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So we’re still receiving calls from our direct mail campaign that went out in January looking for apartment buildings to buy. Remember tho, a lot were smaller units, etc. so I had to fix the campaign?

Well yesterday I got another call! So that’s 12 calls from 255 pieces of direct mail. It’s a little less than a 4.75% response rate. This direct mail batch I’ve added the Fax Back Page to it to see if I can double the response rate. You know how folks like to email/text/fax rather then talk to someone? Well then can do that with this fax back page (I’m going to post it today for you guys to use in your next campaign if you want to.)

Anyway, something realllly odd happened. I was working diligently on our new direct mail list and I finally got it all together. Came out to 261 names. Ok, not that many but it’s ok for a start. So I print out letters and take them over to my neighbor who we pay .10 an envelope (well I gave her a .01 raise cuz I’m making her stuff the Fax Back page too.) Well just returns them to me yesterday and there 133 envelopes. Needless to say I was perplexed. I counted the envelopes like a million times (ok ok I really didn’t count them THAT many times.)

So I text my neighbor and ask her where the rest are? She’s like “what rest? that’s all I got” Confused even more I am now….so I go to my mailing list and see that it’s 261…so I text my neighbor again, “that’s really weird, we have 261 names on our mailing list, I don’t know why you would have only gotten 133.” She insists that’s all she got, she was like trust me, I ain’t gonna throw that extra money away.

Now I guess I’ll go through our list and see what didn’t show up and print them out. Although maybe I won’t……I’ll tell you why when I post about our strategy session that Kathy and I had the other day.

P.S. If you know how to fix my UAW plug-in problem on my other sites, pleaseeeee let me know. It’s driving me nuts. Click here to read the post and see why I’m so po’d.

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I need help!

I know what you’re thinking…”yeah Carey, you need A LOT of help!”

Ok but seriously guys (and gals) I need help with something so silly. I need to know how to get my picture on that lil box that shows up next to my name when I leave comments, ya know like Steph, Scott, Kelli and everyone else in the world except me has 🙂 I thought I knew how to do it, but I don’t.

Please helpppppppppppppppppppp me!

And today on my to do list is: working on (thanks Steph, you inspired me to get back into the work-out swing of things with your miles everyday,) following up on calls to my We Buy Houses signs, following up on 2 potentials for placing our ATM, start doing some searching on the public records to build my list to start a direct mail campaign to apartment owners.

Oh and I’ll still be putting out We Buy Houses signs because I think it would be a good idea to wholesale properties for some cash while trying to build my passive income with apartments.

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