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Possible wholesale deal? Atm meeting

I MAY have a possible wholesale deal. I am pretty sure I blogged about this house before, but I went to see a house a few months ago and made the guy an offer and never heard from him. Then he called me back recently and I had the “weird” feeling so I took my “rent a husband” Jeff with me lol and then I made him an even lower offer.

Never heard from him again. Btw, he has his house listed now too. Well he called me back again this morning and said he had an offer on his house and it fell through. He said the realtor doesn’t even have a sign on his house anymore lol Go figure.

He asked if I was still interested. We went back and forth for a while. He wants over $100k and I offered $65k to $68k (fixed up probably worth hmmmmm $200k to 250k. Big difference I know but I guess it depends what you are going to do with the place. It’s huge. Or someone could make it a duplex if they wanted to.) Anyway, he kept asking if I could do more….I told him there is no way in the world that I could be where he is. I did say, however, that IF and only IF I agreed to a higher price, slightly higher price that I would just put an option on the property and I’d take 30 days to find a buyer and if I couldn’t find a buyer in 30 days then we’d either a) agree to a price drop or b) he’d be on his own and I was out of the deal.

He seemed to understand but he wanted to think about it. He’s trying to walk away with 30k so he can move but it ain’t gonna happen. Plus, he’s super upset that just 1 or 2 yrs. ago when he bought the house he got it for over $100k. I think I’m a pretty good people person when talking about this kind of crap…..but we’ll see what he decides. Oh did I mention he’s in foreclosure?

Mhm yeah I told him look you’re gonna have to do something and walk away with SOMETHING or the bank will take the house and do you know how much you’ll walk away with then? He said “yeah.” I said “how much?” He said “nothing.” I said “exactly.” 🙂

So hopefully something sank in with him today. I’ll call him on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow on my lunch break I’m meeting with an atm provider. I want to make sure that if we buy machines from them in the future that they give us the service that we like, etc. etc. Plus, I’m going to talk to him about working together on my upcoming ATM ebook.

I’m definitely learning how to incorporate activities into my days while working and it’s tough…..but hey……what’s that quote again guys?

“If you do for 3 to 5 years what most people won’t do; then you can do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do!”

Ok I’m going to check out a bunch of blogs from my buds since I’ve been out of the loop lately and then I’m off to bed. I’m going to try to get up early so I can work out…that working out thang didn’t go over so well this morning.

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The strip club meeting

So Kathy gets all dolled up….I should have taken a picture and posted it on here. You should have heard Brandon talking to his girlfriend about his mom. lol It was funny. He just heard us talking about her getting dressed and the next thing I know I hear him telling his girlfriend on the phone “yeah my mom and Carey are going to a strip club and Carey told my mom she had to dress trashy. I don’t even want to know what’s going on and I definitely don’t want to see what my mom is wearing. Why would she even have clothes like that?” lmao She must have asked why we were going to a strip club and he did tell her for the atm’s……

We get to the strip club at about 9:30. The dude we need to talk to isn’t there…and the bouncer, who we know because he use to work at the strip club that we have an atm in, tells us that the owner left a while ago and probably won’t be back until later tonight. Grrrrr! We decided we weren’t leaving the area until we met with the dude because the weather was gonna get bad and we wouldn’t be able to meet with him again for a bit. So we decide to head to the strip club we already have and fill it up with some more money.

We wave to the owner and head over to the machine. We do our thing and get ready to roll and then one of the strippers comes up to me and gives me a big hug and then gives Kathy one. She’s really nice and she usually acts like our “bodyguard” when we’re filling the machines. Anyway, she proceeds to proposition me and then she propositions Kathy as well lol I tell her “oh honey I’m way too expensive!” She says “I’m sure you’re worth it.” Then I tell her Kathy is super expensive too and she says “I’m sure she’s worth every penny too!” Too funny. She eventually gives us a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye and tells us to have a happy holiday. She proceeds to say “I’ll have you one day!” lmao She’s persistent at least, eh?

Now I know you can’t judge one group of people by one person but the reality is I use to date a stripper and ummmm it really wasn’t anything worth writing home about and they all have bad raps to me now.

Moving onward……we go to a diner and get some fries and mozzarella sticks (and I get a piece of carrot cake too) while we wait for the owner to go back to the club. I do hit up the diner too and leave them our information for an atm.

We head back to the club at 10:30pm. The owner still isn’t there. We sit in the car with the heat on because it was freezing out. We watch as car full of guys after car full of guys come into the parking lot and go into the club. We REALLLLLY want to get into this club it is always super packed! I keep calling the club and speaking to the bouncer and I keep calling the owner on his cell….but no luck.

We decide at 12:30am, yes you read that right, 12:30! That we’ll leave our information with the bouncer because it’s starting to snow and it’s suppose to get reallll bad. We hand the paper to him and I watch him take it to the owners office. As we’re pulling out of the parking lot I see someone pull up in a Lexus and park right in the front. I see the guy get out of the car. I was like “that’s him. I am pretty sure that’s him!” So I call the club just to make sure and he answers. I asked him if he had a few minutes to talk about the atm’s still and he said “sure, but you better come in here quick babygirl before the music starts again!”

We chat with him a little bit about our atm’s and he says he’s going to make a decision rather quickly because the contract is up the beginning of the year. We offered him a pretty good deal which included profit sharing. Plus, I’m sure Kathy’s a whole lot better looking than the guy that’s handling his atm’s now 🙂

Will keep ya’ll posted….we really would love to have this place though, that’s for sure.

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