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Honorable Mention on list of Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

Well I was on facebook reading Steph from’s status and saw that she was excited about making the top 20 of REI blogs. Soooo being the supportive follower of her blog I went and checked out the list…….and guess what?

THIS BLOG WAS ON THERE!!! Yep, got an Honorable Mention on list of Top 20 Real Estate Investing blogs and I gotta tell you that a) I wasn’t expecting that at all and b) I was super excited to see I was there.

Man I seriously was excited to see that. I mean sometimes you know when you’re blogging out here in the blogospher you do wonder if anyone is listening, or shall I say watching and reading. Ya know what I mean? I mean you get the wonderful supportive regulars but it’s really nice when other folks find out about you and actually read what you say and really get something from it too! That makes my day. Seriously.

I just wanted to thank Joshua for including this blog as an Honorable Mention on his list of top 20 real estate investing blogs. You’ve just motivated me to kick it up a few notches so I can make the REAL DEAL list next time 😉 Thanks!

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