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Best Marketing Letter

Best Marketing Letter

I was sitting here this morning wondering what to write about today on this blog.

While thinking I decided to check my email and there it was…the best marketing letter
that I’ve ever received! Ok, so it was an email but you get my drift lol

I decided to write about this marketing letter today because I think that a lot of you
could use the information in a ton of different ways for your businesses.

Many of you know that I have 3 cats, Riley, Spencer and Blade, plus Joe has a cat named
Colors. Sooooo, obviously we buy a lot of cat food, cat treats and even these things
called Pill Pockets that allows the cats (Blade mostly) to easily take medicine.


You still with me? So routinely I go to this store in my area called Pet Supplies Plus.

Now they send me marketing letters / emails from time to time. You know like their weekly or monthly
specials. I even get some marketing emails from them with a coupon.

But today….today I received a different marketing letter / email message from them. Here it is:

First the subject: Carey, New Sale Prices on Items You’ve Bought (which made me open it for sure! I mean why wouldn’t I? It said stuff I bought is on sale!)

Body of email: Dear Carey,

Our new sale runs from now until August 21st. We’ve looked at products that you’ve recently purchased and I want to let you know these items are on sale now:

• Fancy Feast Assorted Varieties- 3oz $0.50 SAVE $0.13
• Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Chicken – 1.6oz $6.98 SAVE $1.00
• Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken – 5.5oz $4.50 SAVE $1.48
• Farnam Cz Feliway Diffuser – 1ea $37.98 SAVE $5.00

We have over 1,800 other products on sale this month. Click here to check out some of the other sale items in our store flyer.

Best wishes,


Now when I read the email I thought “holy shit, that IS the stuff I buy.” If I needed
any of those items I’d be going to the store today (or at least before August 21st.) Truth be told; I was at that store last night and bought some Greenies and Greenies Pill Pockets on sale (and some catnip lol)

But I did make a note in my cell phone of the ending sale date on those items and on the fancy feast. I even put the sale date in my phone. You see, I’m a passive income creator but I don’t like spending more than I have to 😉

marketing letter

This is hands down the best way that I’ve ever seen a store use their information that they have on file from their customers using their loyalty cards. (You know how stores give you a loyalty card and you can get discounts with it?) Well all of these stores know what you buy, so I’m surprised that I don’t get more emails like this?

Is this not an amazing marketing letter / email from this company or what? Other companies should take notice….you have loyalty cards? Use the info that you have at your disposal and send a marketing letter / email to your customers more often.

How Can You Use This Marketing Letter In Your Business

I thought that this type of marketing letter / email would be great to use in all kinds of passive income businesses that you may have.

For instance, let’s say you’re a real estate investor. You’re a wholesaler to be exact. Well you have a buyers list (you DO have a buyer’s list don’t you?)

So, every time you get a new property under contract boom send your marketing letter out to your list of people that have bought from you before when this new property meets their criteria.

You could say something like: You’ve purchased a 3 bed/2 bath row from me in X town in the past and I just wanted to let you know that I another one available right now. Here is the info:

BAM! Great little marketing letter that will definitely get you some responses.

Ok, now let’s say you’re an online marketer. You just created a new product. You can go over your database of folks that have bought similar products from you in the past and then send them a marketing letter about your new product.

You could say something like: You’ve purchase my Automatic ATM Profits ebook from me in the past and I just wanted to let you know that I have a new product available now called Cash Machine Profit Formula. Here is how you can get more information on this product:

BAM! Great little marketing letter that will definitely get some responses.

Let me know in the comments how you intend to use this letter and/or what are some of the best marketing letters / emails that you’ve received recently?

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Business Mistakes

Business Mistakes

I just wanted to talk in general about business mistakes. For this post, it really
doesn’t matter if you’re in the real estate business, ATM business, online marketing
business, or any other business under the sun.

This post is in general about all business mistakes.

I don’t know what sparked me to write this today, perhaps it’s people that email
me that are interested in starting their own ATM business or interested in investing
in real estate but they are afraid.

Afraid of making business mistakes.

Here’s the deally-o though….you WILL make business mistakes when you get into
business. I get that you want to start a business and not make any mistakes at all…I really do
get that thought process. But I think you’re just putting a little too much pressure on yourself.

Remember back when you first learned to walk? ride a bike? drive a car? had a child? You made
mistakes with all of those things in the beginning, right? (Heck raising a child is probably a
never-ending learning process lol)

But my point is you didn’t start doing anything perfectly. You made mistakes and learned from them.
Well, hopefully you learned from them.

So, just accept that you will make business mistakes when you first get into business, but make sure
you don’t ever make the same mistake twice. I remember when I started my real estate investing business
back in 1999. I made a mistake on every single deal I did for yearssssssss. But guess what? I never
made the same business mistakes twice. I learned from my mistakes.

When I started my ATM business in 2009, guess what? I made business mistakes with that too (and I had
someone “teaching” me the business. lol Unfortunately, he was one of my biggest mistakes!)

I made tons of business mistakes in my online marketing business too. From hiring a worthless coach to
wanting to do everything on my own (and screwing things up and taking longer then necessary to get things

Business mistakes are normal; they will happen. I’m not telling you to get all excited about them and
say “bring on the business mistakes!” But I’m saying just know that they are a normal part of the bigger
picture with your business, embrace them, learn from them and move on.

Generally, to cut down on business mistakes you make it helps to have some type of course, education,
seminar or coach to guide you through your business. Like my ATM Business Blueprint Success System if
you are interested in the ATM business or my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons Master Lease Option course if
you are interested in creating income with apartment buildings.

Notice I said cut down…..I didn’t say eliminate. That’s because once you learn what to do from the
programs that you enroll in you may start to go off on your own and do your own thing that may not have
been recommended in your course or maybe it’s something more advanced and it’s not in your course, right?

The overall point here is please don’t be afraid of starting your own business because you are afraid
that you’ll make business mistakes. You will make business mistakes, so don’t let that stop you from
pursuing your dreams! Just remember to always learn from those business mistakes and to never, ever
make the same business mistake twice!

Have you made any business mistakes when starting your new business? What were they?

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So, is it a deal or not? What would YOU do?

So is it a deal or not? What would you do? Ok so I know what I am going to do with this property….remember the one that my past seller whom I did a sub2 deal with called me about recently?

I went to see his property last Saturday (I think that’s when it was.) Anyway, I know what I’m going to do with the deal for the most part so I wanted to throw the details out there and see if you all think it’s a deal or not and ask you what would YOU do? Or what options can you think of?

It’s a twin. 2 to 3 bedroom / 1 bath.
Owes about $58,500.
Mortgage payment $556 / mo.

Comps come in around roughly $55,000
Rents in the area are about $525 to $550.

Now the ex-boyfriends mom who lives in the house claims she will pay $700 / mo. plus all utilities except gas if she can stay and let her daughter and son-in-law move-in with her (she has been paying $300 / mo.)

In this scenario, remember that the seller will just flat out sign over the house to you and you also have your real estate license. Soooo, is it a deal or not? And what would YOU do?

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Glad to be alive, 30 Day Challenge, Past Sub2 Client…

Well I want to start off by saying that I am super glad to be alive! Yesterday, I witnessed an accident on my way home from work and the car that got hit was headed right for me! I was stopped at a red light at an intersection and I was in the left turning lane to go onto the main road.

Apparently, there was a yellow light on that main road and a car making a left turn onto my road decided to go through the yellow right and a car going the opposite way decided to go through the yellow light as well and smashed right into the turning car!

The car literally was spinning right towards my car and I couldn’t go anywhere, because there was a pickup truck next to me on the right and to my left and front was this car spinning at me. I literally braced myself to be hit by a friggin car! Just as it went to hit me the car kinda turned and crashed into the sidewalk! Whew! I was a mess for real! I called 911 for them but from bracing myself my back hurt for the rest of the night.

Soooo just want to say that I’m glad to be alive and I’m glad that all of you are able to read my words right now and that I’m able to read yours! 🙂

Now you remember Steph’s 30 Day Challenge from Flip This Wholesaler? Well I wanted to start working out again and get into the shape I was use to prior to getting my wisdom teeth out in January. I committed to working out at least 3 to 5 times a week.

Last week I worked out 4 times and I lost 4 lbs so far 🙂 Plus, me and Kathy and a few poker buddies put together a “weight loss” challenge because I kept posting about working out and they decided they wanted in. Of course, us being poker players and all, we put 50 bucks on the line lol At least 5 out of 8 of us are poker players! Ours is a 2 month challenge though….whoever loses the highest percentage of their original weight wins 50 bucks from each player.

Speaking of poker, we had our Homegame yearly championship on Saturday and I finished in 4th place and made some moolah (3x my buy-in.) And Kathy finished in 6th place and cashed (btw, when I met her she sucked at poker, but I taught her how to play better!)

Now today a past client that I did a sub2 deal called me. I don’t know if ya’ll remember telling you about a guy long ago that called me and I had a weird feeling about so I asked my dad to go with me and when we got there the house was immaculate and there were candles lit all over? And it turns out the guy was a gay guy and just really liked candles, etc. lol

Anyway, he called me today and asked if I still buy houses or take over payments like I did with his other house before? So I called him and told him I sure do and he asked if I would do that with his current house because his boyfriend just left him yesterday and left him with all of the bills (house, 2 cars, boat, etc. etc.) Oh and get this….the boyfriend left his mother there too! How’s that for some shit? lol

So I’m gonna see if I can help him out…gotta run some comps on his house. When I check things out I’ll have a better idea of if I’m going to wholesale it with an option contract or take it over sub2. And I gotta run comps on someone else’s house too…they want out as they are moving to Texas tomorrow!

Oh and lastly, we will be installing our 2 new atm’s on Friday into the cash only ice cream shops! I’ll keep you updated on how things go there, of course.

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Possible wholesale deal? Atm meeting

I MAY have a possible wholesale deal. I am pretty sure I blogged about this house before, but I went to see a house a few months ago and made the guy an offer and never heard from him. Then he called me back recently and I had the “weird” feeling so I took my “rent a husband” Jeff with me lol and then I made him an even lower offer.

Never heard from him again. Btw, he has his house listed now too. Well he called me back again this morning and said he had an offer on his house and it fell through. He said the realtor doesn’t even have a sign on his house anymore lol Go figure.

He asked if I was still interested. We went back and forth for a while. He wants over $100k and I offered $65k to $68k (fixed up probably worth hmmmmm $200k to 250k. Big difference I know but I guess it depends what you are going to do with the place. It’s huge. Or someone could make it a duplex if they wanted to.) Anyway, he kept asking if I could do more….I told him there is no way in the world that I could be where he is. I did say, however, that IF and only IF I agreed to a higher price, slightly higher price that I would just put an option on the property and I’d take 30 days to find a buyer and if I couldn’t find a buyer in 30 days then we’d either a) agree to a price drop or b) he’d be on his own and I was out of the deal.

He seemed to understand but he wanted to think about it. He’s trying to walk away with 30k so he can move but it ain’t gonna happen. Plus, he’s super upset that just 1 or 2 yrs. ago when he bought the house he got it for over $100k. I think I’m a pretty good people person when talking about this kind of crap…..but we’ll see what he decides. Oh did I mention he’s in foreclosure?

Mhm yeah I told him look you’re gonna have to do something and walk away with SOMETHING or the bank will take the house and do you know how much you’ll walk away with then? He said “yeah.” I said “how much?” He said “nothing.” I said “exactly.” 🙂

So hopefully something sank in with him today. I’ll call him on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow on my lunch break I’m meeting with an atm provider. I want to make sure that if we buy machines from them in the future that they give us the service that we like, etc. etc. Plus, I’m going to talk to him about working together on my upcoming ATM ebook.

I’m definitely learning how to incorporate activities into my days while working and it’s tough…..but hey……what’s that quote again guys?

“If you do for 3 to 5 years what most people won’t do; then you can do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do!”

Ok I’m going to check out a bunch of blogs from my buds since I’ve been out of the loop lately and then I’m off to bed. I’m going to try to get up early so I can work out…that working out thang didn’t go over so well this morning.

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Weird Feeling Before Appointment with Seller?

Ever have a weird feeling before an appointment with a seller? I have once before and now today. I took Kathy with me to see a guy’s house about 2 or 3 months ago (she went with me because we had somewhere to go afterwards.) Anyway, the guy seemed ok but still a lil off. I made him an offer and never heard from him even after me following up. So I figured he wasn’t interested.

I checked my email inbox for my business and he has filled out a form again saying this time he needs to sell right away. (He was one month behind on his mortgage when I first met him, so I’m assuming he’s probably 3 to 4 months behind now.)

I check out his place and find that he listed it with an agent. I tell him that if he wants to deal with me that he’s still responsible for the contract he signed with the agent and he has to figure that end of things out. He says ok. I set up an appointment to see his place again today at 11am. (I couldn’t find any of my past information from checking out his house. Organized I know!)

So here’s the weirdness: yesterday I set an alarm in my phone to remind myself about my appointment to meet him today. I checked the alarm last night and it wasn’t there. Hmmmmm? So, again I put in the reminder about meeting him today. I physically SEE it in my phone. Obviously I thought I did something goofy the first time and that’s why it wasn’t there. Before I went to bed I checked to make sure my alarm/reminder was still set. It wasn’t there. Hmmmmm? Odd, right? Now, I’m thinking I’m in the twilight zone of course so I set me alarm in my phone to wake me up at 9am today so I can be ready to see him at 11a.

At about 9:28am Kathy says “don’t you need to get up and get ready for your appointment?” I said “yeah, I set my alarm tho.” She says, “Oh ok, well it’s not even 9:30 yet.” I sit up in the bed and say “I set my alarm for 9am. Why didn’t it go off?” I grab my cell phone and look at the alarms….there are 4 alarms still in my phone and ready to go off at different times for today but wanna take a guess what’s missing? There is no alarm to wake me up at 9am! WTF? What is going on?

I get out of bed and I’m in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and I look at my cell phone and I just think to myself “is my cell phone trying to tell me something? Seriously, this is too weird, maybe I’m not suppose to go to this appointment.” So I text Kathy and tell her that I want to schedule the appointment so she can go with me cuz I have a weird feeling. She calls me and tells me that if I have a weird feeling that she doesn’t mind going with me at another time but she’d still feel more comfortable if we took a man with us! She then says call Jeff I think he’s home today! lol Gotta love Jeff. Jeff is our rent-a-husband next door neighbor who is da bomb-diggity! (He just fixed our freezer and serviced our tractor the other day!)

So I call Jeff and tell him the story and he says no problem. I pick Jeff up and we head over to the house. He said “I didn’t bring my gun, did you?” I said “No, I didn’t. But my last resort if I could never get someone to go with me was to bring it. But I didn’t bring it.” He says “no problem it’ll be ok. I’ll handle anything that may go down. I usually carry a knife too but I don’t have that either.”

Ring-Ring. Jeff’s cell goes off, it’s his wife Becky. He tells her that he’s going with me to look at a house cuz I had a weird feeling. Becky says, “Well are either one of you packing heat?” Jeff tells her no.

We go to the house and the guy was just the same as before except this time there was a woman and a lil child in the house. The woman and apparently the guy just got done mopping up the floors.

Jeff says, “They were probably mopping the floor cuz they just killed someone and now they are cleaning up.” We laugh and I say, “Well at least it wasn’t us they killed!”

I think things all worked out in this scenario but I remember one time before when I had a weird feeling about a guy who I made an appointment with. I made my father go with me. We got there and the house was all nice and neat and clean with candles burning everywhere! After my father and I left he was like “well he had the mood all set, huh?” lol

I ended up getting that guys house subject-to and made a decent chunk of change on it. Turns out he was a gay guy and that’s why his house was always clean, neat and smelling good with candles. He liked candles!

Perhaps this new “weird” feeling appointment will be a deal too…….who knows? We shall see.

Any of you ladies or gentlemen even, ever have a weird feeling about an appointment and then adjust things accordingly? Let’s hear about it.

P.S. Brandon is graduating high school this evening. Woohoo! So I’ll be vacuuming and shampooing carpets all day while Kathy runs around like a mad woman getting ready for his party tomorrow. Now if we could only get him to branch “out of the house” so he can learn to live on his own! lol

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How To's Wholesaling

How to wholesale properties

Check out my ehow article on how to wholesale properties. Let me know what you think of it? Is it ok or does it suck? It’s a simple 11 step process on how to do it.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I said I wasn’t gonna post today but I figured I would real quickly as I sit here drinking my carrot/apple/parsley juice while Kathy finishes making cookies.

I spoke to a local wholesaler today who has 2 deals under contract and we agreed to do some joint venture deals together. And we agreed to a simple 50/50 split of each others deals.

So I’m psyched to help him get his places sold and I have a couple of investors in mind that I think may be seriously interested. Fingers crossed.

Ok everyone…have an awesome day and always remember what you’re thankful for!

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Gobble Gobble Everyone!

happy turkey day

I’ll be back to business on Friday. Yesterday I spent a lot of the day doing crap and then filling our atm’s. The gentlemen’s club is far so it takes some time to fill it (but believe you me, it’s worth the hour and 15 min. drive! lol)

Tonite, I got our chinese restaurant to sign a 5 yr. contract with us 😉 That atm is kicking a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Oh and I spoke to a local wholesaler and he has 2 deals under contract and we’re gonna work a lil joint venture deal together and I’m gonna try to market the heck out of his properties so I can make some cash.

One more thing, I’m gonna try to sell probate leads. I learned about that concept from Scott’s blog Struggling Investor. And I already talked to Brandon (Kathy’s 17 yr. old son) about getting the leads from the courthouse for me. He’s game. hehehe

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I survived Career Day!

Woohoooo! So yesterday I got up at 6:30am! Yeahhh I really got up that early. And boy was I grumpy 🙂 Actually, I was nervous too. I’m ok talking in front of a group of adults but ummm I never really talked in front of a bunch of 8th graders before.

Anyway, it went pretty well. Kathy came with me and was my assistant with the power point presentation. There were 4 classes and in each class was anywhere between 7 to 20 kids.

I talked about wholesaling, rental real estate and passive income (cuz I was talking about rentals, etc.) Then I had a jeopardy type game for them to participate in to win the prize. Btw, they loveeeeeed the nasty pictures of the houses and that got them to pay attention and the thing that really got their attention was the checks that I showed them from some wholesale deals. You should have seen their little eyes bug out! lmao

I also talked to them about how real estate investing helps a lot of people and I spoke to them about mindset. I explained to them that a lot of people will tell them they can’t do it and it will never work, yada yada but if they get the knowledge and take action then they will prove to themselves that it can be done and sooner or later the nay sayers will be asking them if they could teach them.

I also let them know that Knowledge is nothing…..without ACTION! I also emphasized passive income……I said if you don’t listen to anything else I say today, please listen to this…….and I explained it. They all really liked the idea of receiving money and not really doing anything for it.

But out of everyone….there was one kid I felt that really, really got it and was paying attention to every single word I said and he actually wrote down every word I said (I was so happy he won the game and got a book!) What I did was gave the 4 winners a mini version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens. It was a pocket version.

Then I donated the full version to the school library and told ALL of the kids that they could go down there to learn more about passive income, investing and other things that you won’t learn in school.

Oh I also had a handful of kids raise their hands saying they wanted to learn more about real estate investing. I told them all to copy the websites that I had up on a slide. I told them all of the info was free and sent them to, and I hope we get a post from some 8th grader someday soon. 😉

Well……I have to go and dry the house. Yes you read that correctly. Kathy, I and Joe (the 9 yr. old) decided to have a water fight in our house for some reason!!! Seriously….the house is soaked. Our clothes are soaked. Our hair is soaked. The walls are soaked. The carpet is soaked. Our bed is soaked. Our couch is soaked. 🙂 But I can tell ya it was a fun time.

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