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It’s an awesome day!

It’s just beautiful outside and I’m psyched up to get some real estate deals going. No deal yet, but I’ve had some technical difficulties. Since Kathy got laid off she had to send back the printer/scanner/fax that we used for everything so I couldn’t scan in my proof of funds for offers (I got 2 from a high school friend totaling $100k and I got 1 from my uncle totaling $176k.) Soooo kinda hard to make offers without proof of funds.

Anyway, my neighbor hooked me up last nite (and he had technical difficulties too lol but ended up just scanning it for me and putting it on a zip drive for me to take home.) Kathy and I moved one of our worst performing ATM’S (in the month of October the store was probably open for maybe a week?? IF that.) So we moved it to a 24/7 diner and we’re excited about that. We have one other ATM that we need to place somewhere right now.

What else what else? Oh I think Kathy is going to be getting another J-O-B…..since she got laid off she’s had recruiters and other pharmaceutical companies calling her like crazy and even offering her more money. So we talked about it and I told her if she wants to do it and feels more comfortable doing the J-O-B thing with a guaranteed income instead of doing our plan for both being self-employed then I’m all for it, I just ask that she sticks to her budget so she gets out of debt quicker (like we BOTH planned) and therefore can invest in more ATM’s and real estate (we want to buy multi’s together as kind of our retirement and of course as to increase our passive income.) She agreed to stick to the budget.

Oh and believe me when I say how we talked and we agreed or what have you, when we’re talking about a budget and planning money the conversation does not go so smoothly. Kathy is a spender, that’s how she’s lived for a longggg time, that’s how she knows and that’s how I’m sure she’d like to keep doing, but after some tiffs she’s seeing the “light” so to speak but sometimes I have to give her a lil nudge (like yesterday afternoon she wanted to stop somewhere and get something to eat. I reminded her that eating out is not in our budget anymore and we argued for a hot minute, didn’t speak and came home and had lunch and then made an amazing dinner.) I’m sure the only thing about me that she wishes was like her ex-husband has to do with money………all they did was spend, spend, spend…without a care in the world. I’m quite sure tho that she’ll thank me at some point in the future 🙂

I emailed a wholesaler to make sure she was cool with paying each other if we marketed each others deals and sold it, etc. And she was….we just have to still work on the split end of things….she was like “it depends.” I’m more of a “let’s quit the bullshit and say it’s a 50/50 split or whatever.” Know what I mean?

I also emailed another investor/realtor/wholesaler that I know and proposed the 50/50 split for selling each others deals and he said “yes, I’m interested in that arrangement.” He even sent me a form that he uses for his joint venture deals.

I got more bandit signs in finally. Ordered 200- 100 horizontal fluting and 100 vertical fluting with of course 100 H-wire stakes. I’m gonna start putting these bad boys out today. These are the smaller sized ones, so I’ll see how they go. I think they will stay up longer on the poles being this size.

Okey dokey pokeys I’m off to look at houses (for sale,) houses that sold (for cash,) and then back home to make some offers. I’m feeling really good about everything. Oh yeah….I even sold a Rainbow Wednesday nite so will probably make an easy $500 to $700 off of that (remember that’s what I been doing for the past year when I took a hiatus from real estate.)

I’m going to be posting soon a few couple goals/lists that I think are extremely helpful and I’m going to share mine with everyone here in hopes that you do your own at home (you don’t need to post them here, you can keep them private.) But I think they are beneficial.

Flippin’ Carey

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Random Ramblings

Laid Off! Stress! Bam!

I get a text from Kathy this morning telling me that she just got laid off. Now you need to understand that I haven’t technically had a “REAL” job for quite some time now and the last job that I had I got fired at the day before xmas in 2006. From that point on I went into real estate FULL TIME. Oh and I only worked at that particular job for a year and prior to that I was a full time licensed agent…so I was use to not having a consistent paycheck, so going right into real estate full time was cool for me.

Kathy on the other hand, has errr had a 6 figure income and has always had a job, job….always had a consistent pay check. So we just talked on the phone and she doesn’t sound as upset as I thought she would but I was telling her that now it’s a great opportunity for you. Just like when I got fired I saw it as a great opportunity for me and I was actually thankful. It may be a little harder for her to see things that way because all she knows really is her job. She is a senior clinical research person for pharmaceutical companies. She, of course, has a nursing degree and could always go back to being an RN if she wanted to.

But I do really hope that she realizes that she can make it without a job. I mean a f/t 40 hr. structured job. She does the same p/t thing that I’ve been doing the year I left investing……and I know she can make her same income with that if she really put her mind to it. I really hope she goes for her because I want her to see that if SHE works hard and is good with her money and pays the bills with it, etc. and invests portions of it every month on passive income, etc. that she may never need that f/t structured 40 hr. a week job again. I know that she’s not really of that personality type, but she is definitely getting the passive income thang…so she’s making progress.

I just told her that we had to come up with a budget, a plan and some goals to implement. And she just sighed. She hates when I talk about that stuff….it’s just not in her personality. I said but realize that you probably were holding yourself back in life because you refused to do those things in the past. She said “I guess.”

Oh and please don’t think I’m being hard on her…..I am very supportive of anything she chooses to do and I’ve been treading lightly today. I just want us both to be people that don’t rely on JOBS. I can tell you right now that I’ll be working my ass off even harder with real estate now.

You see when I got fired before my mortgage was about $500 a month and I had zero debt 🙂 So it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just me and my 3 cats living at home. Very minimal bills so I didn’t have to do that much real estate to get by (and I know, I know, I shouldn’t have just been trying to “get by” but I’ve learned that lesson as well.) But nowww is a whole different story.

Our mortgage is wayyyy more than $500 a month, it’s not just me and my 3 cats anymore….it’s me, my 3 cats, Kathy, her 2 kids and her kitten. It’s a whole house and family! Soooooo definitely will be working more. I know that I can do it and make it happen, I just hope Kathy can figure out that she can do things too and make it happen.

I’m sure I’ll be getting a whole lot more stressed right now and that sucks because stress triggers heart burn and I’ve been doing so well without heart burn meds and not having heart burn. *sigh* I still don’t want to take meds but I really don’t want to feel stress because I don’t know how many of you have heart burn, acid reflux or gerd, but they gave me all of those diagnoses and let me tell you it doesn’t feel good…any of it. So I’m gonna have to try to keep the stress away.

Ok I gotta get a shower and get on the friggin ball.

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