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Week started off good but……….

The week started off good…….and I’m starting back from last friday cuz I had off, remember? Kathy and I looked at several multi-units on Friday and Sunday. We found one that we’re going to dig a lil further into and check out the numbers and potentially make an offer on (it’s a 5 unit, I think.) Also, my father send me info on his 3 unit and he sent me info on another multi that he found. So we’ll be going over those too.

Plus, as we were driving, Joe, Kathy’s 10 yr. old, informed us that he’d like to partner with us on our next atm. At least one of her damn kids listens to our advice! Brandon, the 18 yr. old, well he’s just going down hill financially and will continue to do so I predict for the rest of his life unfortunately (the kid spent $500 to $800 last month on FAST FOOD AND JUNK!)

Anyway, the week started off good but then it went down hill quickly. Tuesday when I got home from work there was throw-up all over my house, upstairs in the hall, in Joe’s bedroom, in the guest bedroom, on the stairs, then downstairs in the living room, etc. Blade, one of my cats, got sick. Now, cats throwing up isn’t too unusual but that excessive amount of throw up I knew something had to be up.

I found him hiding behind my desk and I’m fairly certain he was there all day as Brandon told me he couldn’t find him all day. He would not move. When I first came up to him he slowly turned himself around to face me but that was it. He literally could not move. I ended up taking him to an emergency vet at about midnight. (Here is a pic of my baby boy in a box when he’s his normal feeling good self.)

blade in a box

The vet informed me that he had a fever of 103.5 (cats normal temp is around 102.5) and that he was dehydrated and that he seemed to be uncomfortable near his abdomen. They xrayed him and saw something was up with his abdomen but wasn’t sure what. They started to give him iv fluids, pain meds and antibiotics.

The next morning they call me and tell me his fever is now at 105 and ask if I would ok an abdomen ultrasound. I said yes.

They call me back later and tell me that he’s got pancreatitis (basically his pancreas is inflammed and it’s uncomfortable and that’s why he’s not eating or doesn’t want to eat.) The sucky thing is that they say they really can’t pinpoint why he or other cats get it. Could be a number of things like eating something bad, etc. but they can’t say for certain.

Anyway, I’ve visited him every day since he’s been in the hospital and he’s moving around more but he’s still not eating. His fever went back down to 103.5 and yesterday afternoon it went down to 102.8. The vet asked if I could try to feed him when I came in. I did, but it didn’t work, he wanted no parts of it.

This morning the vet called me and said his temperature is finally normal but he still won’t eat. She said we can’t have him going on much longer with out getting the nutrition he needs. It will effect his liver and worse things will happen to him. She suggested either giving him food through an iv or giving him an appetite stimulant and hoping that makes him eat. Of course, the stimulant would have been cheaper but I didn’t want to take anymore chances with him and I told her to just give him the iv.

Btw, in case you were wondering Blade is only 7 (well he’ll be 7 next month.)

I don’t know how many of you have ever had your pets at an Emergency Vet/Specialist but all I can say is that I literally need to go wholesale a house to cover his vet bill. Right now my credit card is paying his bill, but I’m seriously putting bandit signs out today and going to try to get a wholesale deal on the side so I can put it towards that.

Unfortunately, the vet said there is no magic pill that they can give a cat to get rid of pancreatitis…she said it’s really frustrating because you basically just have to wait it out for the inflammation to go down. Soooo that’s where we are at now.

I’m hoping since his temperature is normal now and he’ll be getting the nutrition that he needs today from his iv food that he’ll start to bounce back around and want to start eating on his own tomorrow. Then he’ll be able to come home!

For those of you that don’t know me….my cats are my kids! What YOU would do for your kids, I would do for my cats. It’s just that simple. You wouldn’t give a second thought about helping your kids (and yes, you’d even go wholesale an extra house to help them) well it’s the same with me….I wouldn’t give a second thought about helping my cats.

I mean especially when they are still young, healthy kittys……….I, honestly, think Blade got into something in the house that he shouldn’t have and that’s what started the internal irritation. Because let me tell you Blade is an eater! He will eat anything that is not nailed down. As a matter of fact we had to get babylocks for our cabinets because he’s always trying to eat shit.

Grant it, if he wanted to eat the couch he could lol but you get my drift. So to see him not wanting to eat at all; well you know something is definitely wrong with him big time. I told him last night when I saw him that I’d even take the babylocks off the cabinet if he’d just eat some food!

Needless to say my mind hasn’t been on anything but Blade since Tuesday. I’m upset, stressed and everything else you can imagine.

But we’re still doing lil to do things for our apartment business this week… trying to call potential private money folks that we know to set up appointments and things like that.

I will admit I’m not focused mentally on this right now, but I will be once my boy is back home. I’m hopefully it will be tomorrow. Actually, I’ll even feel better once he starts eating again. I’ll be visiting him this afternoon or evening too, of course.

If any of you have had pancreatitis in a cat, please let me know if there was anything special that you or your vet did for your cat that seemed to work. Thanks!

P.S. We’re going to the bank to see if they will give our ATM business a line of credit because we have a bunch of new possibilities for machines (1 and maybe more are courtesy of another guy I play poker with. Ya’ll should look into playing poker lol I meet folks for real estate and my atm business by doing it!)

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