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Will It Help Your Real Estate Business Be Successful?

I was catching up on all of the real estate blogs that I read; since I wasn’t able to do so while in the hospital and there was actually a comment left on one of the posts that really gave me an aha moment.

The post came courtesy of Scott from Struggling Investor and it was about doing “busy work.” In other words, instead of doing tasks that can really help you succeed in your core business you do a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that. Ya know, busy work? We’ve all done it and I know I’m a master at it as well.

I was reading through the comments on the post and I found a comment from bilgefisher (I think his real name is Jason.) Anyway, here was bilgefisher’s comment to Scott’s “The Wrong Kind of Busy” post:

“Its good to reflect on use of time. On your to do list, highlight everything that directly affects your success in RE. If it doesn’t then either cross it out or do it after all other items are done. Has helped me a bunch lately.”

Now when I read that I was like OMG what an awesome friggin idea. It is sooo simple, yet I think it’s so powerful. All ya have to do is look at your list and if what’s on there does not directly affect your success in your real estate business (or any business that you partake in) then get if off of your to-do list! Brilliant, don’t ya think?

I’m the type who works best with the notebook and pen type of to-do lists and last night when I wrote up my to do list I wrote the date and then directly under the date I wrote: Will this directly help me be successful in my real estate or atm business?

And that’s the question I asked myself prior to putting anything on my to-do list. I think it’s an awesome tip and I want to thank Scott for putting himself out there with his “busy work” post and most importantly I want to thank bilgefisher for his wonderful and insightful comment.

So, imo, in order to make your to-do list more effective, ask yourself if what you’re putting on there will directly affect the success in your business. And if you put something on your list and you can’t honestly see how it will help you be more successful in your business then GET IT OFF OF YOUR LIST!

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