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Ezine is pissing me off!

Ok so I wrote this article for my BBW dating site called “How to Make Plus Size Dating Successful.” I wrote that article a while ago and it was approved and every thing was hunkydory (is that even how you spell that work?)

Anyway, I get checks every quarter from my dating site and I just now and realizing that “duh, I’d like to know where the new members are coming from.” So I decided to add tracking information to my links. Welllll when I did that Ezine rejected my article saying that I can’t use an affiliate link, etc.

I said “wtf?” I wrote them back saying it’s a tracking link and that’s all that’s changed from my previously approved article. The lady wrote me back and said “I know it’s a tracking link, but you’re a tangowire affiliate and it’s an affiliate site, that’s not allowed.”

I wrote her back and said your terms of service said that as long as I own the top level domain that it’s ok if I redirect or forward to an affiliate page. THAT’S WHAT THE HELL I’M DOING!!!! (I didn’t include that bold part though lol)

We’ve gone back and forth a few times…this chick is really pissing me off now. I just decided to edit my link, it’s all the same but it had something in there that I just changed. And submitted it for re-approval. Maybe someone else will see it and approve it???

The thing I don’t get is that I have several articles for my BBW dating site and they allllll are formatted the same way with my website and tracking link at the end and they all are approved. It’s just this one that’s not approved and there is absolutely nothing different about it. So friggin annoying.

Flippin’ Carey

P.S. I know none of this was about real estate but ya know what?? Article marketing is a great free method to advertise and market your real estate business too! I have articles for my real estate business on ezine and all kinds of other article sites. I even recently wrote an article on ehow to promote this blog so I can try to sell Steph’s ebook. 😉

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