Random Ramblings

Old posts being added

I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve started adding my old blog posts from my blog. There’s a lot there. I’m about tired of adding them today but I’ll get them all up to date eventually. I think there are some good posts there so I wanted to make sure they were all included eventually for folks to read.

If you decide to check some of the posts out just be warned, I’m not about bullshit, I tell it like it is and I tell you how I feel…REALLY 😉 Of course, it’s not all limited to just real estate. You’ll find posts about my other passive income streams (websites, including a dating site,) posts about gay rights, posts about politics, posts about all kinds of things……and of course lots and lots of posts about real estate and deals that I had going on.

I promise to eventually have them all in and categorized so they’ll be easier to disect though.

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