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Calls, REO offers and Adam oh my!

So I resubmitted an offer already on a listing that I saw got reduced….but it was rejected again. I’ll keep tabs on it.

Also, that same reo agent dropped the price on another listing that I made an offer on on the 6th…so I’ll re-submit an offer on that tonite or tomorrow too. So far, no bites yet.

I’m so excited about doing a wholesale deal tho…..I just figure with 1 deal that can get rid of my credit card. Yeah..mhm…ya’ll are all up in my personal biz and know about my debt. That’s ok tho…gives me more motivation to get a deal so I can out of debt and come back here and tell you all.

It feels good that my phone is starting to ring again with folks that want to sell their homes. I’ve had about 3 in the last 2 days….and its picking up. It really is a good feeling 🙂 Funny what happens when you actually WORK at something, huh?

Did anyone watch the AMA’s last nite? Man all I gotta say is I just love Adam Lambert.

adam lambert

Seriously….I thought he should have won American Idol hands down and I just think he is a great entertainer. Sureeee his performance wasn’t for everyone….but no entertainer IS for everybody.

He can sing and he puts on a great friggin show. He’s gonna do very well for himself, I predict. Btw, I agree with him when he says there’s a double standard in the biz….women entertainers have been doing shit like he did for yearssssss….but have a man do it and the shit hits the fan. Keep doing yer thang Adam. Btw, I think I’m going to download his album For Your Entertainment (I have some money left over in my paypal account…cuz I can’t be spending REAL money.)

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8 offers made!

I just made offers on 8 properties…..6 reo’s and 2 non-reo’s. They were all from the MLS.

I decided that I’d send LOI offers to each agents email and explain that I’m having a printer difficulty lol and also that when I’m ready to write an official agreement of sale that I don’t mind if they write it up so they get both sides of the commission. Actually, I said that with every offer except the one my broker referred me too. That one, I’ll write up myself so the broker gets a piece of the action.

Along with the letter of intent, I include the proof of funds that my uncle sent me. 🙂 They were all cash offers with all inspections waived and a 5 day closing and $500 earnest money deposit.

I already had one agent email me back super quick. She was so nice. Said the bank just turned down a higher cash offer but she’ll still submit mine. She even emailed me the confirmation and she said that she put my name as the agent as she didn’t want to have her name on the offer lmao I guess that’s how you know I offered low enough huh? Personally, I don’t get agents….they willingly give up money that is just being handed to them in the form of both sides of the deal!!! Oh well.

Ok so I’m a little nervous……as I haven’t really made a great deal of offers in a while….but I know me, now’s not as bad as if one gets accepted because then I go into “omg I’m gonna shit myself” mode.

I’m exhausted…off to bed and tomorrow we’re buying a damn printer/scanner/fax cuz this shit is for the birds.

Goodnite Blogland….

Flippin’ Carey

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