?” I said “I have something I’m coughing and sneezing constantly and a sore throat.” He says “do you have a fever?”

I tell him that I haven’t officially checked but I go through cold moments and sweating moments. He says “Yeah, I definitely want you to go to the hospital then.” I said “I’ve been brushing and everything you tell me to do” and jerk face says wait to you hear this “I believe you.” I wanted to say no you don’t! I did say it’s harder to brush now tho cuz it hurts.

He told me that I have to get:

– catscan of my neck to rule out an abcest
– IV of the antibiotics I was on 900 mg.
– IV of steroids
– ear, nose, throat specialist consult

I said “ummmm if I go in and tell them I need all of this stuff are they gonna listen to me?” lol valid question no? He says “oh I’ll call it in before you get there and tell them so they will expect you’re arrival.” I said “oh ok.”

He did apologize to me immensely about not being able to go to the hospital because he’s snowed in at home with 2 ft. of snow. Says he won’t be able to get out until most likely tomorrow. I told him I understood (even tho he’s a jerk) because we all got hit with a lot of snow.

He just called me back to let me know that he called the hospital and they know everything to do and that they are expecting me. I said “ok thanks.” And he said….ready?? “Ok sweetie. You get better.” I said “Ok.” He said “Ok sweetie. I’ll talk to you soon.”

He’s Mr. nice guy today huh? At first I thought he was being nice cuz he didn’t want to upset me by me having to go to the E.R. then my mom said “he’s probably being nice because your dentist called him and he’s thinking he better be nice if he wants more referrals.”

I got a shower so I smell good for E.R. Don’t know how long I’m gonna be there but hope it’s not long cuz I’ll miss my kitties. Kathy is snowed in in Indiana cuz Philly airport is closed and won’t be home til tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck all….I feel better that this is hopefully gonna get nipped in the bud but I will admit I am kinda scared. My dentist said we definitely don’t want the infection to spread to your throat or anything like that. He said that’s why jerk face mentioned about the E.R. the other day and not being able to swallow or breath. He said when it spreads to places like that it’s really not good.

Ok getting off of here now.

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Random Ramblings


Another shitty night’s sleep on the home front. I was up all night coughing so I literally had almost no sleep AGAIN.
I’d say I dozed off for maybe 30 minutes to 45 minutes. On the good front, when I woke up I saw my stepmom finishing our laundry and then doing the dishes oh and then feeding the kitty cats. What a doll she is?

My throat is starting to hurt now, I’m sneezing and coughing constantly and when I sneeze it hurts my face big time.

I called my Dr. to give me something for my cough and when whoever called in the prescription they forgot to tell the pharmacy the strength of the medicine so they couldn’t fill it. My doctors off was closed by the time they called him back.

I’ve called them too but haven’t heard back yet. Now I gotta call my doc again to see if I can take Nyquil tonite because we have a massive snow storm going on now and I’m not going back to the pharmacy.

Ohhh about real estate…on our direct mail campaign…..we had an 8th call yesterday. I haven’t called him back cuz I’m not feeling good obviously. But tonite I saw a private number come up on my cell and answered it thinking it was my doctor.

The guy on the other end (8th call) says “Carey? This is Leon blah blah I called you yesterday. Are you ok young lady? You sound sick.”

I said “Oh Leon Hi. I’m sorry I haven’t returned your call yet but I am sick.” He says “What’s wrong? I’m a doctor.”

I said “Well 3 weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth out and now I have an infection.” He says “oh well as it turns out I’m an orthodontist.”

I was like “oh ok. Well I also have a cold to top things off. I can’t stop sneezing and coughing and when I sneeze it really hurts the left side of my face.”

He says “Well I’m sorry young lady. I knew something was wrong with you when you answered the phone you sound terribly sick and you sound very groggy.”

I said “well sir, I’m all of the above.”

As it turns out he wanted me to buy his 1.2 million dollar residence but he wasn’t interested in selling his 25 unit apartment building. He said that building is his retirement and how he’ll live. I told him not too worry and to keep my letter just in case he wants to sell that building in the future.

He said he will and he wished that I would get better soon. Such a nice guy.

Kathy and I are fighting too. I gotta tell you, I don’t say this much but you straight women I think have it pretty easy..for the simple reason you don’t have to deal with WOMEN in your relationship 🙂 You know how we can be? Really…you do. (I’m including myself in this too, mind you.)

But oh my gosh sometimes Kathy is sooo awesome and thoughtful and then other times (like right now where I feel like shit x 1000) she just keeps doing and saying shit to piss me off. And why would I want to fight or be pissed off? I’m miserable enough as is.

I’m sure she’s upset that she’s stranded in Indiana for the entire weekend because of the snow (was suppose to be home tonite) but at least she’s HEALTHY.

P.S. If you want to know about any Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent or Law and Order: SVU over the past what 10 to 15 yrs. or so? Just ask me about it, because I’m sure I’ve seen every episode in the past 3 weeks. 🙂

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Random Ramblings

Go To The Emergency Room

I think my oral surgeon is a big friggin jerk! I call them this morning and tell them that my left side of my face is swollen big time and hard again. So the lady who answers tells me to come in. I do.

And I’m sorry but yes this is another complaining post…..I am really frustrated and upset about all of this. It’s been 3 weeks I just want to be normal again.

So I go to the doctor. The assistant looks in my mouth and looks inside the hole that’s been the problem (bottom left) and I ask her if anything is in it. She says “nope it looks good. The doctor will be in shortly.”

Yeah of course it looks good because I’ve been doing every single thing you people have told me to do to care for it. Anyway…it walks jerkface oops I mean the oral surgeon.

He looks at me and says “I told you you have to be better with your hygiene.” At this point, I’m really tired of this prick.

I said “well I’ve done everything both of you told me to do and exactly how you told me to do it. I brush my teeth and the holes with a lil kids toothbrush so I can get in there good, I rinse with salt water constantly and I irrigate my mouth constantly until nothing comes out of the holes. So I don’t know what else you want me to do, unless you want to come home with me and do the stuff for me!”

He says “No I don’t want to come home with you and I’m not going to do it for you.” I said “well I don’t know what else to tell you.”

At this point he looks in my mouth (I really wanted to knee him in the crotch to be quite honest.) He irrigates my bottom left hole again and says “you need to help me help you too.” I repeat what I said above.

Honestly, I think that’s all the dick knows how to say. I said “I started taking my antibiotics again yesterday.”

He says (and this REALLY pissed me off) “you stopped taking your antibiotics?” I said “Yeah! I left you a message on Saturday telling you that and telling you what my family doctor said because he put me on muscle relaxers for tingling/numbness/weakness in my arm and he said that if you wanted me to remain on an antibiotic to call in a different one for me. I never heard from you.”

His answer?? “That medicine wouldn’t do that to you, so don’t stop taking your antibiotics again!”

Really jerkface? Why didn’t you call me back then. I really can’t stand this man. And it gets better.

He says “You’ve been on 300 mg now I want you to take 600mg. If you feel you can’t swallow or that you can’t breathe then I need you to go directly to the emergency room and tell them you need an ear, nose, throat doctor! I’ll see you again on Monday.”

shock face

Did I just hear him right? I did…because I remember reading that online as a side effect of the antibiotic I’m taking….nothing happened thus far but now I’m taking more of it.

Needless to say I got a lil scared. My stepmom is actually spending the nite with me tonite. She offered and as I said I’m kinda scared so I was like ok 🙂

Kathy says I’ll be fine (and I guess I’m suppose to believe her since she’s actually a registered nurse and now a clinical research specialist for a Pharmaceutical company and has been doing that for years now.) But I’m still scared.

Anyway, off to lay on the couch and watch tv. Ohhh I’m drinking grape pedialyte and I got a bunch of ensure high protein. My mom recommended that cause I told her I feel weak and my hands are shaking. So she wanted me to get some protein in me.

I also bought a lot of organic veggies I’m gonna see if I hopefully will feel up to making juice after drinking some ensure and if not, I’ll walk my stepmom through it. 🙂

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Direct Marketing Campaign Random Ramblings

Wisdom Teeth Extractions SUCK!

sad face

Scott, I just want to warn ya that you may not want to read this post 🙂 Sooo proceed with caution.

I know it seems like I’m whining and complaining constantly but I really can’t take this shit anymore. At this point, I really wish I never had my wisdom teeth taken out because it’s been 3 weeks as of today and I’m far from 100%. Wisdom teeth extractions suck ass big time! I know I know I’m older, I’m a woman, my teeth are more mature, yada yada and therefore the shit lasts longer for me, but I’ve had enough of it.

I mean you know the whole deal with the pain meds and the sleeping then the not sleeping and the muscle relaxers and the infection yada yada but yesterday I was practically coughing up a lung. I sounded like shit. I woke Kathy up at 6am with my coughing and she told me to “go take a sudafed.” Ummm she didn’t realize it was 6am and I didn’t pay much attention. I took it and slept for friggin’ ever again! grrrrrrrrrrr

I’m sick and tired of eating jello and pudding and damn apple sauce.


I’ve been trying other foods, like Kathy made an awesome meatloaf the other night and I ate it all but it’s not that comfortable to eat. Oh and I had pizza last night. But here’s the deal, I can’t really even enjoy my food because it’s still uncomfortable to bite down like normal and I’m paranoid about eating because of that damn oral surgeon and my hygiene and keeping the wisdom teeth site clean. It’s kinda stressful actually.

I’m tried of brushing a million times a day and rinsing with salt water a million more times and doing irrigation shit another million times.

And now….to top it all off…guess what? My left side of my face is swollen again and still hard. I bet it’s another fuckin infection. I really have had it.

Ladies, ya ever had one of those days where you just want to cry. That’s me now 🙁 I wish they could knock you out for your wisdom teeth for like 3 or 4 weeks and then when you wake up your perfect. That would be ideal.

I’m taking zyrtec now because Kathy swears my coughing is allergies and I went back on my antibiotics after I saw my swollen, hard face (remember my family doctor told me to stop and he gave me muscle relaxers,) and I’m taking advil. It feels like I’m taking all of this stuff non-stop.

I’m sure you all are tired of hearing me bitch and complain about this and I’m sorry but it’s driving me crazy. Plus, Kathy left yesterday for work and won’t be back til Friday and we had the boys. And all I could imagine was me waking up a 7am everyday feeling like shit and getting Joe ready for school and making him breakfast and doing homework with him when he got home and taking him to karate and putting him to bed yada yada. Ughhhh I didn’t want to do it.

Luckily for me I have the most wonderful partner in the world and she thought about that ahead of time and ask Joe’s Dad to watch Joe from Wed. thru Fri. 🙂

But I still gotta deal with the cranky, I know everything, annoying 18 yr. old because Brandon no longer goes to his Dad’s. He just stays here 24/7. I’m happy he’s got a girlfriend tho because he spends a lot of time talking to her or with her so that limits my time with him……not good when I’m not feeling well.

Speaking of that, all of you single parents I don’t know how you do it. When you’re sick? When you’ve had a shitty day? When you just don’t feel like dealing with bullshit? Kudos to you for sure. I guess that should go out to all parents, but I said single parents because that’s kinda what it’s like when Kathy travels for work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight in the past 3 weeks cuz I haven’t been eating properly. I’ve loved eating mashed potatoes but I really want to enjoy a normal meal for once without having to worry about ANYTHING associated with my teeth or my mouth.

On the real estate front…I got another call from our mailings. 278 sent out, 20 returned unable to forward and 7 callbacks. I’m happy about that but pissed because I’m sooo not doing nearly enough to find a deal and it’s pissing me off. I know, I know I’m responsible for my life but damn it when you feel like shit it’s hard to play the role.

Ok I’m done. One more thing, I was pretty happy with my post about direct mail lists. I’m trying to write articles or posts while I’m sitting here being miserable. Ok I’m sorry again. 🙂

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Random Ramblings

No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

Ok so this post is not about the Beastie Boys or the song “No sleep til Brooklyn” but it is about No Sleep. Soooo, remember when I got my wisdom teeth out I was taking pain pills for pretty much the whole week and they were driving me nuts because all I would do is sleep all damn day and night.

Anyway, the Thursday after getting my wisdom teeth out, the day I went to the strip club to fill our atm…I stopped taking the pain meds because I knew I had to drive and omg it just felt awesome not to sleep all day.

So Thursday night I come home to go to bed and I have this annoying feeling in my left arm (from the elbow down to finger tips) and in my left and right foot. It was a tingling and numb feeling and just an all around weak feeling. Well this drove me sooo crazy that I couldn’t sleep. I was up all night kinda shaking my hand and feets. Ya know how you do sometimes to try to wake your hands or something up when it falls “asleep” etc?

Anyway…nothing would work. Thursday night I had a MAX of 2 hours of sleep. I was miserable and this tingling, numb, weak feeling was still going on. Just for the record I’ve had this happen before but it only happens once in a blue moon and it doesn’t last long…it only happened in the past when I was in bed to go to sleep. Anyway, all day Friday it went on too. Meanwhile, I’m a crabby bitch because I had no sleep and my left arm is driving me up a wall.

I call my family doctor, Dr. Lisgar….just want to give him a shout out I think he’s the best doctor in the world. He’s been my doctor for a longgg time and just to demonstrate how great of a doctor I think he is I will tell you that I drive 1 hr. and 30 min. to see him whenever I need to go into the office. Crazy right? But great doctors are hard to find.

Anyway, I told him what was going on and he teased me a little bit saying that I screwed his thoughts up by saying I had the feeling in my feet too lol and that if it was just my left arm it could be carpal tunnel. He called me in a muscle relaxer and I picked it up 30 minutes later. I took 1 Friday nite.

One hour after going to bed I fell asleep. Woke up throughout the night but overall I slept. A lot. I think like 10 to 11 hrs.

Saturday the tingling stopped in the day time but started when I got into bed again….I popped 2 muscle relaxers Sat (per doctors orders because I told him that I didn’t really think the meds made me fall asleep.) Anyway, an hour after going to bed I slept a long time again…getting up off and on for bathroom breaks. My tingling, numbness and weakness stopped in the day time at least.

I’m not taking anymore muscle relaxers because a) they make me sleep way too long and therefore I’m sooo not being productive and b) they make me groggy all day long which therefore makes me not be so productive. So no mor pills for me.

I went to my doctors office today and he ordered a full blown blood work thingy (I think he’s checking for everything under the sun) and an Ultra Sound of the Pelvis (I forget why) and an MRI of my head and neck (I think for a pinched nerve maybe? I don’t remember.)

He asked what I wanted to do until he got to the bottom of this? And I said NOTHING as long as it’s not bothering me. He said he thought that was the best bet because he could “try” to give me medicines for what it “could” be but he’d rather wait til he knows exactly what it is.

On a good note he told me that he thinks I’m too old to have anything major like MS or other major things….and he said there’s a slew of other things it could be including lyme disease, restless leg syndrome, etc. etc.

So fingers crossed. I gotta get this taken care of this month because starting next month I’m off of Kathy’s insurance and on my own insurance (it’s $100 cheaper a month) and my insurance sucks compared to hers.

Btw, on the real estate front, I spoke to another apartment seller yesterday and today Kathy and I met a commercial broker.

I will post about both of those things tomorrow, plus coming up I’ll post about where I’m getting my direct mail campaign list….I didn’t forget I’ve just been a cranky biatch. Please forgive me 🙂

Ok off to bed now..finally without any meds! Yessss! In case you don’t know me that well, let me just clarify that I am not the type of person who likes to take pills that make me feel or act differently. I’m not a fan of NOT being in control of myself. Knowing this will allow you to understand why I’m one of those “weird” folks that have never, ever did any drug in my life, not even pot. I just like to be in control of my mind, etc. Although I use to drink occassionally but I don’t even do that anymore (one more thing….I never even smoked in my life, never even tried it.)

Sooo I’m not a fan of drugs period. But I gotta get back on the juicing wagon and supplement wagon because that’s how I feel the best. All of that has been on hold since I got my wisdom teeth out.

P.S. I almost forgot….I was driving in my car on the way home tonite and I was thinking about making this post and what I was going to title it i.e. No Sleep Til Brooklyn and lo and behold I change the radio station and what do you think was playing on the radio? Yep. The Beastie Boys “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” and I just looked at the radio and said “ain’t that some shit.” and laughed lol

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