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And the days not even done yet!

So I got up at 6:30am this morning! Before you get real impressed with me, I didn’t get up on my own, I actually had to drive Kathy to the airport so that’s why I got up. She’ll be in Phoenix, Arizona until Friday for work.

But on a good note….the “old” Carey would have came home and went back to bed but noooooooo way, not the new and improved Carey! I feel like I got so much done already and the day’s not even half over.

We incorporated our ATM biz late last month, we’re an LLC. So this morning I filed for an EIN. This afternoon when I take Brandon to open his accounts, I’m going to change our atm biz accounts to reflect our new LLC name

I also followed up with some potential sites for atm’s. No yes’s yet, but that’s ok. One guy didn’t say no, he just asked for information (because I was speaking with another guy at the hotel but he no longer works there.) And then I followed up with a hotel that we already have and made sure it was ok to use him as a reference and asked him if he knew of any other hotels that are in need of an atm. He said to forward me the info and he’ll pass it along to his chains network! He’s just happy that we’re not taking the atm out (they had an atm there before and the folks moved it out due to low traffic volume.) I mean we don’t get anything great from the location but we get about $80 to $100 a month. It’s positive income so it’s good ’nuff for us!

The reason we’re looking for another site to place our atm is because we have 1 atm that is still in the warehouse that we bought that’s waiting to be placed. Just a word of advice: don’t buy a machine until you have a confirmed place to put it…and yes, EVEN if the machines are on sale! That’s why we got this machine because they were on sale……ughhh. But it’s all good, we’ll place it soon enough.

I also sent my tenants their water/sewer bill. And dropped off Brandon’s xmas laptop to his uncle so he could load up Microsoft Office 7 on there.

Ohhhh and this has nothing to do with today but I got my first sale EVERRRRR of my Gay and Lesbian Wedding Planning: The Frugal Guide to Saving Thousands on Your Special Day! I’ve had them on my Gay Marriage website foreverrrrr and never got any sales. This was my first one and I’m just thrilled with it. It’s only $27 but I don’t know about you guys, but when you get someone that you don’t know anything about nor do you know where they live, etc. and they buy something from you online and actually GIVE YOU MONEY….well it’s a pretty darn good feeling.

Along with that, I’ve been doing ok with affiliate sales this month and last month. I sell other folks ebooks, courses, etc. Plus, I have a dating website which is called BBW for Dating. And I’ve been getting some money in there as well (I always make a lil bit per month from the dating site.)

Plus, I’ve changed my adsense around and you’ll learn why in upcoming posts (look for the upcoming Joel Comm post.) So I’m hoping that picks up. Here’s the disgraceful news about my adsense so far…I’ve done it for 1yr. and 1 month and I’m just at $74 in commission! Still haven’t even made enough to get a check yet! Ouch! So hopefully the new changes will change that.

Also on that note…I was reading the #1 Google Adsense tip from Smart Passive Income and he says his #1 adsense tip is not to use adsense at all! He recommends just calling up folks that you know advertise with adsense/adwords and ask them to buy ads directly on your site. And I gotta tell you that he’s right! I mean I got that tip before from Gary Vaynerchuk and he actually video taped himself seeing who to call that showed up on google and he called them and asked if they wanted to advertise on his site (his main site is a wine site.) After watching that video of him I did the same thing for my gay marriage site….and within a day or 2 of hardly doing anything..I actually emailed folks I made $360! I got 2 lawyers to advertise on my site. Sooo the money is there to be made if you go out there and DO IT!

Ok enough rambling…I got some stuff to do.

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