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New ATM Business Webinar

New ATM Business Webinar

So, you’re looking to add a passive income stream to your life? And you
were thinking the ATM business may be a good fit, but you had questions?

Well then my new ATM Business Webinar would be perfect for you!

This ATM business webinar is 100% free to register for. There are also
several days to select from for my new ATM business webinar.

The ATM Business Webinar Training

Here’s what you will discover on this ATM Business webinar:

* Discover how you can take control of your life with passive income so you never have to worry about a job loss or a terrible economy again

* How to generate $3,000 to $5,000+ per month in passive income by owning little ATM machines

* Realize how you can create massive, passive income without any tenants, toilets, downlines or SEO optimization

* Learn the ultimate ways for finding killer locations to place ATM machines in so that your monthly income equals or exceeds what you are currently making

* How 1 minute and 10.8 seconds a day, week or month can change your life

* …..and much more!

Just a warning for you though. This ATM Business webinar will last about 60 minutes or so in length, so please make sure that you plan accordingly and set aside time in your schedule to spend with me.

Remember, this ATM Business webinar is a 100% free training session courtesy of yours truly. You will also be able to ask any questions that you’d like after seeing the entire ATM business webinar.

To register for my upcoming ATM Business Webinar just fill out the details below:

Oh and one more thing. If you know anyone in your life that would benefit from watching this ATM Business Webinar then please share this post with them! They just may think you for it (and I’d certainly appreciate it!)

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How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale

If you’re going to want to add apartment buildings to your passive income toolbox then
you’re going to have learn how to find apartment buildings for sale.

In this post I’ll share with you some great ways on how to find apartment buildings for

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #1

Drive for Dollars – Driving for dollars isn’t just for single family
homes you know? If you are near an area where you’d like to invest then you can
just drive to the apartment buildings and chat with the manager or owner if on
site. (Also, write down the address of the building, so you can send some direct
mail later 😉

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #2

Courthouse – Where you find apartment buildings you
find tenants not paying rent. And where you find tenants not paying rent
you find eviction filings. Check out the eviction filings for your area and
reach out to those landlords. You never know when they have reached their
last straw with non-paying tenants.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #3

Commercial Broker – One of the best ways on how to find
apartment buildings for sale is through commercial brokers. Build a good relationship
with one or two and they will send you apartment buildings for sale when they
come on the market (and of course, ones that are already on the market.)

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #4

Loopnet – A lot of commercial brokers will list their apartment
buildings for sale on loopnet. (Hint: this is a great way to find some commercial
brokers to work with.) You can set up your own searches on loopnet so that you
get automatically emailed when apartment buildings meet your criteria.

Loopnet is usually the first thing people will mention when asked how to find
apartment buildings for sale
. Keep in mind that Loopnet is an awesome way to find
apartment buildings for sale and you can either contact the broker directly or do your
research and put the apartment building on your direct mail campaign list.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #5

MLS – Normally, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is mostly
recommended for residential properties, but keep in mind that you will find
apartment buildings for sale here as well. Plus, sometimes you are dealing with
residential agents/brokers so a lot of times they won’t price the properties
properly. Don’t forget about the expired listings here for apartment buildings.

You could also use the public records portion of the MLS for your direct mail

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #6

Direct Mail Campaign – I already mentioned a few ways that
you can add properties to your direct mail campaign list, but after you get this
list of apartments for sale (or perhaps not for sale yet) you will have to mail
to them on a regular basis as you never know when they will be ready to
sell. Be consistent with your mailings. Mail at least every month.

Read this post for ideas on direct marketing to apartment owners.

I hope that you liked this list of how to find apartment buildings for sale.

Here’s a bonus one that I just thought of:

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #7

Craigslist – You can do some searching around
Craigslist under the commercial real estate for sale section of the
real estate for sale section. Also, use the search feature for words
that may give you what you’re looking for: multi-family, seller financing,
etc. Things like that.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale – Method #8

Property Managers –Ok so I’m on a roll lol One more for you
that can help you to find apartment buildings for sale are property management companies.

They are usually a good source of knowing when an owner may consider
selling the property. You will have to build a relationship with them and let
them know that you will still let them manage the property should you purchase

Post below other ideas that you have for how to find apartment buildings for
sale and other methods that you have used to find apartment buildings for sale.

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How To's Passive Income

How To Make Passive Income

How To Make Passive Income

I know there are a lot of people that wonder how to make passive income?

First though, for folks that don’t wonder how to make passive income because
they don’t even know what passive income is; I’d like to give you a definition of
passive income.

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis with little to no effort
required to maintain it.

Ok, so now that we’re all on the same page and we all know what passive income is
now it’s time to talk about how to make passive income.

I’m going to share 3 easy steps that you can use that will demonstrate to you how
to make passive income.

How To Make Passive Income – Tip #1

Get Educated! No, I’m not talking about going back to high school or anything
like that (oh and kudos to you if you’re reading this and you’re currently in
high school!)

I want you to get educated on the different passive income streams that are
out there.

I mean seriously, how can you learn how to make passive income when you have
no idea what qualifies technically as passive income, right?

In all seriousness tho, I bet you already have a passive income stream right now.

Do you have a savings account? Certificate of Deposit? If you do, then congrats
you are well on your way, because you already have your 1st passive income stream.

By the way, I know that when you inquire about how to make passive income that
you’re not referring to making 2 or 5 cents a month on your money in a savings
account! No worries.

But seriously, educate yourself on different passive income streams first. Check
out this post of mine that goes over different passive income streams and that
will help you with the education process and then ultimately with how to make
passive income.

How To Make Passive Income – Tip #2

Pick one! After you have educated yourself on different
passive income streams, you’re going to have to pick one that resonates with
you the most.

There are so many different passive income streams out there that it could
be hard for you to decide really how to make passive income and which one
to pick to get that goal accomplished.

But you’re going to really have to pick one for now (and yes, I said for
now because ultimately you’re going to want multiple streams of passive

So, pick a passive income stream now that you feel you understand the
best, you feel that you could easily comprehend it and you feel that you
could really make a decent passive income stream with it.

(You can make a list of favorite to least favorite if you’d like. Save it because
you will be picking another passive income stream later!)

How To Make Passive Income – Tip #3

Do it! Yes, I just said to do it. Listen, you now know
how to make passive income, right? No excuses there.

You’ve educated yourself on different passive income streams. No excuses

You’ve picked one that resonated with you the most. No excuses there.

So, now the only thing left for you to do is pull the trigger and take the action

Listen, just thinking about how to make passive income isn’t going to make you
passive income.

But taking action to add passive income into your life now that will really get
some passive income into your bank account.

Now, that you know how to make passive income, what passive income streams
are you thinking of starting with? (And no, I’m not talking about a savings account,
but hey, if you don’t currently have one and that’s how you want to ease yourself
into passive income, then go for it!)

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Passive Income Streams are a must

Passive Income Streams are a must

First, I want you to notice that I did say passive income streams…with an s. As in plural. As in not just one passive income stream.

Just wanted to make sure I pointed that out.

Ok so here’s the deal. I’ve spent my entire life growing up and knowing I was different. Knowing that I wanted EVERY DAY to feel like the weekend. That thought led me into the entrepreneurial world of side hustles.

Basically, I kept starting businesses until I found one that worked. In 1999, I realized that real estate investing was going to work.

As I progressed in the real estate world I decided I was more interested in PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS then in active income streams.

You see for me? I wanted to enjoy life NOW. While I was younger, healthier, etc. I didn’t want to have to wait until I was 60, 70, 80 etc. when it was time to retire.

I finally realized that having a j-o-b wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted. Also, working actively in real estate as a flipper, rehabber, wholesaler, etc. wasn’t going to get me there either. Why? Because I always had to be WORKING in order to make money.

I read this quote by T. Harv Eker, author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, and he said “You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.”

WOW! That was me. My world shifted after I read that. I stopped wholesaling, stopped flipping, stopped it all. Was only interested in passive income streams. Got set into only wanting rental properties (I had 1 single family rental at the time) but wanted to expand into apartment buildings.

Also, I discovered the world of owning ATM machines. (Yes I know saying machines after ATM is redundant, but it just sounds better that way lol)

The passive income streams that I started to acquire in my life really made a difference in my personal time freedom and in my bank account.

I was blown away by the passive income that came from owning ATM machines. The cool thing was they were a lot like real estate investing. So, it was comfortable for me to really get into the ATM business and accumulating passive income from them. I sometimes can be heard calling my ATM machines my “mini” rental properties without the tenants and toilet hassles! hehehe

I’d like to list for you now all of my passive income streams that I have at this point in my life. Keep in mind they don’t all make a lot of money. Most of them just have money trickle in…..but the 1st one on the list is where I make real decent passive income. The next 2 are decent…the remaining……money trickles in, but it still comes in.

Here is the list of my passive income streams:

1) Passive Income from the ATM Business. I own ATM machines. This business accounts for about 90 to 95% of my passive income.

2) Passive Income from Rental Real Estate. I currently own 1 single family residence. I have it sold on a lease/option basis and when it’s officially gone I will probably never own a single family rental again….just apartment buildings.

3) Passive Income from Online Marketing. I suppose I could really break online marketing down into so many categories but for now I’m going to leave this passive income stream as just online marketing. I own websites like this one and Gay Marriage Guide and ATM Business Blueprint, etc. etc.

I also sell my own products online like my ATM Business Blueprint Success System and my Automatic ATM Profits ebook.

4) Passive Income from Affiliate/Referral Partner Marketing. This could have been put in the online marketing category but I figured I’d leave my own personal sites and others stuff separate. So, I get paid for referring other peoples products or for putting google adsense on my websites or for selling amazon products, etc.

Just a note though: I’m not like a lot of affiliate marketers. What I mean by that is I’ll only refer an affiliates product if I have used it personally or have at least seen it and feel comfortable that it will do what it says it will.

Here’s a site that is mine that I’m a referral partner with: BBW for Dating.

5) Passive Income from Network Marketing. I am involved with Starion Energy. The reason I love them so much and feel they are the best energy company for me to work with is because they have something called a Utility Advocate program. This is a program that allows me to help any business owner that I put my ATM in their location (or any business owner in general all across the U.S.) Basically, as a utility advocate, we (they lol) will go over the business owners utility bills for the past 4 years (for FREE); water, sewer, phone, merchant services, electricity, gas, etc. And if any mistakes were made we will cut the business owner a check. Plus, we’ll keep an eye on their utilities for the next 3 years (and cut them a check every month if they are being over charged.) It’s a good deal. Makes me look good whether I put my ATM in a location or not. And it’s passive income.

6) Passive Income from Profit Sharing. I use to be a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty. I brought quite a few folks into the organization and when I left I was vested in their profit sharing program. So, now one of my passive income streams comes from Keller Williams paying me every month. Pretty cool, huh?

7) Passive Income from being a Private Money Lender. I am also a private money lender. Which means that I have money that I lend out for a certain rate for investments that I’m interested in. I generally use my Self-Directed IRA account to do this. I also, get private money for my ATM business from other folks looking for passive income as a private money lender. (Pretty cool, eh?)

8 ) Passive Income from Miscellaneous. I just put this here just in case I missed any lol Sometimes, I lose track of my passive income streams. Now, I don’t spend much time on all of these passive income streams. It’s really just the first 3 that I concentrate on. But the rest…still keeps coming.

Hope this gives you some ideas about passive income streams and let’s you finally realize that you can choose how to spend your time in your life when you own enough passive income streams.

If you’re interested in the ATM business then go here for some free information so you too can add it to your list of passive income streams in your life.

What are some of your favorite passive income streams that you currently have?

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Passive Income

Why Passive Income Streams?

Why Passive Income Streams?

There are a great number of people that don’t know what passive income streams are. I want to share with you today, not only what they are, but why you should have multiple passive income streams.

Wikipedia defines passive income itself as: an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. So, obviously passive income streams are having several income streams that are passive.

So, when you go to work everyday from 9am to 5pm, that is active income. If you’re not at work “actively” working then you’re not making income.

When you are investing in real estate as a wholesaler and you’re chasing deals and buyers everyday that is again active income.

Why not leverage your time? Take back your time and your life all while creating passive income streams that will ensure your financial future?

You can always only work so many hours in a day. You. But money, on the other hand, can work for you all of the time. And the more money you have by creating multiple passive income streams, the more your money can grow and work for you.

What Kind of Passive Income Streams Should You Look For?

There are all types of passive income streams that you could add into your income column. Some may require a little more of a time “investment” then others.

But still, none of these passive income streams once they get going will a) require you to work 40 hours a week, b) will make you only take 2 weeks vacation and c) will have you spend more time with your co-workers then with your family and friends.

Of course, you can spend 40 hours a week, if you want to, creating passive income streams. The key phrase there just in case you didn’t catch it was if you want to.

Some ideas for passive income streams are:
1) The ATM business is an awesome idea for passive income streams. This is one of my major passive income streams that I use.

2) Multi-family investing or rental real estate is another awesome idea to add to your passive income streams. Again, this is another one of my major passive income streams that I have in my toolbox.

3) Network Marketing is a fantastic way to get some passive income streams going. A lot of folks will refer to it as residual income as well. And there are some similarities and differences between the two. But the idea is the same for both!

4) Creating blogs and websites like this one are a great way to accumulate some passive income streams. You can sell affiliate products and make a commission on them or make money off of adsense.

Folks, the list goes on and on…I honestly could be here for days talking about passive income streams for you to take part in. The key for you is to pick just one for now and develop it and then watch your money work for you. When your money is continuously working for you and you not for money, then you’re well on your well to adding multiple passive income streams to your life.

And ultimately, claiming back YOUR TIME and YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM all thanks to passive income streams.

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